I'm delighted to introduce you to some of the lovely ladies who help us with the content on the site.  Each of them has a short bio underneath their article so you can see who writes which tutorial on the site, but you can read more about them in the profiles below.

Olgalyn Jolly at O! Jolly! and blog Crafting Fashion


Olgalyn Jolly is a knitted textile designer and teacher based in Soho, New York City. She has studied fashion and textile industry techniques at Parsons School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology and has many years of experience developing stitch designs for leading fashion designers and retailers. Olgalyn’s specialty is sweater knits and designed the fabrics pictured in this article. You can read more about Olgalyn and sweater knits on her website O! Jolly! and blog Crafting Fashion.

Alicia at Felt with Love Designs

Alicia - square

Hi, I’m Alicia and I love crafting and sewing. I spend the majority of my free-time either creating things or writing about creating things. I began making toys for my daughter as I quickly became disenchanted with how heavily commercial toys rely on TV/movies and less on imagination and creativity. While I enjoy most creative mediums, felt became my favorite toy-making material because it is so versatile and inexpensive. My favorite toys to design remain finger puppets, quiet book pages, and softies. In addition to toys, I have challenged myself to sew a lot more of our daughter’s wardrobe.

I started Felt With Love Designs to share the fun and creative toys and activities my husband and I began designing for our daughter. While designing toys of all kinds is still my main passion, the site has morphed into so much more since its debut. In addition to inspiration for DIY toys, I also love to share some of the clothing I sew for my daughter, upcycling projects (upcycling “old” clothes is my favorite!), holiday projects and traditions, kid-friendly crafts, children’s book reviews/recommendations, and various other odds and ends I sew as gifts for family and friends.

Come read more about us and follow along on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.

Stephanie at Swoodson Says

stephanie- blog sized

Hi! I'm Stephanie from Swoodson Says. My husband and toddler son barely tolerate me chasing them around for blog pictures so I'm looking forward to making things for a newborn, coming this spring 2015! I started sewing when I couldn't find (and sometimes found but couldn't afford) the baby decor and clothes I wanted for my son. I love dressing him in bright colors, upcycling thrift store garments, and coming up with projects I haven't seen anyone else make!
I am working on releasing some fun PDF patterns for toddler toys, softies, and funky decor; be the first to know by subscribing to my newsletter!

A few random facts about me:

  • Before I started sewing or blogging I was really into sweepstaking! My biggest prize was $10,000 from CBS/Survivor (yes, people really do win those things!)
  • I broke my back in college, sledding with my (now) husband. I'm now permanently crooked!
  • We've moved 4 times in the past 5 years since college – all within the Midwest but I'm looking forward to staying in one place for a little while.

You can find my blog at and connect with me on social media here:  twitter/pinterest/facebook/instagram/ google+

I also keep an updated calendar of social sewing events – sew alongs and competitions that are online, so check it out!

Laura at Crafty Hour

Laura photo 250

Hey there! I’m Laura and I blog at Crafty Hour about handmades for my 7 and 5-year old boys and 3-year old girl and our home. I also love being able to make things to fit my very tall self. Very occasionally I even come up with something for my dear husband, but it has to be very unique or geeky for him to love! I live in central Alberta with my family where we are privileged to worship God and bless our community with our talents.

Everything fabric or fibre related interests me and I so enjoy the creative process, sometimes even more than the finished item. Sewing is my creative outlet since I've been staying home with my littles. I learned to sew as a child and as I grew up had lots of experience sewing for myself and my 6 sisters. My most ambitious (and stressful!) project ever was undoubtedly my wedding dress, but one of my most favourite so far is my Wonky Stars Quilt.

