50+ FREE Winter Hat Patterns You Can Sew, Not Knit!

winter hat patterns

You don't always have to knit winter hats.

Most of the time, when you think of winter hats, you think of knitting.  Well, unfortunately, I'm not a knitter.  Someday I will be –perhaps, but at the moment, unfortunately not.  Still, I'd like to do the same as all my friends who knit and be able to make winter hats for my family and friends.  My daughter was recently on a school trip to someplace very cold and she came back with the flu probably from not wearing a hat, I imagine..

Also, with all this cold weather, we wanted to continue to focus this week on winter clothing.  According to some of our readers in Europe, the Alps have received more snow than they have in 30 years!  Ski resorts like Zermatt, in Switzerland near our friends at Bernina, have had to close because there is too much snow for skiing and they are evacuating tourists by helicopter if you can believe it.

So last and this week, we republished our Easy Gloves Pattern as well as our Faux Fur Scarf which has been super popular.  We'll also be republishing the Winter Hat sewing pattern with a few updates.  I hope these winter sewing designs have given our readers some ideas on how to keep themselves as well as friends and family warm.

winter hat patterns

When I was updating the Winter Hat Pattern (linked below), I did I lot of research on what other types of free winter hat sewing patterns were out there and available online.  I figure, if I want to be able to sew some winter hats rather than knit them, I'm probably not alone.

So, as I usually do, I want to share with you all the fun and different no-knitting winter hat patterns I could find on the internet.  There are quite a few so I'm linking the best 50+ Free Winter Hat Patterns You Can Sew.  Please enjoy!

The title says “knitted” but it is really sewn.

When we first published this pattern, there was some confusion (which was well reflected in the comments section) that this hat was supposed to be knitted.  I guess the title was indeed a little deceiving but instead of knitting the ribbed section, the design uses a recycled sweater.  So you have your knitted hat without actually having to knit it.  Neat huh?

knitted hat

See this Project

50+ FREE Winter Hat Patterns You Can Sew!

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