New $500 Shopping Spree Giveaway from Bigger and Better in 2017!

shopping spree giveaway

Our friends at subsidiary,, have stepped up again to kick off 2017 with an even bigger and better giveaway.  They were so impressed by the support our readers gave for their $250 Shopping Spree Giveaway that ran late last year, that they have DOUBLED the giveaway prize and are now offering a $500 shopping spree to the lucky winner!

A little about our sponsor

For those who don't know, is the world’s leading online fabric store.  Founded in 1993, focuses on bringing you a wide range of cotton print, home décor and apparel fabrics along with crafts and notions.  At any time their warehouse holds millions of yards of fabric.  Whether your needs run from denim to silk, linen to faux fur, velvet to shirtings, or anywhere in between, you’re sure to find what you need.  Remember, because is a subsidiary of, you get all the terrific pre- and post-sale customer service you'd expect from a merchant you can really trust.

shopping spree giveaway

Unfortunately, however, there is one small catch..

This giveaway is only open to US residents.  I know, I know, that's really not fair to all our readers outside the US, but because of the very large size of the prize, it opens up all kinds of tax and legal considerations for a large company like  This is just the reality of business these days. have promised to work with their legal team and do everything possible to make future giveaways available worldwide, but for this one, our hands are tied.

But what about for the readers outside the US???

If you're outside the US, we plan offer an international giveaway of some Best of the Bags Pattern Bundles starting in the coming days so stay tuned for that.  While the value is a little lower, we'll give away a total of 10 prizes so the odds of winning will be better.

What's the best way to enter and win this contest?

For everyone participating in this giveaway, please remember that your best strategy is always to use the “Share with Friends for Extra Entries” feature to share this contest with your friends and family.  That way, you get an entry for every entry they make and it really turbo-charges your chances to win!  Do this early in the contest so you'll get this bonus for the duration.  Patricia B who won the giveaway last year won by doing this exact strategy.  Give it a try!

New $500 Shopping Spree Giveaway from

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3,195 Responses to New $500 Shopping Spree Giveaway from Bigger and Better in 2017!

  1. Deanna Lohn says:

    This would look perfect as a maxi dress

  2. Deanna Lohn says:

    A-line shift dress

  3. Adriane Rimolo Leal says:

    A wonderful skirt to make my husband forget that I will always be the same young lady he met some years ago…

  4. PFR says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. Following this contest has given me a great opportunity to research patterns and fabrics for future sewing projects. It has been a lot of fun.

  5. Heather Marrow says:

    I would make covers for all my appliances- cute fabric!

  6. Melissa Smith says:

    coupon organizer

  7. kt says:

    I would make myself a wallet and/or a kid skirt

  8. Karen Eidson says:

    I would make a tote bag or a wallet. That’s pretty fabric!.

  9. Shawna R. says:

    I think I’d make a scarf or cowl, so I can be fashionable, but warm since I just got 18+ inches of snow.

  10. Mary Anne Poskitt says:

    I would quilt until I could not quilt anymore. I would make baby quilt memory quilts and give them to the local newborn hospital .

  11. Candice Schimmel says:

    Loving those birdies! It would have been adorable with a quilt I just finished actually. It would also be cute as a panel on a bag or pillow.

  12. Erica Weaver says:

    I WOULD Make a duvet

  13. Becca says:

    Quilted table runner

  14. Vicki H says:

    Picnic quilt for my sister.

  15. Kam Watson says:

    Many ideas so little space to write them all except the great one my “sea quilt”

  16. Jennifer Lee says:

    I have a 60’s mod style jumper pattern and the Michael Miller Birds of Norway Espresso Fabric would be so perfect for this! Talk about a psychedelic outfit!

  17. Samantha says:

    a little purse and coordinating rag doll would look precious

  18. Meleah says:

    This would make a great tote bag or drawstring backpack for my birding friends! 🙂

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