Wrap Dress Pattern – Free Sewing Pattern

This is a relaunch of one of our most popular patterns ever on So Sew Easy.   This cute wrap dress pattern is fun and easy to make and looks great.

The front has a cross-over bodice with pleats, there's a straight skirt and an optional elastic waist, with a matching tie belt.  Only the bodice wraps over leaving you safe from embarrassing wardrobe malfunction that can happen with wrap skirts.

Where can you get the wrap dress pattern?

Download the free Wrap Dress Pattern

As usual, to make downloading easy and reliable, the pattern is hosted in my design account with Payhip. If you don’t already have an account, you will need to sign up to download, but don’t worry, it’s free, quick and easy. Add the pattern to your cart, and then checkout – no payment/address details etc needed.

Download multi-size pattern pieces from my design account at Payhip...

Can I see some more pics before I decide?

Of course you can.  Here are some other views of the wrap dress.


  • Cross-over bodice
  • Optional tie belt
  • Waist seam with optional elastic waist
  • Pleats on front bodice
  • Separate sleeves
  • Straight skirt
  • Multi-sizes pattern from small to extra large

Making up your pattern

Your pattern is conveniently split into 4 pieces to make it more manageable.  Each is labeled with a letter and number.  Numbers run top to bottom and left to right.  Cut off or turn under the page edges and match the borders with the adjoining pages.  If you need more information on how to put together your pattern, you can read more in the Summer Drape Top.

The bodice back pattern consists of 6 pages starting B and should be laid out as below.

The left bodice front comes on its own and it prefixed with L, pages 1-9.  Laid out 3 rows of 3 sheets.

The right-hand side bodice piece and the sleeve come on 12 pages, prefixed with R, and are set out as below.

And lastly, the skirt piece is prefixed S, pages 1-8 as below.

{UPDATE} – a new digital pattern is now available to download.  It replaces this hand-drawn one from 15th June 2014.  It is easier to print, uses 20% fewer sheets, and should be easier to put together.  There are 28 sheets, and these are set out 1 to 7 in each row.  Once assembled, it should look like this –>

What Size Do I Need?

The dress is made from a stretchy knit fabric and is intended to be a comfortable fit on the body with ease in both the bodice and skirt.  Fitting ease is also included in the pattern so you can adjust and take in for your own personal measurements.  The size I made for myself I am calling the Medium.  My measurements are high bust (around the back and over the bust high under the arms) 36, Bust 37, Waist 32, Hips/Thigh widest point 40.

The amount of stretch and drape in the fabric will alter the fit and feel of the dress so use this table as a guide only.

  Bust Waist Hips
Small 32-34 25-28 34-36
Medium 36-38 29-32 38-40
Large 40-42 33-36 42-44
Extra Large 44+ 37+ 46+

If you fall in between sizes, you can also cut between the lines, and you can ‘grade' from one size to another by, for example, cutting a large in the waist curving out to an extra-large at the hip if you need to.

Always test the fit using the paper pattern pieces, or an inexpensive test fabric before cutting your expensive fabric for this dress.  If in doubt test the larger size and adjust for fitting at the side seams during construction.

Adjustments to length.  The dress is designed to fit an average height – I am 5'6″, and hits above the knee.  If you are taller or prefer the skirt to be longer, simply add some length to the skirt piece at the bottom.

Cutting your fabric

If you need directions for cutting out your fabric, follow the general directions for the Summer Drape Top.  I was able to comfortably cut the size Medium from 2 yards of 54-inch wide fabric, with some leftover.

Wrap Dress Sewing Instructions

Seam allowances – 5/8th of an inch throughout unless mentioned.  Use stitches appropriate for stretch such as a narrow zigzag or a stretch stitch if your machine has one.

Start with the right-hand front bodice piece and using a disappearing fabric marker, draw lines from the inward and outward points of the zig-zags at the side seam, following the length shown on the pattern, making all lines finish evenly.

