Cross My Heart – free easy dress pattern

This dress is so elegant. I love how easy it is to sew too. h and it's a free pattern!You know sometimes how you look about and everyone seems to be wearing the same thing, the same styles, the same colors?  That's especially true on a small island where there are only a few places you can buy clothes anyway, so its no wonder everyone has the same pieces.  So I set out to make myself a dress.  Something I could wear to dinner, or if I had to go somewhere smart, or heaven-forbid, ever get a job!

I was really liking the Simple Shrug pattern and wanted to see if I could incorporate the idea into a dress because I think it gives a really flattering look by having the fabric fall from the bust, making the waist look smaller – or at least I hope so!  I'm very rectangular through the waist, so anything that draws attention to the bust is a plus for me.

This dress is so elegant. I love how easy it is to sew too. h and it's a free pattern!

The Cross My Heart Dress – This dress has crossover pleated drapes from the shoulders that are caught into the side seams just under the arms.  It creates a modest v-neckline and frames the face, hanging loose from the bust to emphasise the smaller waist.  It's certainly unique!  I'll never come across another one like it – unless some of you sew it and then visit the Cayman Islands.  That would make my day!

Plus, its a very quick and simple sew.  Bonus!

This dress is so elegant. I love how easy it is to sew too. h and it's a free pattern!


  • Quick and easy to sew
  • Figure skimming fit
  • Pleated crossover drapes from the shoulders
  • Longer length – pick your own skirt length
  • Center back seam to help get a nice fit
  • Short sleeves
  • Sizes 29- 41 bust, 33-45 inch hips
  • For knit fabrics only – I used a ITY knit  (Read more about different types of knit fabrics here.)
  • Fabric needed for all sizes – 2 yards

This dress is so elegant. I love how easy it is to sew too. h and it's a free pattern!

This dress is so elegant. I love how easy it is to sew too. h and it's a free pattern!

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Download the Cross My Heart Dress pattern

You can download the pattern from my design account on Payhip.  Add it to your cart and check out - its FREE.  The pattern will be saved in your Pattern Library safely until you are ready to sew, then you can download and print it at any time.

How to sew your ‘Cross My Heart' free easy dress pattern

1/2 inch seam allowances throughout unless stated otherwise.

Cut out your pattern pieces on a double layer of fabric, with the front on the fold.


Turn a narrow 1/4 inch hem on the top and bottom curved edges of the front drapes and stitch close to the edge.  Press. Set aside.


Optional – add a piece of tricot interfacing to the center front to reinforce the V at the neckline.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdd a 1/4 inch snip at center front and then turn a narrow hem up each side of the center front and stitch close to the edge.  Press.



Join the center back seam. Turn down the back neckline in a smooth curve and stitch.  Press.


Add the front drapes to the shoulders.  Line up the inside seamed edges, then line up the outer edge of the drape 1/2 inch inside the outer edge of the shoulder.  This 1/2 inch is the seam allowance where the sleeve will be sewn.


Create 3 even pleats in the fabric and pin then in place.


Place the dress back over the front, RST, and match the shoulders.  Repin through all layers and pleats.  Stitch through all layers.  Reduce the bulk in the seam by trimming the pleated layer.  Press the completed seam towards the back.


Repeat for the other shoulder.


Match the center top of the sleeve with the shoulder seam.  Ease in sleeve, pin and stitch. Take care NOT to catch the fabric from the front drape in the sleeve seam allowance.  It should only be caught at the shoulder seam. Repeat for the other side.


Take the front drapes across the front of the dress, taking care not to twist them, and pin into the side seams matching the top of the drape at the point under the arm.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABaste the drapes into the side seam of the dress front, within the seam allowance.


Pin the side seams and check for fit.  Make alterations as necessary.

Pin and stitch side seams.  Press.


Finish the bottom of the sleeves – twin needle finish is optional.  You may also simply turn in a 1/2 inch hem and stitch.


Check for length and finish the bottom hemline with your favorite finish.


Give the dress a final press and it's ready to wear.

This dress is so elegant. I love how easy it is to sew too. h and it's a free pattern!


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Posted May 7th, 2015

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This dress is so elegant. I love how easy it is to sew too. h and it's a free pattern!

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66 Responses to Cross My Heart – free easy dress pattern

  1. Margie says:

    When the Cross My Heart dress says “seam allowance 0.5 inch unless otherwise stated,” does that mean it is already included in the pattern pieces or do I need to add it? Thanks!

  2. Jen says:

    Love this site! Could you please make a video tutorial on how to construct this gorgeous dress? Perhaps in a solid fabric so we can best see the details? Thank you! 🙂

  3. Charlotte Ellison says:

    Why did you stand her on the side of the road? She looks like a hooker???

    • Karin says:

      I just have to respond! Maybe they were looking for the right lighting to show off the finished dress. Clearly they are surrounded acres and acres of orchards. Go sit down, you are rude!

  4. Karen Blackburn says:

    Looking at the pattern I should be able to make it in a lightweight cotton. Not so keen on knit because they tend to fall out of shape after a while, and pure cotton isn’t so easy to find. Have some lovely cottons in my stash, and this looks like a pattern to try. Can get the same close fit by adding a zip to the side or back seams. Many thanks, and will give it a try. Have been thinking I need a new pattern, have gone through all the ones I own so this is great.

    • Doreen says:

      How did you make out with this dress and pattern. I’d love to see your finished product. Much thanks. I so appreciate your efforts. I know difficult. ?

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