Introducing the new sewing forum

Come and chat about sewing and get your questions answered in this new sewing forum.

Do you remember in the last Readers Questions that I said it would be the last one for a while because I was working on something new?  Well that something new has been a lot of work and took me longer to get off the ground than I was thinking, but it's here now and I think it's going to be awesome!


Introducing a sewing room of our very own.  The new forum and chat room – tah dah!


Come and chat about sewing and get your questions answered in this new sewing forum.


Features of the new sewing forum

  • It's private – only for members, so you can feel free to chat and share without it showing up all over your Facebook wall etc.
  • It's going to be full of people who love sewing, quilting and fabric arts so you'll always find someone with the same interests as you
  • You can set up your own personal profile and share as much or as little about you as you feel comfortable with, such as your location, any website or shop you have, your sewing experience etc
  • Chat in the forum – share your work in progress, your completed projects, class reviews and feedback and more.  You can upload photos!
  • Get answers to your sewing questions – ask in the forum.  There are separate topic sections to make posting easy.  Of course, if you post a question, please pay it forward and look for other questions you can answer at the same time.
  • You can ‘friend' other members and send them private messages or comment on their wall and reply to their comments
  • Forum boards for:
      1. Advanced sewing & couture
      2. General sewing Q&A
      3. Introducing yourself to other members
      4. Show and tell – what are you working on or have completed
      5. Where can I find a pattern for …?
      6. Sewing newbies
      7. Questions about So Sew Easy patterns
      8. Pattern design, fitting and alteration
      9. Class reviews and discussions
      10. Off topic – everything else

Come and chat about sewing and get your questions answered in this new sewing forum.

Why have I introduced this sewing forum page for us?

origin_344569624Since starting the site a little over 2 years ago now, its grown enormously and just recently I've been struggling to keep up a little.  People from all over the world write to me with their sewing questions and I try to do my best answer for every single one of them. Where I couldn't answer, or didn't have the experience, I passed this on to the Readers Questions for you to help out.

But the number of emails I've been getting has been overwhelming and its been taking me longer to answer these questions, or people are having to wait for up to 4 weeks to see their question featured on the site. If you have a sewing question, you want to know today or tomorrow – not in a couple of weeks!

So I'm hoping that you are all going to help me out in sharing our group sewing knowledge and experience.

Come and chat about sewing and get your questions answered in this new sewing forum.

Pay it forward – ask one and answer one

photo credit: WingedWolf via photopin cc

The forum will only be as successful as WE make it.  So if you have a question, don't be shy – ask away.  You don't have to upload a photo or any details if you want to remain anonymous, although you will have to register with your email to post and reply to questions.  If you do ask a question, please pay it forward and answer one or two while you are there as well.

So you can drop on over to the Forum now using the ASK A QUESTION in the top menu.  That takes you now to a help page for the forum so if you need any technical help about how to login, and how to add your first message, how to ask and answer questions etc, you'll find all that there.

And of course the link through to our new sewing room.

So pour yourself a cuppa and settle in for some sewing chat.  It might take us all a while to get going so do check back after a few days and join in again.

Start at the ASK A QUESTION in the menu above.

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47 Responses to Introducing the new sewing forum


    Hope you are doing well!
    Thank you for building a forum for the sewing community. It would help in promoting skills and knowledge to people. I’m also following this. The machine for your sewing dreams.

  2. Hope you are doing well!
    Thank you for building a forum for sewing community. It would help in promoting skills and knowledge to people. I’m also following this.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Yes, this is still under development, I need some knowledgeable people to join the forum so people can have a place to ask questions and reach for the lessons and files.

  3. Morgan says:

    Can anyone help me, I have a older machine and it was sewing fine and has been looked at by professionals before, recently I had to go through the process of refilling the bobbin and reinserted it etc. the machine is picking the thread up, but when I tug the thread it’s very tense, or snaps, or only comes out for a second then abruptly stops. Ive tried many things including spraying air to clean the area and un-tightening the bobbin case, but nothing is helping.

  4. Charlene Maguire says:

    I guess your group on FB is full… I applied days ago, and I still haven’t been allowed to join. It’s ok, I’ll find another group of sewers that doesn’t mind a noobie joining them.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      NO not full, but because it is summer the girls who look aster it are on vacation. I will let you in myself. Kind Regards, MC

  5. Charlene Maguire says:

    So… I take it the forum didn’t take off? The link is to a site that’s available for sale. 😉 Do y’all have another site for chatting? Old sewing noob here, would enjoy connecting with experienced seamstresses for casual brain picking.

