How to Choose Your Quilting Threads – Things To Consider

how to choose your quilting threadsIn a previous article, we talked about some easy techniques to choose your quilt colors & fabric so now, it’s time we learn how to choose the threads to go with the fabric. 

Easy Techniques To Choose Your Quilt Colors

Read on to learn how to choose your quilting threads that will complement your fabric.

Aside from the color, there are some other things that should be taken into consideration when choosing a quilting thread

how to choose your quilting threads

Hand Or Machine

How are you planning to do your quilting project? Will you do it by hand or by sewing machine? Hand quilting threads have different characteristics than machine quilting threads.

Hand quilting threads are made of 100% cotton. They are bit stiff as opposed to MQT, they are also “glazed” or covered in wax to make them easier and smoother to run through fabrics. The coating also minimizes the thread lint and makes the thread resistant to breaking.

Machine quilting threads, on the other hand, can be made of 100% cotton too or some other materials such as rayon & polyester or a blend of these materials. They are thinner than hand quilting threads.

One thing to keep in mind though is that machine quilting threads can be used for hand quilting but NOT the other way around. Hence, if you are starting to hand sew but not sure if you’ll eventually end up switching to using the machine then you better start up with the machine quilting thread from the get-go.

Thread Size

Threads are measured via “weight”. Thread weight usually ranges from 30, which is thicker, up to 120 which is thinner. When quilting, a 40 weight thread is the most feasible choice since it is thick and sturdy enough for quilting but thin enough to fit your typical sewing machine. You might need to adjust your sewing machine’s tension setting when switching from typical sewing to quilting.

how to choose your quilting threads


You should also think about the effect you’d want to achieve when choosing your thread. Do you want it to be almost invisible especially when it crosses some intricate patterns on your fabric? If so, then choose a color closest to the fabric you are quilting. If you want the opposite though, then you can go for a dark contrasting color to add more accent to your project.

Now that you already have an idea on how to choose your quilt colors and how to choose your quilting threads, you can start sewing. Next week we'll give you some tips on how to find time to sew for busy individuals.

For more information on sewing threads, types of thread, and when to use them, please check out this article:

Of Threads And More Sewing Threads

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Navnita Devi
Navnita Devi

I find the informations very helpful since I have just started and any information regarding fabrics and sewing is really appreciated


Good information. I use donated scraps a lot in my scrap quilts. Occasionally I get pieces that are sewn together and when I take them apart I’ve noticed that sometimes the thread is quilting thread and not appropriate for piecing.