I’ve shared some tutorials and tips on my blog, and hope to add to them, so be sure to follow me on Bloglovin’

Amy at Friends Stitched Together

Head Shot b

Hi! I'm Amy and I blog at Friends Stitched Together. My mom taught me to sew when I was in middle school and I've been hooked ever since. I started out sewing for myself using tissue paper patterns and even tried my hand at quilting – I had some pretty spectacular fails before I understood which fabrics should be used for which projects! I started working at a hospital in high school and loved having the ability to make my own scrubs – which I matched to my socks every day… When I moved away from home, I let my sewing slip, but my mom bought me a new machine when I decided to stay home with my first son and I remembered why I love it!

My husband is incredibly understanding about my sewing addiction and doesn't protest too hard when he finds piles of fabric all over the house. I sew almost every day for my two boys and a plethora of nieces and nephews. This past year, I also discovered a love for writing tutorials. I've had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people through the world of blogging – I never thought I'd make real-life friends this way, but I have!

You can find me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Etsy/Pinterest and over at CraftingCon

Irene at Serger Pepper

Mamma Nene @ Serger Pepper 2014 blog size
Hi there! I'm Irene “MammaNene” and I usually blog about anything sewing on Serger Pepper. Fun facts about me:

  • I love coffee (black or with milk)
  • I don't eat sugar
  • I am a soapmaker
  • I grow my vegs
  • I live between the Alpi, the italian north mountains, but I love the sea.

I love designing my own patterns, I have a thing for refashions and I am Pinterest addicted! My favorite sewing muse is my almost 6 years old daughter… but sometimes I sew for me too!

You can find me here too: FB FBgroup –  Etsy IG Twitter Pinterest Flickr 

Ula at Lulu and Celeste

Ula - 250 square

Hi! I’m Ula and I blog over at Lulu & Celeste. I have two little girls, a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old, and most of what I make right now is for them, although I do sew for myself and my nieces and nephews on occasion too. My husband is a pretty understanding guy, who doesn’t mind (too much) when the craft mess starts to take over the rest of the house. (Although he wishes I would fix the hole in his jeans by now!)

I’ve always been interested in arts and crafts and have tried nearly every craft medium at least once. My favourites at the moment are sewing and photography, and luckily having a blog is a great extension of both of those areas. Over on my blog I share the things I make for my girls, At the moment it’s mostly dresses but I’m working on some tutorials for dress up items and small softies. I also habe some Holiday decoration tutorials in the works!

Come visit me at Lulu & Celeste, or find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.

Judy at Stoney Sews


Hi, this is Judy. I have been blogging over at Stoney Lonesome Sew Works for about a year now. Although I have been sewing on and off for roughly 20 years, it was only in the past 3 that I became serious and really became interested in improving my skills and knowledge. With a  passion for sewing, crocheting and rug making it is easy to stay busy learning new techniques and adding to my skills.

I also love to teach and help others get started in sewing. My primary interest is in garment sewing but I also sew quilts, bags and other accessories. Beautiful southern Indiana is where I make my home with my lovely supportive husband, 2 teenagers, 2 Doberman girls, Citrus the barn cat and a dozen chickens.

Nienke at Pienkel


Hi, I'm Nienke from the blog Pienkel. I live with my husband and three kids on a tiny Dutch island in the Waddensea, where I spend my time divided between family, freelance business and way too much sewing.

I learned to sew at age five and have loved it ever since. After high school I studied textile design for a few years, but eventually graduated from University with a Masters in Theatre Studies. However, after a few relatively craftless years, I dived back in to sewing after my eldest daughter was born, some seven years ago.

Currently, I sew for my 7 & 2 years old daughters, my 5 years old son and increasingly for myself. I am told to have a typically Dutch style: I love basic colours, simple prints and clean lines. Inspired by the blogging community, I'm now working on some patterns as well, I love learning new skills so this is an exciting pastime!

If you'd like to stay tuned on all of this, you are very welcome to follow me via Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or subscribe to my newsletter.

Jann at Newton Custom Interiors

2013-04-12 small

Hi!  I'm Jann Newton and I blog about home decor, sewing tutorials and DIY projects at Newton Custom Interiors.