Pleat those lines together, matching the lines carefully and evenly, and pin in place.  You should make 4 pleats.

Sew along the lines marked.

Press pleats downwards.  Don't worry if they are a bit uneven (like mine), it will look just fine.

On the left front bodice piece, mark the pleat on the wrong side, pin, and then sew.

Press the pleat.

With right sides together, match shoulder seams, pin and sew.  You may choose to stablise with a stay tape such as this knit stay tape at the shoulder seam (optional).  Press shoulder seams open.

Iron on stay tape to the whole front cross-over edge on both bodice pieces and along the back neckline.

Turn over a 5/8 inch hem along the whole edge and topstitch.

Cross over front bodice pieces with the right-hand piece on top, showing the 4 pleats.  Match up the center front and notches, then pin and baste into place close to the edge, along both of the side seams and the waist seam.

Optional – add a stay tape to the bottom edge of the sleeves.

Pin the sleeves to the bodice, matching the sleeve center with the shoulder seam, and ease the sleeves to fit the opening.  Sew.  Trim seam and finish edges (optional.)

Pin side seams and sleeve seam.  Try on to check fit.  Adjust as necessary.

Sew side seams and close underside of sleeves all in one seam.

Optional – trim seams and finish edges.

With right sides facing, pin skirt side seams.  Try on for fit, adjust as necessary and sew side seams.

With right sides facing, match bodice with the skirt at the waist seam.  Match center front and center back of the bodice with the center of skirt pieces and match side seams.  Pin in place, then try on for fit and adjust if necessary.

Sew waist seam with 5/8th inch seam allowance.  You may either leave as is and trim and finish the seams, or add an optional elastic waist.

To add elastic waist, make a casing by closing edges of waist seam without trimming, using an overcasting foot and stitch, or by sewing close to the edge.  Leave an inch open and thread through a narrow 3/8th inch elastic.

Adjust to fit waist comfortably then stitch elastic ends together with a zig-zag stitch and close casing.

Try on and check skirt length.  Optional – iron your knit stay tape all along the bottom hemline of the skirt for a crisp wrinkle-free finish.

Turn up skirt hemline and finish.  I prefer a twin needle finish, but you can finish with a narrow zig-zag if you like.

Turn up the hem on sleeves and finish with a twin needle or using your preferred method.

Cut 6-inch wide length of fabric for tie belt.  Test to check what length works best for you.  With right sides together, sew close to the edge with a narrow zig-zag stitch along the whole length and to close one end, either square or to a point.  Turn tube the right sides out, turn under a small hem on the open end and finish either by hand or with a machine topstitch.

You may also like the belt made from contrasting fabric or use an existing belt.  The dress can also be worn without a belt if you prefer.

And you are finished!  Wear and enjoy your new dress and don't forget to send me your photos.

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135 Responses to Wrap Dress Pattern – Free Sewing Pattern

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  2. Ruth Angotti says:

    I’m so a beginner and your patterns are so beautiful. The kindness of you allowing free patterns leaves me speechless. Now that they’ve changed the Adobe Acrobat I can’t seem to print anything out properly. Can sew good and now can’t print to at least try. If I can ever get this to print correctly I would also make it long because I’m getting too old and don’t have the shape I used to. Thank you so much for your wealth of knowledge and kindness.

  3. Lenora Sokal says:

    I love the patten.

  4. Caroline says:

    I had downloaded this pattern ages ago and never had the courage to stitch it. I just freeze at the thought of sewing garments… Throw me the most complicated patchwork with y seams, partial seams plenty of points to match and I am not afraid… maybe when the fabric shops are open again I will have to do it!!!!

