You’ll love these patterns and a giveaway

Cute baby pig softie pattern.  Ideal to make safe skittle or bowling pins to play with in the house for toddlers.

You know how sometimes you are just looking for something and then quite by chance you come across something else that catches your eye.  Happens to me all the time – short attention span.  Etsy can be the worst for that and it was while browsing for some trim, that I came across the store for Maria Palito – she makes the most amazing felt toys, patterns and kits.

Check out The Pattern Hub on Etsy.


You know me well enough by now that when I find something I think you might like, I try to do us a deal.  So I asked Maria if she would create a pattern just for us, and give you the chance to win something from her store.  She said YES to both – what a star!  So enjoy below as she shares with us a Felt Baby Pig pattern she created exclusively for So Sew Easy, and enter the giveaway down at the bottom.  I think these pigs would be perfect as skittles / bowling pins for kids to play with in the house, with a soft ball.

Or if you are organising a kids party, how about they all get to make up something like this!  I know a lot of girls would love to sit and sew something like this, for a girls crafts party and then get to take home a souvenir of the fun day.


Or, check out the great range of Christmas decorations.  These would be great to sew for a funraiser, fayre, Church event etc.

How to make the Felt Baby Pig

Get ready to learn how to make a Felt baby pig standing Toy. I love this kind of toys because they can decorate any nursery room or kids room or just be adorable on your table. To make this toy you will need:


  • Felt: Pink, Hot Pink, White, Black and Blue
  • Thread: Pink, Hot Pink, White, Black and Blue
  • Fabric scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing needle
  • chopstick (to help with stuffing)
  • Stuffing


Your finished toy will be SIZE: 7.5 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide


Start by printing and cutting out the pattern pieces.

Pin the pattern pieces to the appropriate colours of felt and cut them out. I usually print the patterns on card stock or in any thick paper. It will be easier to transfer the pattern into the felt. Use 8.5 x 11 inches card stock or paper.


2. Layout all the pieces and make sure you are not missing any part before you start stitching. Add some pins to secure the big pieces.

3. Stitch the white eyes (c) to the body (a).

4. Stitch the black eyes (f) on top of the white ones (c).

5. Stitch the nose (e) on top of the eyes (c) and include 2 white circles like the example.

6. Stitch the belly (b) on top of the body(a).

7. Decorate your toy with anything you want. I used a blue border (g) and a white heart (d) . I also added a little tail on the back of the toy

8. Align both pieces of the body (b) and start stitching the edge.standing-toy

9. Stitch the edge of the toy, leaving a gap for filling.

10. Fill the toy but not 100%. Leave a space to fill at the bottom, you will fill it at the end when you finish the base.

11. To make the toy stand by itself you need to create a base. Start stitching the oval piece (g) by one side of the toy. Use Blanket stitch to stitch around until you finish the front section of the toy. You will need to insert a piece of cardboard before you close it.

12. Finish filling the toy and before closing it, insert a piece of cardboard or cardstock to help the toy stand up.Then close the toy.

The Giveaway

I'm delighted to be able to offer you a giveaway – win your choice of these multi-pack patterns from the Pattern Hub store.  Open worldwide and THREE WINNERS.  Pick from:

There will be three winners and each will be able to pick a pattern pack of their choice from the above listed.  Enter below –>

Etsy Pattern Hub Giveaway

If you can't see the entry form in your browser, you can also enter HERE.

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