Woman’s Curvy Cargo Pants – From Strict to Stylish

A few weeks ago I shared with you a free cargo pants pattern in S-M-L not knowing if the readers of this blog would be interested in a larger size. You can read the comments and I was surprised to get so many requests for a larger size pattern. Clearly, I'd overlooked this, and I do read your comments and I take notes and try as much as possible to accommodate your requests. So here are the new Curvy Cargo Pants for your enjoyment.

Grading to larger sizes is a very tricky business. People grow larger in a few different ways and learning your body shape is crucial to be able to alter a pattern so it fits you better. I have graded the pattern for a curvy person or an hourglass figure, this means that there is a difference between your waist and your hips of at least 8 inches. If you are an apple you will need to make the appropriate alterations to the pattern (ie. expand the waist vs. the hips).

These cargo pants have an elastic waist for ultimate comfort.

Cargo Pants Free Pattern

Front large pockets that can always be made larger

curvy cargo pants

Applied and unlined back pockets

Cargo Pants Free Pattern

Applied side pockets, also known as bellows pockets, with a flap for tools or mobile phones. These pockets are not included in this tutorial; there is a separate tutorial for them.

Free Pattern


  • 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 yards of 54″ broad light woven fabric you fancy, cotton muslin, linen, silk, wool, satin or a combination of natural fibers
  • 2 1/2 to 3 yards of Elastic 3/8″ wide
  • Thread to match the fabric
  • A small strip of velcro for the bellows pocket or a button


  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Ruler
  • Marking pen or tailor's chalk
  • Serger (Optional but Ideal)
  • Paper for the front and back pockets and the waistband
  • Iron

Fabric Recommendations

Sewing Skill: Intermediate

Here are the skills you need to finish this project:

  • how to find the file on your device once you download it
  • how to use the print-friendly button on this site to print the directions without the ads
  • to finish the pants you must follow the separate tutorials that are linked in this article

Having said all this, you do not require directions if you are an advanced seamstress.

Body Measurements

Choose the size according to the broadest part of your body.

Size XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Hips 46 49 52 55 58
Waist 39 42 45 48 51

How To Download, Print, And Assemble Your Cargo Pants Pattern

Please use Adobe Reader a (free program), Landscape mode, do not scale. Tape the pattern horizontally from 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, and 16-20,  Then tape 1-5 on top of 6-10 etc. The small greyed squares are 1″, and the distance between the thin lines is also 1″.

Fitting: The waistband must be able to pass over your hips. Choose your size according to your hips size or the widest part. Allow 4 to 6 inches of ease at the hips. Add two inches of length for men.

In this sew-along, I show you how to adjust a pattern to your requirements, how to increase the waistband and the crotch and how to increase or reduce the width of the legs.

Our patterns are still free, but now you have the option of making a small contribution if you like our work! We'd appreciate it, and it will help us keep going with new and fun designs like this. Even a dollar or two goes a long way.

If you'd like to make a contribution, please click the ‘Buy Me A Coffee' button below, or right here.

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Cargo Pants Pattern Layout

How To Make Your Cargo Pants Free Pattern

You need to trace the front and back pockets on a different piece of paper; I have drawn the placement and pattern for them on the front and back of the pants. The drawings have the seam allowance included.

Sew the pant's front and back pockets at 5/8″ or 1.5cm. There is a separate tutorial for the Bellows pocket or side pockets that you may want to have a look at first.

Please use pocket B for these pants.

You'll also need to trace the waistband. Cut a band of fabric the size of the waist-finished pants by 4 1/2″. This is if you use a 1 1/2″ elastic.

The rest of the tutorial is found in the link below, it is the same pair of pants just in a larger size and graded to be proportionate.

Fitting Your Pair Of Curvy Cargo Pants

Here is a short instruction on how to measure yourself to fit these curvy cargo pants.

  • Measure your crotch from 2s” below the back waist and 2″s below the belly button.
  • Measure the crotch of the pattern, remember to subtract the seam allowance (5/8″ X 4).
  • Measure your hips then measure the hips area of the pattern.
  • Measure your thigh circumference then measure the thigh of the pattern.
  • Adjust your pattern according to the measurements of your body, allowing for at least 3″ of ease.

Hope that you enjoy this pattern and hope you give me feedback on the fitting so I can adjust and be able to create a set of measurements for the future so I can grade the patterns from S- to 5XL.

Stay free and healthy, and let's continue to keep the world together one stitch at a time.

If You'd Like To Support Our Site

If you want to help us continue to bring you a wide selection of free sewing patterns and projects, please consider buying us a coffee.  We'd really, really appreciate it.

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Thank you for this pattern – it looks great!

I made a toile in the XL size as I have 44” hips but the pants came out too small 🙁

I don’t understand the ease comments -I’m not sure if I should have added the 4-6” ease to my hip measurement and then made the size that corresponds to that measurement? So, 44 +6 would mean making the size for a 50” hip??

I’d really appreciate your guidance as I can see that they’ll be great pants once I can get the right fit.

Thank You x

Michelle M
Michelle M

Why aren’t the back pockets included in the plus size one?

Mary Long
Mary Long

How do you find the small medium large pattern for the cargo pants?

Ishka McNulty
Ishka McNulty

please can I have the original pattern, I lost the email with it, I am a large and i think an XL would be too big. thank you for providing such wonderful patterns.


Since you put the Cargo pants online, I have tried in vain to download the pattern to no avail. ??


We the chance to wear what looks like a comfy pair of cargo pants would be great.


Thank you! Even these days, too many pattern designers think stopping at a size where hips, for instance, are 50″ is inclusive. Its not!

So, again, thank you.


The reason many larger women sew is because they can’t find things to fit in the stores. This has eased a bit in the last ten years, but I still want larger patterns from any source I use. Overlooking larger sizes is too common 🤕 .

Reply to  SallyBC

The same can be said for those of us who are in between the girls XL and women’s small. I bought a pair of sweatpants in a woman’s small and I could have put all of me in one pant leg practically. They were huge but the girl’s XL is just too tight. That’s why I have sewn for myself for over 20 years.


Hi. I’ve followed your offerings for awhile now but have not attempted to actually make anything. This offering of “curvy” cargo pants has changed my mind. I especially like the fact that the bellows pockets are are a separate option as my widest area are my upper thighs and this detail is definitely not one that looks good on me. I will be modifying the pattern as I want to weave fabric on my rigid heddle loom which yields a finished fabric width of about 141/2”. I also plan to hand sew the garment. It will be awhile before I do all of this but when I eventually do I will post the results.


Thank you so much for making your pattern inclusive to a larger range of sewists. I’ve looked at your patterns over the years but couldn’t engage since I’m not inclined to do major grading for size. I look forward to making these cargo pants soon.


Hi, thank you for allowing direct download without signing or giving away an email address. I wanted to buy you a Coffee for that, but that link in the article sends me to the KoFi main page. What I am supposed to do there?


Dear So-Sew-Easy,
Thank you for providing a larger size pattern for those of us in the “large and lovely” ladies group. Only learning as I go, it is difficult to grade any pattern. Your pattern and grading instructions for the cargo pant can be used, I hope, on any pant pattern in my vast collection.