  5. Jacobie says:

    I made this dress on the weekend, and I think it came out great! I made it into a ankle-length version. SoSewEasy is the only site I (and my 13-year old) use, the patterns are really user friendly and the print screens are a winner to enhance my ‘intro-level-sewing-skils’

  6. MRS Jacquie Honnor says:

    This is a brilliant pattern. I’ve made myself a long sleeved top from this pattern and it fits perfectly. I only wish I had seen the look of the pattern pieces on this site before I cut it out. I’m new to pdf patterns. As I’ve been a seamstress for many years, I stupidly thought I could cut out and put the pieces together easily. I wont make that mistake again. That will teach me not to be such a bolshy dress-maker. However, after putting the pattern together properly, it didn’t take long at all to make a beautiful long sleeved top for this snowy weather we are having. I’m going to make the dress next. Your patterns are amazing, thank you ?

  7. AbyC says:

    Your pattern on Craftsy seems to be no longer available for download. Is there any other way to download it?

  8. Deborah says:

    This looks like a lovely pattern to try – I would like to use cotton though, not stretchy at all (I see a zip mentioned in other comments) and we live in a hot climate, do you have any tips on how I could make this sleeveless?
    Thank you!

  9. Julie Sharpe says:

    This looks great. Can the skirt be replaced with a circle skirt to give it more flare?

  10. Brandi Grant says:

    Looks like great! I just tried to download the pattern though, and it says I can’t get it because I’m currently living in Japan. Is there any other way to get this pattern?

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      You can change browsers, or disable the the window blocker. This pattern is 5 years old the link is still working and have been downloaded close to 20K times.

  11. Zdeňka says:

    Hello, I like to ask for help with pleats. On my fabric (and pattern) looks bigger than on your photo in tutorial,(aprox on your photo 1cm size of pleat from edge of pleat to sewing line), on my it looks about 2cm.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Photos are normally taken and then shrank to feet the screen and resolution, please always follow the pattern and the tutorial.

    • Linda Burley says:

      you might have to mess with it a bit- I haven’t made this top/dress in over a year- but i promise it will work out and in the end is an amazing well fitting garment- I did find It is important to use a knit fabric though- that may account for the ease issue….

  12. Ji Ji says:

    thank u for these hopeful information
    i am also a trailor i want to show us how to make a robe form thank u sweety

  13. Jane says:

    Love the pattern. How could I add a flounce on the bottom skirt before attaching bodice to hide this belly? Can’t figure it out. Think it would look good? Thank you so much for so much!!!!

  14. mevado says:

    Very helpfull pattern! Adjusting it to ‘my perfect fit’ needs work, I choose a size to big apparently. Next time will use fabric without such a pattern for the first try.

  15. Amy Child says:

    This was my first project on my new tiny sewing machine. Turned out nice. 🙂
    Thanks for making the pattern available, I didn’t want to invest in patterns until I knew the machine was going to work. This was such a fun project for my new hobby.

  16. Gladys says:

    Debbie and Mayra, thank you so much for these tutorials and patterns. I am a beginner… and have already made your wrap top. I was so nervous! but in the end it came out very- very nice. I love it and my girl friends too. I am very motivated, and am downloading your other tutorials/patterns to make them. They are so pretty! Thanks for sharing with us and explaining so well! It will take me some time to do them, of course, but it is exciting. Thanks again!

  17. lisa says:

    Hi Im very new to sewing, what measurement should each pleat have? There are just lines so im confused do I sew in 1/2inch from each line?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Lisa the lines you see are fold lines, in your pattern fold the line until the side seam is straight, that will give you an idea on how to fold the fabric. Also, you need to mark this line with pins or tailor’s chalk to know where to fold.

  18. I just downloaded the pattern and when I want to print it, apparently it’s made for 7.3×10 inch paper. Is that correct? As I am from Europe I only have A4 paper (8.3 x 11.7). I just want to make sure. It’s probably the best to just print page 16 first to see whether the square is the correct size.

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  20. missumlaut says:

    It is lovely but, for what I see it is more a faux-wrap than a wrap dress ? It is not open. Or is there something I dont get clearly ?

