Announcing the winner of the $250 shopping spree


We're delighted to announce the winner of the $250 shopping spree offered to our readers by our good friends at  As you may recall from the launch of this giveaway, is part of so you can always rely on them for competitive pricing, outstanding customer service and the best delivery options in the business.

Patricia B from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA is the lucky winner with entry #99 out of a total entries in the contest of 10,469.

Patricia winning entry came from a bonus entry from her sharing the contest with a friend –which was a great strategy to really leverage her chances to win.  Let's all congratulate Patricia for this great win.  I wonder what she'll get with her loot?


If you were holding out to see if you were going to win this contest, all is not lost.  Now's an absolutely great time to take advantage of the Cyber Monday sales and save up to 30% off selected items at

Please keep in mind we have an even larger giveaway running at the moment sponsored by Janome.  Get your entries in and don't forget to try Patricia's “sharing” strategy to multiply your chances to win.  You can enter below!

Huge Janome Sewing Machine Giveaway

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64 Responses to Announcing the winner of the $250 shopping spree

  1. Doreen Linehan says:

    Congratulations to Patricia. Good deal.

  2. Diana says:

    very nice

  3. Jenny Naylor says:


  4. Dorothy Vernier says:

    Congrats, Patricia! Have fun!

  5. Carrie says:


  6. Sue O'Reilly says:


  7. Janet says:


  8. Charlene Amsden says:

    Congrats, Patricia!

  9. Senta D says:


  10. Cheryl Individual/Family Land says:

    Lucky lady, that Kathleen.. Now
    if I can just win the sewing machine, mine finally died on me.

  11. Kathie says:

    I love so many patterns on Craftsy that I don’t know which one Id pick!

  12. Earlene says:

    Lucky girl!

  13. Kimberly says:

    Congratulations Patricia! What a wonderful surprise for you following a long holiday weekend here in the States!

  14. Katie S. says:

    I would like to add the Fox Paper Pieced Block Pattern by Made By Marney

  15. Jamie says:

    Oh how Merry a girl’s Christmas would be!

  16. Love Janome machines, I own one and its woenderful

  17. Lettie says:

    Absolutely need it!

  18. Johanna says:

    You will have fun selecting your prize.

  19. Tia Miller says:

    How awesome for Patricia B to win!!

  20. Marilyn Snow says:

    Congratulations to Patricia B for winning all that money to buy fabric — how fun! I hope I win the machine. My daughter wants a machine. Thanks for the chance to win!!

    • Marilyn Snow says:

      I think you should include the pattern for Huggable Elephant Plush. I love elephants and this pattern is really cute!!

  21. ANN M. says:


  22. noak73 says:

    She is one lucky lady! Congratulations!

  23. Amy Chrisman says:

    What a great giveaway!

  24. Lois Healan says:

    what a great win!

  25. lucy says:

    Congratulations!!!!! great win.

  26. Cherry says:

    I would love to add to my stash!!!

  27. Elaine Karnes says:

    Congrats Patricia!!! Hope you enjoy.

  28. Linda Coleman says:

    I think Patricia B is one lucky lady and she needs to share pictures of her makes with her haul. Have fun, Patricia, and congrats!

  29. Karen Gustafson says:

    A lucky winner! Nice sweepstakes contest.

  30. Debbie Gaines says:

    Wonderful opportunity! Thank you!

  31. MIchelle Langhammer says:

    Congratulations, Patricia! Happy sewing 🙂

  32. JUDY PARKER says:


  33. Jackie Grdon says:

    good machine

  34. Darla Walk says:

    what a wonderful gift.

  35. ginals says:

    Congratulation Patricia!

  36. Kathleen says:


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