Design Your Own Handbag – Class Review pt 3

Review of the Craftsy Design your own Handbag. Funny!

I'm presently taking the Design your own Handbag class from Craftsy following my sad and tragic experiences with sewing the World's Ugliest Bag.   This is the final post in the series.  If you are interested, you can also read Part 1 of my review, and Part 2.

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Class review – part 3


Review of the Craftsy Design your own Handbag. Plus 50% off the through So Sew Easy.

 Lesson 7 – Handles and Straps

One sure way to tell your handmade bag apart from something bought is the handle.  This lesson covers not only different types of handles and how to make them, but some really good tips on how to get a very nice finish on the handle and on the tabs used to attach them.  The lesson covers:

  • making basic straps
  • fabric covered cord handles (I'll definitely be having a go at making these!)
  • working with pre-made handles
  • attaching handles with tabs
  • attaching handles with grommets

Review of the Craftsy Design your own Handbag. Plus 50% off the through So Sew Easy.

Lesson 8 – Zippers

How to add zippers to your bag for both function and decorative effect.  One thing I really wanted to learn was how to add a recessed zipper to the top of a bag, and the tutorial on how to do this was really excellent.  I'll certainly be considering this as an option for my bag, and may make a pattern for you down the line using this idea. (Let's see how my bag comes out first!)

We also learned how to install a zipper right along the top of a tote bag.  I'd never thought of this style before, but really liked it!  It made a big useful bag, with the added security that someone isn't going to reach in and help themselves to your wallet.

Review of the Craftsy Design your own Handbag. Plus 50% off the through So Sew Easy.Lesson 9 – Closures and hardware

This whole lesson was just bag making eye-candy!  Ooh, I loved the examples she showed and it really shows how to take your handmade bag to the next level and give it a truly original and designer look.  Covered in this class was how to select and install:

  • magnetic snaps
  • twist locks
  • tab hardware such as studs and rivets
  • rings, rectangle rings, d-rings and more
  • clasps, hooks and other closures
  • bag feet

Of course, while these accessories really do make all the difference to the bag, they also make a big difference to the cost of the bag!  Buying these individually isn't cheap, and perhaps you wouldn't want to invest for every bag you make, but knowing what is available and how to use it gives lots of design options.

I put together a mini directory of some of the best places online I found to order bag and purse making supplies.  You can find it at the bottom of this post.

Lesson 10 – Shape Variations and Wrap Up

The final lesson in the series and a look at the ways that the basic bag pattern can be adapted and varied to create different bag shapes and style.

Each bag is examined for how its shape and dimension varies from the others, and the construction order for the bags is run through. How to add pleats in to add volume and shaping, and using a ‘muslin' to test your ideas before finalizing your bag design ready for sewing.

Student projects and inspiration

And finally, a little look at just a few of the amazing student projects from this class.  If I create a bag even half as nice as some of these I will be very happy. (You can click each one for more details.)

full_9075_172063_Myfirstpurseisasupersuccess_1 full_4129_171575_Midnightmadness_1 full_4208_166285_Deltashoulderbag_1
full_6386_162944_HeartsILoveLifeHandbag_1 full_7875_158234_Traveltote_1 full_9610_153662_ClassicinBlueGrey_1
full_6007_149746_CreativewansPrettyPerfectPurse_2 full_3756_96730_BlackBag_1 full_8319_90905_Stripedhandbag_1

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Get the Design Your Own Handbag Course

There's currently a sale going on over on Payhip but you never know how long it will last.

Hardware suppliers

MJ Trim – closures, straps, decorative elements, buckles, handles, spikes

Strapworks – for buckles, straps, metal fittings, rings, sliders and snaps

Pacific Trimming – chain, straps, and handles, closures, buckles, rivets, studs, snaps and hooks, eyelets and grommets, turn locks, bag feet and more

Ah Kwok Buckles – based in Hong Kong, ship worldwide.  All types of hardware, buckets, sliders, rings etc

Hardware Elf – buckles, snaps, latches and locks, frames, straps and chains and more.

u-handbag – UK based.  Large selection of bag hardware, straps, feet, purse frames and accessories.

3D Pattern Paper on Etsy – based in Hong Kong, ship worldwide.  All sorts of handbag and purse hardwares.  Lots of very nice and fashionable items.

Purse Supplies R Us on Etsy – another great Etsy supplier, US based.  A wide range of purse supplies.

DIY Studs and Rivets – add a decorative element to your bags with these studs.

Disclosure – I bought the course myself and am not being compensated in any way from Craftsy for this course review. I really love the Craftsy classes and negotiated this special rate for your benefit.  I am an affiliate so will receive a commission if you buy this course using my special discount link.

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