Sewing Your Own Clothes: How To Get Started

So you have passed the beginners basic stitching and fabric cutting courses and ready to put the sewing skills you learned to use. You are probably excited and hey we are excited for you too. Let us give you the basic pointers to follow so you can get started sewing … Continue reading

Make Your Sewing Pattern Weights 11 Ways

Hi there! Irene from Serger Pepper here! How is your sewing machine? Did you clean it from the last time we met? And did you make a bag for your laptop? Or maybe you’ve been too busy choosing your first serger… Today we’re here to talk about a sewing tool … Continue reading

Designing Your Home Sewing Center – Simple Yet Valuable Tips

Even if you just sew for personal use or you also accept sewing projects from friends and acquaintances for some extra earning, your best friend aside from your sewing machine and supplies is your sewing area. Hence, you’d want a sewing space that is both comfortable and efficient. That being … Continue reading