Kimono Top: an alternative to wearing pajamas to work…

kimono top

About a year ago I began to see a disturbing trend on the streets.  Some of the young ladies were walking around in what to me resembled pajamas.  Now, I think when it comes to clothing, I am pretty opened minded.  If I see anyone at the 7/11 buying milk wearing pajamas, I think he or she really hates coffee without milk which is totally understandable.  However, walking under a scorching sun in the middle of a busy city street in what appears to be pajamas is a little odd, don’t you agree?  I thought one of the “kids” I saw like this probably felt they were young and cool and were trying to be noticed.  But, for the rest of the mortals like me, well, pajamas just won’t cut it to go anywhere other than to bed. So I set about … Continue reading

Reader Special Back On! Get Deby’s “Sewing Wallets” Now.

sewing wallets

As many regular readers know, our friends at Craftsy have had a few hiccups on their recent platform upgrade.  Things seem to be stabilizing now thankfully and we are able to relaunch the special we were running on Deby’s new class. If you’re interested in taking Deby’s Sewing Wallets: Step by Step course on Craftsy, and haven’t yet signed up, we’ve managed to negotiate a special 50% discount only for So Sew Easy readers and only until Nov 1. That’s another $10 off the currently discounted intro price of $29.99 –so worth doing now if you think you might be interested in this highly rated course.  You will need to use the link below with the coupon code to get this special price. Coupon code: 1f8b6d47-7bb7-4ec1-aa41-4 Terms: Get 50% off the full retail price of the Craftsy class, Sewing Wallets: Step by … Continue reading

Tips on sewing with fur every beginner should know

sewing with fur

Sewing with fur is relatively easy (and fun!), but every beginner should know these tips before starting a project.  Bear in mind we will be talking about faux fur and not the real thing..  Working with this special material does require patience, however. You can make many fun and interesting things with faux fur.  While it’s very inexpensive, it can add beautiful accents to garments or bags you may make.  We’ll be using it in a few projects in the future so it is worth having a look through these tips now. Faux fur is also known as fake fur, synthetic fur or fun fur.  Whatever the name given, today sometimes is very difficult to know the diference between fake or real.  Looking at the back of the fur is the only way to distinguish between the two. Real fur is … Continue reading

Computerized Sewing Machines: Here to Stay

computerized sewing machines

If your reaction to the words “Computerized Sewing Machine” is something more like what you’d expect if I just yelled “Plague!!!!” …then this article is meant for you. What you need to do is calm yourself, open your mind, take a deep breath and be prepared to learn something new! Computerised sewing machines are here to stay and chances are you’ll be seeing more and more of them, so before the times completely run away with you…let’s get to grips with them. It’s not as daunting as you might expect and trust me, computerized sewing machines are around for a reason. Some of the nifty little things you can do are definitely worth the time time it takes for you to learn the ropes. Besides, the computerizing is, in essence, a time saving function so you will benefit in the long run! … Continue reading

Common sewing machine problems and how to fix them

sewing machine problems

Whether you are a beginner in the sewing world or an expert who has completed innumerable projects, there is always a chance that your sewing machine might create some trouble for you.  Sometimes it can be that annoying sound or as bad as the machine refusing to work at all.  Here are 5 common sewing machine problems encountered by most of the sewing enthusiasts and ways to fix them that don’t involve seeking outside help. Machine not sewing: This is one of the most common sewing machine problems faced by all. This could be because either the thread or the needle is not properly set up. Read the user manual carefully while threading and inserting the needle. While threading, make sure that the presser foot is up and once threaded the presser foot should be brought down. Similarly, make sure that … Continue reading