  21. hannah says:

    THank you very much I have just downloaded this pattern and hope to make myself one for Autumn.

  22. Julie Payne says:

    Yeah I tried to sign up and join, but I sorta think that I had already, but I tried a second time to download this pattern and it wouldn’t go. Would you please help me?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Julie, sorry you’re having difficulties. All our free patterns are distributed via Craftsy. I’ve checked the links on our site to Craftsy and they all work. I think their system is showing something like 30k downloads of our patterns so far this month, so their systems are certainly working most of the time. Here’s the direct link to the pattern page on Craftsy: http://shrsl.com/?~bwba If the Craftsy system is not letting you download for some reason, please drop them a line on their customer support. Hope that helps.

  23. Veronique Bauristhene says:

    Hi Deby, As I will not wear short sleeves, am I able to make the sleeves longer – 3/4 length.

    • Yes that should be easy Veronique. If you take a sleeve pattern or even a sleeve that you already have and like the fit of, take the top of the sleeve from the dress pattern and morph it into the lower part of the sleeve from your other pattern to get the length and fit that you prefer. Just keep the top part the same so you should get a good fit into the arm hole.

  24. Love the pattern! I used Easy Knit Stay tape by Pellon and it really gives a crisp finish. You recommended Stitch Witchery, but isn’t that for binding 2 layers of fabric together? You can’t just press it on directly like the photo shows. Perhaps you used a different brand? Also, instead of making an elastic casing, you could use clear elastic and stretch it while you sew it onto the seam allowance. I love my new dress! I will send pics

  25. Lili says:

    Thank you so much! I took a silky fabric and the result is very nice!
    Greetings from France 🙂

  26. Holy Cow! It's Lin says:

    Surprisingly fabulous- I downloaded and competed the top in one day- Best of all it fits! Looks like I’m going to make one more, out of my favorite fabric
    Thanks it was a blast!

  27. semra tamirak says:

    merhaba desenleri pdf olarak neden indiremiyorum yol gösterin lütfen 🙁 teşekkürler

  28. laurpud says:

    This is such a beautiful dress, but I’m larger than your largest size. Can I just extend the pattern outwards?

    • Yes it shouldn’t be too difficult to do. If you take note of how the pattern is increasing for each size, where the points move at each section, you should be able to quite easily extend by continuing to move those points outwards to the next size. However, the farther you grade from the center size, the more likely some distortion in shape can occur, or the fit can be altered, especially when adding to larger sizes. So do take care to double check the pattern pieces against something that fits you well, as a double check before cutting your good fabric.

  29. Martina says:

    Hallo Deby,
    ich würde mir das Wickelkleid gerne Downloaden aber es geht nicht. Bekomme nur eine leere Seite angezeigt. 🙁
    Kannst du helfen??

    • Your Kaspersky internet security program is blocking the link. You will need to change the ‘block banner ad’ setting or temporarily turn it off to get the page to load.
      Ihr Kaspersky Internet Security Pro- gramm blockiert den Link. Sie müssen die “Block Werbebanner ‘Einstellung zu ändern oder vorübergehend deaktivieren, um die Seite zu laden.

  30. Deborah D says:

    I need to add length to bodice pieces 1 1/2″. Where and how to I make that adjustment with the horizontal pleats on the right side of pattern?

    • I think if you can, add a little extra space between the pleats so that you add the extra length evenly down the bodice rather than just wholly above or below the pleats. Or you could just make it easy and add the extra under the bottom pleat. I think spread evenly would look better.

  31. Aman says:

    A very beautiful tutorial. Thank you for making it possible for me to have such a wonderful dress.

