Paper Bag skirts

Clearly I was going to be at a great disadvantage in sewing my own clothes if I could not do zippers and with my zipper foot a long way off on the horizon, I scoured the internet for ideas for clothing that didn't need either zippers, nor buttons (too advanced for me !)

Most elasticated waist skirts are for little girls and simply look too frou frou for the more mature lady 🙂 but then I came across the paper bag skirt.  Not actually made of paper or bags but cinched in at the waist, top of paper bag style.  Perfect, no zipper needed.

I found the very best example for ladies and a great tutorial here at The Sewing Dork.

The example in this tutorial is a really eye-catching striped skirt but I settled for another brown remnant for about $4 and used existing thread left over from the Nancy dress and the unfinished A-line brown pinstripe skirt.

The instructions are super easy to follow, with great photos on the tutorial all along and again with this skirt being basically more rectangles, it was finished and wearable in no time at all.  I did make some belt loops to go with it to hold the belt nicely over the elasticated waist which I think looks better again.  These too were rectangles which I just sewed on either side of the elastic casing and tried to get them fairly even.

Paper bag skirt

Success – even my husband was quite impressed although he didn't think the look was very flattering on me.  Like most men, he prefers a more fitted or closer style and thinks this makes me look rather heavy in the waist.  I actually agree with him there – most ladies will agree that this is another reason the gathered waist skirt is not the most flattering – too much fabric all bunched up there.

But I wore it to work the very next day and got lots of compliments.  I enjoyed wearing something I had made so much, that I made another than evening – using a cream remnant.  I think this fabric was rather on the heavy side and was probably intended more for cushions and curtains than clothing, but it does emphasise the shape and the waist nicely.  I certainly don't have any other clothes for my bottom half in such a light color so I think I am liking the change.

Paper bag skirt

Included is my attempt at some photos of the finished product – self timer photos were never my strong point – and I also attempt to emulate the stylish poses of other sewing blogs.  Except I just look awkward and embarrassed – which I am !

Paper bag skirtPaper bag skirtsPaper bag skirts

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It’s hard posing for photos, isn’t it. Very smart skirts.