  6. lianot says:

    Tell me how can I arrange my workplace?

  7. Aastha says:

    How is this sewn on this attached dress? What exactly is this stiffening done with?

  8. Kate gascoyne says:

    How do I alter pattern to make tops of the sleeves wider, I’m a new sewer

  9. Cynthia Wagner says:

    do you need to change the tension on either the top or bottom when using a twin needle on t shirts

  10. marilynkrzus says:

    I have no idea whether the sewing forum exists–I can’t seem to find the link that takes me anywhere but to the examples page. Thanks.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Marilyn, thanks for your comment. As luck would have it, we’re just in the final stages of testing our new groups and forum system. We had been hosting a group on Facebook but that is proving hard to do give the limited tools Facebook provide administrators with. We’d be delighted if you checked out our new platform at You can sign up and log in with your existing Facebook account, so no need for new credentials to keep track of. Let me know how you go.

  11. Vanessa says:

    I hate to sound like a total idiot, but I have tried clicking on the ask a question to find it, I was wondering if this is this how /where you enter the sewing forum? I don’t have my own Web / Blog site but am truly find looking at the sites of all those who do. I have a question that I have tried to find the answer to, and feel this would be my best bet in finding it, since I have been unsuccessful on my own. I was searching for the type material that foam insulated cup covers are made of, to purchase by the yard. I figure there are people who either sell this type of fabric, or knows where I might find it to purchase it. I would tryly appreciate anyone’s help with this. I would like to have it to make an insulated lunch type bag. Thank you.

  12. Jana Walther says:

    Hallo Deby. Vielen Dank für deine Schnittmuster. Sind die Nahtzugaben bereits enthalten, oder muss ich die hinzufügen?

  13. Joy Galvin says:

    just want to say a big thank you. Have sat looking at my newly purchased brother serger for two weeks, sample threads broke first time I used it and have been terrified to touch it since. I’ve just threaded it, with the help of your video and spent a very happy hour trying it out.

  14. Connie says:

    I have tried over and over again to download the free perfect baby burp cloth and it just keeps takeing me back to the order page?????

    • Have you added the pattern to your cart and checked out Connie? Then it will be added to your pattern library for you to download and you’ll also get an email with the download link too. If you drop me an email and explain what you are doing and where it goes wrong, perhaps we can figure it out.

  15. lyn says:

    can you sew over the teeth on a zipper with a sewing machine.

    • Yes, you can sew with care if you have a nylon/plastic zipper but not for a metal zipper. You would need to carefully remove the teeth in the seam allowance or make sure not to hit any metal bits when you sew.

  16. judy candell says:

    It seems that when a new design is shown, it’s almost always in a “wild” sort of print, which makes it very hard to see the exact design.. It would be so much better to show the dress in a plain, solid fabric.

    Any thoughts?

    • That may well be so, but I sew for me, so I use the kind of fabrics that I’ll wear. I’m much more of a wild prints girl than a safe solids 🙂 It’s the style here in the tropics. But I take your point about being able to see the details of a pattern, which is why for all of the paid-for patterns you’ll see a whole variety of different looks from the testing team so you can get more of an idea of how it would look in different fabrics and on different body shapes. For the free patterns – you just get me to look at and my wild prints!

  17. Kulsoom says:

    Hey people I just came across this page and wanted to ask a question.I have a bernina 830 machine and wanted to sew a Lycra dress but do not know which needle to use, I was advised to use a ball point needle but didn’t know which size to use.i would be delighted if anyone could help,since my dress is incomplete

  18. shirley says:

    for your crossover baby bib, now wide did you cut the bias tape?
    thanks, shirley

  19. Dawn says:

    I am looking for the slouchy sweater pattern but, can’t see it anywhere!

  20. Toni says:

    Excellent idea – yours always are! 🙂

  21. Betty Parks says:

    Wonderful! I’m in! 😀

  22. Karen J says:

    Deby, what a wonderful idea. I just became a member.

  23. Deby, what a great idea! Thanks so much for setting this up.

  24. Mary says:

    I think this is a great idea. I have made several of the bags. Very easy and fun.
    I do go back to the tutorials since I make them far apart and few in between.

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