Winner Announced! Bernina Funlock b44 Overlocker Giveaway. See Who Won!

We're delighted to announce the winner of the Bernina Bernette Funlock b44 $599 RRP Giveaway.

I apologize for the slight delay in the announcement of the winner.  We lost someone very dear to our family over the Christmas period and that has set me back a bit, unfortunately.

So here's how she won:

The winner of this contest entered and won via the option of visiting the So Sew Easy Instagram page. If you've not yet visited, I'd encourage you to have a look and follow us there.

The most popular way to enter was to comment on several fabric selections.

We featured three different fabrics from our friends at during the contest.  Our readers came up with some terrific ideas on what to make with these wonderful selections:

Get the fabric

Consensus sewing idea:  Teddy Bear Jacket FREE Pattern

Get the fabric

Consensus sewing idea:  Transformable Easy Cardigan FREE Pattern

Get the fabric

Consensus sewing idea: Easy Sweater for Non-Knitters FREE Pattern

But enough of the suspense already… Giveaway winner announced!

The winner of the Bernina Bernette Funlock b44 $599 RRP Giveaway is:

Cathy L. from Concord, NSW,  Australia

Bernette B44 Giveaway

We will be reaching out to Cathy in the coming says and organizing the shipping with Bernina.

Please join me in congratulating Cathy in the comments section below!

Don't Go Away Yet!

I really wish that everyone could have won.  The number of participants was amazing and we thank everyone for their involvement so we're going to continue a bit of tradition we have by offering a special consolation prize pattern giveaway to all our readers.

So please stay tuned.  We'll announce it via the Sunday email so please make sure to sign up.

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155 Responses to Winner Announced! Bernina Funlock b44 Overlocker Giveaway. See Who Won!

  1. Lelia Hartwell says:

    Congratulations, Cathy! ??

  2. Darlene Fogal says:

    Congrats to Cathy. And deepest sympathy to your family.

  3. Always Learning says:

    My sincere condolences on your loss.

    Congratulations Cathy on your win. Now go make some great things!
    enjoy 🙂

  4. Susan Forsberg says:

    Happy serving days for Cathy

  5. Marcia C says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I pray for comfort for you and your family during his difficult time.

    Congratulations Cathy. Have fun with your new baby 🙂

  6. Sandra McClellan says:

    congratulations Cathy

  7. Joan says:

    So sorry for your loss. No instagram here either. Congratulations to Cathy.

  8. Arlene Hafermann says:

    I also don’t do Instagram. Congratulations Cathy on winning a new “toy”.

  9. cindy willbye says:

    congratulations cathy

  10. queenfernie says:

    Congratulations Cathy on winning Bernina sewing machine..

  11. Yvette says:

    Congratulations Cathy on your win!!! I hope you have many hours of enjoyment with your new Bernina!!!!

  12. Cathy L says:

    Congratulations! For a 10th of a second I thought I won. I am Cathy L. also. Have fun learning and using your new machine.

  13. pclbc says:

    So sorry for your loss and Cingratulations to Cathy

  14. Joan says:

    Sincere condolences, so hard at this time of year. Congratulations Cathy.

  15. Sandy Woerner says:

    I’m too old to figure out Instagram, but I want to congratulate the winner. I’m sure you will enjoy your new Bernina for many years to come.

  16. Sally says:

    I find it annoying to have to have 4 or 5 extra media sources I don’t want to have a chance to win. I know its your way to get your advertising done and in return you give a reward. I won’t waste my time in the future. Congrats Cathy!

  17. Cindy says:

    Congratulations Cathy.

  18. Iris says:

    Congratulations from Austria to Cathy, have many creative hours with your new Bernina!

  19. Nancy says:


  20. Cynthia A Zellner says:

    Congratulations! You will love that Bernina I’m sure! So happy for you.

  21. Sharann Roxburgh says:

    Enjoy your prize. What a nice way to end and start a year!! Have fun creating!

  22. Debbie Benson says:

    So sorry for your loss, may you always find peace and joy in the memories.
    Congratulations to Cathy, enjoy your new machine .

  23. Terry says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers to you and your family.

  24. Joyce says:

    Congratulations Cathy!


    I share in offering my prayers and condolences to you in your time of loss and grief.
    I lost my only brother 2 days before Christmas 2015, so I know what you are going through. I’m so sorry for your hearts’ ache.

    Way to go, Cathy in NSW Australia!!! Enjoy your new “baby” and all the fun things you can do with it!! The dishes and dusting can wait, for you will be in heaven on earth in your sewing room creating everything from holiday masterpieces to baby
    clothes to school clothes for older kids to wedding dresses for your girls, perhaps??
    Just enjoy yourself and don’t worry about anything but having fun!! 🙂

  26. April Aten Brucker says:

    So sorry for your family loss.

  27. Carrie says:

    My sympathies to your family and you for the loss of your loved one.
    Congratulations ??? Cathy on winning the Bernina Serger! What a wonderful way to start the New Year and a New Year of Sewing ?!

  28. Yolande Bergeron says:

    FÉLICITATION Cahty. Enjoy your brand new Bernina Serger.

  29. Dory Koszewski says:

    My deepest condolences on the loss of a loved one. Cathy, congratulations for the win. I don’t have Instagram so would probably never win. I was really hoping though as we weren’t able to have any Christmas this year. Husband is sick. Here’s hoping for a better 2019.

  30. Ran says:

    Congrats! So happy to see winner came from overseas! And looks like you didn’t even have multiple entries. So exciting. Enjoy!!!

  31. kitkat10304 says:

    I too don’t have Instagram and wouldn’t get it either…too much social media is brain numbing!! Congrats tho Cathy, my namesake. Hope you enjoy it!

  32. Christy DuBois says:

    Congratulations! I know you are so excited.

  33. ANN FRANCO says:

    Congrats Cathy now enjoy <3

  34. Coral Parker says:

    My prayers are with you at this time, so sorry.
    Congratulations to Cathy enjoy.

  35. Cathy G says:

    Congratulations Cathy! You’re a winner! May your new B44 keep you in stitches 😉

  36. MUSHRAFAT says:

    Congratulations Cathy, have fun making lots of fantastic projects. Sorry about your loss Mayra. I hope 2019 makes an incredible year for everyone.

  37. Red says:

    I see there are several of us that don’t do things like Instagram. Congrats Cathy.

    And, wishing you peace as you deal with your loss through death.

  38. Donna Corley says:

    Congrats Cathy! I’m truly sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your family. ????

  39. Zulfah says:

    First of all deepest condolences to you and your family. Gods strength to all. Congrats to winner enjoy

  40. Anna M Costa says:

    My condolences on your loss. Congratulations to Cathy on her new sewing machine!

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