  32. Rosemary de Ponte says:

    Hi Deby it´s Rosemry here again and I am having an issue with the printouts, please can you help me? I printed out the Cross your Heart Dress, to actual size as you instructed and found that even although the 2″ block measures up perfectly, it is chopping off 1/4 ” on the left of the pattern, this was printed on 8×5″x11″ oaoer, I then switched to an A4 paper 210mmx297mm using page 23 and it cut off 1/4 on the right, so obviously if this is true on every page, the pattern is not going to fit.
    Please advise and thank you again for your patterns they are absolutely gorgeous and so are you by the way! Regards Rosemary

  33. An H. says:


    Just wanted to thank you for this – the tutorial is awesome. I am definitely a beginner when it comes to sewing and I wondered how much fabric you purchased for this dress and what fabric is it? Polyester, Jersey etc.



  34. Beth Balius says:

    I love your wrap dress pattern. I would love to have the option of three quarter sleeves since I am older and prefer to cover my upper arms. Do you have a suggestion? Beth

    • If you have a top that fits well and has a sleeve you like, you can lay the pattern piece over the sleeve and see how to extend it downwards. Keep the top of the sleeve the same so it fits into the arm hole, and then add some length to the bottom. Hope that helps.

  35. Gaby M. says:

    Hi Deby, I’m really looking forward to starting this project 🙂 !!

    I haven’t sewn something in ages as I’d stopped when I was too busy with my kids!! I had this piece of material which I bought a few years back hoping to get started again, and I finally found the right dress, as I love the wrap dress and really appreciate that we can download for free.

    My question is, seeing as my material is not really a stretch fabric, it just has a slight ‘give’ to it. Do you think it would be wise to put in a zip in the side or in the back? I really don’t know if it would look good as I’m no so experienced 🙁

    Thank you, and hopefully soon your design will be walking around the streets of Malta!!!

    • Deby Coles says:

      Hi Gaby, yes if your fabric doesn’t have much stretch, you might need a zipper to get in and out. Especially for the waist where it comes in closer to the body. If you are still fairly new to sewing, that might be a bit difficult to adjust the pattern from a knit fabric to a more stable fabric, but by all means experiment and see how it goes! Just don’t cut into that special fabric without having tested it first.

  36. Laura Brigance says:

    Deby, I am so darn excited to get going on this, but I have a question. I am thoroughly confused on the pleats in the right bodice piece. Is each line supposed to indicate a ‘fold’ when putting this together, or do you make your own folds–as in, the pleats won’t reach each line, there will be a small gap between each. It looks like you left a gap in the picture, I just can’t tell. Thanks so much! I’m very excited to get going on this!! 🙂

    • Deby Coles says:

      I suggest taking a look as I do it in the video Laura, its often easier to see and explain in 3d than it is in the flat with a photo. Basically each pleat is two lines and the two lines are pinned together and then sewn through. I hope the video helps, but if you aren’t sure, let me know.

  37. luciemor2014 says:

    🙂 Sometimes life brings gifts. I would be interested to know if you find outstanding fabrics (in large enough quantities) 🙂 Thank you

  38. Lucie Morin says:

    Thank you Deby for your generosity. Both the Wrap dress and this one are beautiful. Have you share where you got the fabrics from?

    • Deby Coles says:

      For both of these patterns, the fabrics were a rare find at my local sewing store. They are more of a remnant store, everything is a bit haphazard as to what you are going to find and how much of it there might be, and its always rolled on bolts which describe something different so I think its more end of line items. But just sometimes, I can find a nice knit remnant there.

  39. Gail VB says:

    So happy to have found this pattern! I’m constantly changing sizes, I am a cancer patient. It’s really hard to find comfortable clothes that look nice and are adaptable to my comfort level, can be worn in different seasons, and are fairly easy to sew! I’m not to familiar sewing with knits, but I’ll find some inexpensive fabric for my 1st try!

    • Deby Coles says:

      I hope it turns out well for you Gail. It’s the sort of dress that once you have the sizing just right, you’ll be able to make it pretty quickly and change up the look with different fabrics. Will you share with us how you get on?

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