Boho Chic Belt, with secret pocket plus tutorial

boho chic belt

The boho chic belt with a secret pocket is not an entirely new concept.  The first time I saw this belt was on a model’s waist in a swanky dance club in Philadelphia, but that was eons and eons ago.  At that time, I admired with marvel how she produced money to pay for drinks from somewhere way inside her waist.  While waiting for the drinks, lip gloss and chewing gum made it out of there somehow as well.  To me it looked like a Swiss army knife made out of cloth!  I looked closer and saw a bunch of keys hanging from the belt.  I asked her what do they open?  “Nothing, nothing at all!” she said rather mysteriously.. Fast forward a couple of decades later, the boho chic belt trend is back.  This time though, you are supposed … Continue reading

An Intimate Look at Maternity Fashion

maternity fashion

In the Middle Ages, a mere apron was considered as a maternity dress.  It was simply used to cover up because pregnant women’s dresses of the day did not fit around the belly anymore.  And this was maternity fashion for centuries. Fortunately, mothers-to-be today have more options to choose from as maternity fashion has evolved significantly.   If your next sewing project happens to be a maternity wear, here is an intimate look at maternity fashion to inspire you. Maternity Fashion in the 14th Century Before the 14th century, pregnant women made do with their every day clothes.  Dresses did not follow the female form at the time.  With no seams and just flowing fabrics, women’s dresses could comfortably be worn by pregnant ladies. It was only in the 14th century when women began to wear clothes that hugged their curves to reveal more of … Continue reading

Famous Women Who Love Quilt Making

Love Quilt Making

elebrity role models are quite influential these days –especially for kids and teens who are still in the process of fashioning their own identities.  According to Oliver Goldsmith, people seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy.  This is, of course, also true for adults.  We are often motivated by our role models and this helps us to realize our true potential, overcome barriers or simply do something that we truly enjoy. We’ve written recently about Contemporary Quilt Makers who Paint with Fabric and shown you some of the beautiful “light” they have brought into the world.  We’ve also told you about The Many Amazing Benefits of Quilting so you can better understand all the great physical and psychological benefits that can come from quilting. Now we’d like to try to give you a little more motivation.  If you’re passionate about quilting and you … Continue reading

Thanks to Sher for the Wonderful Mug Rug Series

mug rug series

e wanted to put together a special thank you post to Sheryl at Sher’s Creative Space for the fantastic year-long mug rug series that she created for this site. The series finished last month, but we thought we’d bring the whole collection together for you in one place.  It’s been enormously popular of the last year with many of our readers waiting anxiously for the release of the new design each month. Each free pattern in the mug rug series is accompanied by detailed step-by-step tutorial which you can find our site.  If you’ve never tried mug rugs, I’m sure you find one here that will make you want to give it a try. Mug rugs are essentially small quilts and they employ many of the same techniques used in quilt making.  If you want to get started in quilting, … Continue reading

Stela, the coin purse pattern and tutorial – just in time for the holidays

coin purse pattern

This coin purse pattern and tutorial are a follow-up to the Leather and Fabric Handbag tutorial we posted last week.  While you certainly don’t need to make this coin purse pattern from leather –you can use vinyl or almost any fabric– it makes a good first project for those who have never sewn with leather before. I am calling it Stela because it just so happens I am going to have a Christmas party at home and every female friend who is coming will get one from my tree.  I am hanging these babies as both Christmas tree decorations and presents at the same time.  The kids will probably get one each as well, but being teenagers, they will almost certainly expect something more than just a few coins inside.. This tutorial is especially for those of you who are taking the … Continue reading

Salvage your Selvages!

salvage your selvages

Now any seamstress or hobby sewist will undoubtedly have discarded that little white strip along the fabric edge without a second thought, probably a few hundred times or more. You know that “useless” strip where the manufacturer’s branding is printed…along with a few strange coloured circles? Well, there’s more to it than just branding! That printing along the fabric edge is known as the fabric selvage marking and, together with keeping the fabric from fraying or unravelling, it actually contains more useful info than you’d previously imagined. What’s in a name? Before you learn the secrets of the strip: how about that weird name?! Well, the name selvage or selvedge originated form the term self-edge, meaning a self finished edge of fabric. You will find that the specific weave in the selvage strip stops it from fraying entirely. It is … Continue reading