Slouchy Sweater: Perfect beginner project for spring

Slouchy Sweater sewing pattern from So Sew Easy,


I'm delighted to announce the release of my latest sewing pattern – the Slouchy Sweater.

An easy and quick to sew versatile pattern.  Great for beginners.  Sew a comfy and relaxed top – dress it up or down depending on your fabric choices.  Fitted and shaped around the body and hips, with a loose fit around the bust and shoulders, and low open armholes.  The wider shoulders are a flattering look and help to balance out a larger bust or hips.  Great for relaxing at home, but smart enough to wear every day too.

Looks good in solids, prints, and stripes too.

Available in 5 sizes and 2 lengths.  Full video tutorial included as well as the photo step by step instructions. For stretch knit fabrics only, and sweater type knits.

Full video tutorial

Slouchy Sweater sewing pattern from So Sew Easy,

It's tried and tested!

My lovely pattern testing group helped me ‘iron out a few wrinkles' and made the instructions easy to understand – thank you ladies.  Enjoy the ‘rogues gallery' of their projects below.

Slouchy Sweater

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Go to the Slouchy Sweater pattern

Sew the Slouchy Sweater.  Just two pattern pieces, easy to sew and flattering too. Full video tutorial as well as step by step photos.

Flattering, comfortable, easy to sew - perfect!

If this one isn't for you, I'm working on another knit top you might like – all being well it should be ready to release in January.

p.s.  You might also be seeing a sneak peek in the photos of me, of the next pattern I'm working on too.  Can you guess what it is yet?

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20 Responses to Slouchy Sweater: Perfect beginner project for spring

  1. Vicky Walters says:

    Re: Slouchy Sweater FREE patter.
    Your website directs me to Craftsy to BUY the pattern. Your website states the pattern is free. Please send it to me.
    Thanks you and I love, love, love your website. I look at it every day!

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Vicky, so sorry you missed this. I send an email always to the subscribers giving the heads. the email is the best way to take advantage of the giveaways. Next time yes? 🙂

  2. thinking aloud says:

    Hi All, Just found your website with lots of good ideas, resources, and encouragement. Thank you! However, regarding the above pattern: the word ‘slouchy’ is a synonym of droopy, wilting, bent, loose, baggy. When I was searching for a loose sew-a-sweater pattern or silhouette, I didn’t imagine the formfitting, trim-line top shown in your photos. I realize you gals have good success with your patterns, but please keep in mind how you describe something. I’ll keep on looking elsewhere for a loose-fitting sweater top.

  3. Lucylu says:

    Hi It is 10 10 am on 28 February here in UK. I tried to download the free slouchy sweater that came in my email . It says free today but when I try to download it it takes me to Craftsy who want to charge me. Time runs out in 2 hours so would like help. Thank you

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Lucy, unfortunately, we had a typo on the site saying that the pattern was still free during the day of the 28th when the giveaway was only valid for Sunday, Feb 26 and we extended through noon on the 27th to make sure everyone had a chance to download. It is corrected now, but to fix this, we’re going to make the pattern available free for a few more days via our Groups platform. Just go to the link below and use your Facebook login (upper right corner) or you will only be able to see the pattern but not to download it.

  4. Lizette says:

    AWESOME service! Thank-you

  5. lapenelopa says:

    thanks a lot for the gift

  6. Julie says:

    You guys are so great. Thank you.

  7. Sue Volek says:

    Thanks so much — I love the way this looks. Can’t wait to try it!

  8. dee reese says:

    Thank you so much for the FREE offer today. I appreciate it so much and will make it soon. I love your patterns.

  9. Pamela McCandless says:

    I really like the style and fit on you. I will have to find a nice cotton knit and make necessary adjustments for myself, hope it looks as nice.

  10. cheryl says:

    I love the drape and ease of this pattern. Would be a great one to have in multiples!

  11. Hi Deby,
    This is a really cute pattern.

  12. I love the silhouette of this sweater! Great job! I can’t wait to try it out!

  13. Chelle Chapman says:

    LOVE this top!! Already have 2 cut & ready to sew! This pattern was SEW EASY! Pardon the pun! Had a GREAT time testing also. Deby is AWESOME & I cannot wait for the next patterns!!!

    • Deby Coles says:

      Aww Chelle, you are awesome, not me! It really is a quick and easy sew, if I wasn’t already working on the next pattern, I’d be making up lots more of this one too. Looks great on you!

      • Robyn says:

        Hi Deby I made one of these tops , very easy to sew. My fabric was a dark grey loose patterned knit that stretched a lot so I had to put a self rib border on the neck. It looks good and is very comfortable to wear . I would like to make a three quarter sleeve one as well. Thanks for the patterns

  14. mandie says:

    Great work everyone. Someday I’ll be brave and try adult clothing 🙂

  15. MammaNene (@mamma_nene) says:

    Thanks Deby!!
    This is a very versatile top! I’m planning to sew one on knitted wool… Can’t wait to see how it comes together!!! It’s a pleasure to test for you <3

    Easy task, any sewist will really enjoy it!

    …and please ignore the background in my pic… it's hard yo take pics on rainy days 🙂 hehehe

    MammaNene (Irene) @

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