I learned to sew when I was very young. It's probably going on 50 years or so since my mom taught me to sew.  ( Wow, I'm really getting old!)  What I sewed most often, while I was growing up, was clothing. After I was married, I started sewing draperies, valances, pillows and bedding for our home.  That's when I found my true passion!

In 2000, I combined my love of fabrics, home decor and sewing, and started my business –  Newton Custom Interiors.  I love helping my clients by designing and fabricating their home decor projects.  Since starting my blog, I've been sharing some fun sewing projects that I've made for my grandkids, and even a few that I've done for myself.

Recently, I was honored to be asked by Craftsy to teach a class for them.  My class is Custom Bedding – Decorative Shams & Bolsters.  I teach how to make three bedding pillows with lots of decorative details – some of my favorite things to sew!

You can connect with me here:  Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter/Google+.

Vicky at Vicky Myers Creations

Blog photo

Hi, I’m Vicky  from vickymyerscreations . I live in Norwich (UK) with my husband, 8 yr old daughter and 4 yr old son. I started blogging and sewing approximately 3 years ago. Since then I have become increasingly passionate about blogging, the creative internet community is continually inspiring and encouraging me.

I work part time but spend as much free time as I can sewing and upcycling. Having been fortunate to learn sewing skills at school, followed by a craft course I love it if I can use previously loved fabric to form a new creation. This is not only thrifty but kinder to our environment:) We grow our own vegetables, and I save my fabric scraps from the bin for rags:)

Follow my creative journey (even if it’s little whacky – one of my favourite projects is an apron made from old chip packets) via Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

Michelle at Michelle's Creations

M19 blog size
Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm married and a mum to two grown boys, and a pup. I love sewing, I love making things myself. I think I've tried to make just about everything from clothing, to jewelry, to cosmetics. Some of those things have turned out better than others, and some of those have become a source of great joy for me. My first sewing projects were all by hand as I didn't have a sewing machine and my Mum had an ancient machine that didn't work.

After I got married, my hubby bought me my first sewing machine. I loved it! I started buying easy sewing patterns and off I went. I made my own maternity clothes including panties. I've been happily sewing for over 20 years now. A few years ago, after my favorite bra was discontinued, I decided I'd copy my bra – a new love was born. I love to sew my own bras and panties as well as other sewing – and I blog about it too on Michelle's Creations.

Sheryl at Sher's Creative Space

Hello! My name is Sheryl from Sher's Creative Space . I've been designing craft and sewing patterns since having my first pattern published in Crafts Magazine in 1993. Back then the Internet was pretty much non-existent, and can you imagine doing all that typing on a typewriter? I designed for books and magazines for several years until life took a different turn. I found myself working a lot of crazy hours, and along with raising two kids, it left no time for designing. But this was also a wonderful learning experience because during that time I worked in the printing business where I learned graphic design and page layout. Having those skills have become so helpful in creating my patterns.

In 2012 the PDF pattern market drew me in along with my love to have my patterns in print for books and magazines. Things slowed down for me on the job front so I started designing again. In November of 2013 I began my new career as a full time pattern designer. Now I'm living my dream, working from home, and doing what I love. I still enjoy filling in at the animal hospital a few times a month so I can get that human contact as well as working with the animals, exotics, and wildlife that I love so much.

I live along the shores of Lake Michigan with my husband and best friend (who is a talented woodworker in his spare time) along with our two pets. My children have made me so very proud and are now living their own lives. I'm also a Nana to a beautiful little girl and hoping for another real soon. Our family is our main focus in life. My husband and I also enjoy traveling, especially long weekends, which we do a lot. We are looking forward to his retirement in a few years so we can take our dream three week road trip.

You can also find me at Pinterest, Instagram, and Sher's Creative Space blog. You can also get updates, and my latest information by joining my VIP Club!  Check out the best mug rug and applique patterns on Craftsy in my designer store.

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I am so impressed by all these creative women from all over the world!

Shirley Caldwell
Shirley Caldwell

I really was surprised at all these wonderful ladies are behind the blogs and talking about how and what they are doing….keep up this method of teaching..