Birthday Surprise Giveaway! Please help me celebrate. $6.95 wallet pattern FREE.

Today is a very special day for me, so I wanted to do something very special for you to help me celebrate.  My daughter, Samantha, just turned 16.  For everyone who's been there themselves when they turned 16 or had a daughter who did, I'm sure you know how important that is.

So, we're going to do something special and make one of our popular paid patterns free for this weekend only.  Yes, that's right, FREE.  As long as you download it on Craftsy this weekend, it will be free for you forever.  After this weekend, the pattern will go back on sale at $6.95.

Many readers would be sort of familiar with Samantha as she's kind enough to do most of the modeling for me.  (I find it hard to take pictures of myself.)  You may recall this popular design and free sewing pattern for the Bell Sleeve Top.

bell sleeve top

Going away somewhere exotic or far-afield?  Or maybe you just need somewhere to keep your passports and travel documents safe between trips so you’ll always know where to lay your hands on them.

This essential family travel and passport wallet pattern can hold travel documents for a family and speed you through check in and security without having to rummage through bags to find everything.

Features of the Travel and Passport Wallet

This handy travel and passport wallet pattern has:

  • Two short pockets for ID cards, credit card etc
  • Two medium pockets for your passports
  • Two larger pockets for boarding passes or e-tickets
  • Two large pockets behind for other documents or extra passports
  • An elastic pen holder
  • Optional clip to hold locker or luggage keys
  • Sturdy design
  • Loop and button closure
  • Finished size approx – 9.5 inches tall, by 5.5 inches wide, by 0.75 inches deep

Full Post and Download HERE

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107 Responses to Birthday Surprise Giveaway! Please help me celebrate. $6.95 wallet pattern FREE.

  1. Lorraine says:

    Showing up in my email March 2020, as a FREE download, worth $6.95, yet when I follow the links, I’m to be charged $11.24!
    I beg your pardon?

  2. Guylaine says:

    Thank you for the pattern. Did one for my trip to Morroco and found it very useful. Upon my return, I lend it to friends visiting Italy. They loved it so much that they asked me to sew two more to give to friends. Upon their request, I added a closure at the top as well for more security. Very good pattern instructions!

  3. Melanie Susan McKenzie says:

    Sick in bed with the flu all week and just looked at my email – I missed out!!! Big sad face in Australia.

  4. Pamela says:

    Happy birthday

  5. Caz says:

    Thank you! And HB to Samantha!

  6. Beal says:

    Thank you very much & happy birthday to your daughter! 🙂

  7. Summerdays says:

    Congratulations to both you and beautiful Samantha! Thank you for all the modelling, so that we can see how these items looks on a real person opposed to only on a clothes hanger. May your future be bright and beautiful Samantha!

  8. Thank you so much for the great pattern. Happy birthday, Samantha! (PS Just wait until your first grandchild turns 16. Mine is turning 20 soon. Yikes!)

  9. Happy Birthday to Samantha. Thank you for the beautiful pattern.

  10. Beverly Dickison says:

    Thank you

  11. Trish Johnstone says:

    Happy Birthday! thanks for the pattern!

  12. Cinzia says:

    Buon compleanno!

  13. Maite Castro says:

    Happy Birthday to your treasure???and many blessings.
    Thank you for the special gift to me?

  14. Joan Shadinger says:

    Hi again I am Joanne, I will celebrate my 70 on August 30th and I am lucky to do so as I just recently found out I have Stage 1 breast cancer! Next week my hubby&I will celebrate our 20 wedding anniversary! So I am truly blessed to have a great hubby too!

  15. Joan Shadinger says:

    Hi, well Happy 16th Birthday to Samantha! I am getting ready to celebrate my 70th on the 30th!

  16. Douglas Yates says:

    Have a Happy Birthday, I hope you have a Blessed Day.

  17. Debra De Shazor says:

    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

  18. Kay Conger says:

    Thank you for the great pattern. Sending birthday wishes to lovely daughter, hope her sixteenth birthday id amzing.

  19. HEI! Gratulerer med dagen til dere begge og tusen takk for det fine mønsteret. Jeg får imidlertid ikke til å laste det ned og jeg forstår ikke hvorfor. Hva gjør jeg feil? Hilsen Gerd

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Gerd, thanks for your message. I’m not sure what you’re doing on that end but the pattern has been downloaded several tens of thousands of times over the last day or so so I’m confident all is working well. The pattern is host on Craftsy to you need to be able to access that. From this page,, look for the orange box with the orange button. Hope that helps and kind regards, Mayra

  20. wende says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birethday and thank you foe the pattern.

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