Results of the Conference Tote Sew-Along

Conference Tote Sew-Along


Oh wow, talk about excitement.  Every day for 10 days, we sewed-along with the Conference Tote Bag sew-along and I just had the best time!  OK, I admit, there were a lot more people who signed up than I expected and all of the chat and emails from more than 1100 people kept me very busy all day and I had no time to sew for 2 weeks, but wow, the end results are just phenomenal and I want to share some of them with you.

Conference Tote Sew-Along

The sew-along officially started on 9th August and lasted for 10 days, but the sign up is still open and there are still people sewing the bag now.  It could be they signed up at the start and were waiting for materials, signed up a bit later or took a while to get started, or may only have signed up recently.  So if you take one look at all of these wonderful bags and feel inspired to sew – come join in!  You won't be alone.

You can start at any time, it always lasts for 10 days no matter when you sign up, so you never feel rushed and that you have to keep up with someone else's schedule or with those who started before you.

Watch the explanatory video and learn about the sew-along and how to sign up in the launch article here – Conference Tote Bag Sew-along.

NOTE – there is currently an option to sign up for free, but because of the enormous work involved, I need to limit numbers joining so I can get back to sewing, and creating you some more great content and patterns.  Therefore the free option will sadly be withdrawn on 31st August. Sign up before then if you want the free option.

Conference Tote Sew-Along

Some of the awesome bags

There were so many fabulous examples that I simply can't share them all, but here are some of my favorites for you to enjoy.  You can do it too!

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Beautiful bags in pictures

Conference 1

Conference 2 Conference 3 Conference 4 Conference 5 Conference 6

Conference 7

Conference 8

Conference 9

Conference 10

Conference 11

Conference 12

With many thanks to the wonderful sewers who gave me permission to share pictures of their finished bags.  My thanks to you Arlene, Anabelle, Bonnie, Cindy, Christine, Deirdre, Diane, Gina, Fran, Jeanette, Jo, Joyce, Kathy, Kelley, Linda, Lisa, Louise, Maggie, Manuela, Marie, Megan, Nancy, Patsy, Peg, Peggy, Penny, Sarah, Sandy, Shilpa, Shirlee and Simone.  I hope I've not missed anyone.  You and all the others who took part – you are sewing super-stars!  Thank you so much for making this a great success.


You know I love a survey or a form to fill in and this sew-along is no exception.  Members had the chance to leave anonymous feedback at the end to help me improve the sew-along for next time – whenever that might be 🙂
Thank you to everyone who filled out the form and left such lovely comments.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

Thank-you so much for all the fun this was the first time I have ever done an online sew a long. Your videos and instructions were very clear. I found myself anticipating the next steps each day which added to fun! It was also so nice to be able to share with others doing the same project from all over the world!
Thanks again for all your hard work and hopefully there will be some more sew alongs to take part in!

I loved this. I was doubtful at the beginning as I could not afford to pay for the pattern and was thinking the free version would be lacking, but I was so wrong. Deby is a wonderful instructor.  

This has to be the best sewing class I have ever taken. The videos helped me see exactly what was done and the pictures helped me to see what each step looked like. I will miss not seeing the class everyday! 

Deby, I thoroughly enjoyed the sew-along and I will miss it now that it's over. The way the bag was sewn involved some steps that I was already familiar with, but it also had some new challenges, like the recessed zipper or the firm bottom and bag feet. Your texts, photos and videos were absolutely great in helping me along the way. You are a wonderful teacher and I hope you will find the time to set up another sew-along (may I suggest a wallet?).

I found the site very easy to operate. I liked the combination of video and written/picture instructions. You have put a great deal of work into this and I think it is very successful.

I was somewhat rusty and hadn't sewed much lately, this helped me sharpen my skills and I found the event enjoyable. Thank you. I would join again.

Future events

So many people write and ask me for beginner sewing lessons so I'm hoping to use the courses site for that too.  That's going to be a lot of work to put together a good program and I hope to have this ready to launch by Christmas.

If we were to do another sew-along in the meantime – what sort of projects would you be interested in?  Let me know in the comments below  🙂

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Join the Conference Tote Bag Sew-Along

I really would love for you to join me in the 10-day sew-along project for the Conference Tote Bag - everyone is welcome.  Click to come on over to the courses site and pick your own price.  Pattern included.

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25 Responses to Results of the Conference Tote Sew-Along

  1. hilda broome says:

    I can’t find the conference tote pattern anywhere. I purchased the sew-a-long last night. Where is the link for the pattern pieces??

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Hilda, immediately upon purchasing, you should have been directed to the site to start the course. You would have also received an email with the confirmation. It may have gone to spam but I have forced the system to resend so please check your email. Upon looking at our system, I can see that you’ve accessed several times and have downloaded the pattern so hopefully all is OK now.

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Hilda, immediately upon purchasing, you should have been directed to the site to start the course. You would have also received an email with the confirmation. It may have gone to spam but I have forced the system to resend so please check your email. Upon looking at our system, I can see that you’ve accessed several times and have downloaded the pattern so hopefully all is OK now.

  2. Sherry Poole says:

    I joined and paid in Nov… but then life (not all so good) took over and I can not find my log in info. I was wondering if it could be resent?

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Sherry, I’m certainly happy to help. Can you sent me the Papal transaction ID from when you paid so I can track it down? Many thanks and happy sewing.

  3. Sandr says:

    once I purchase class is it a life time excesss, or is it just for the 10 days?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Sandr, yes, you have lifetime access. You’ll get emails over the 10 days to guide you through but you don’t have to do it at that pace. You can do the course at your leisure.

  4. Lodi Srygley says:

    Deby, I can’t access the internet for the sew along. (Too much data.) Can I access everything I need without the video/chat portion? (I’m not clear on what you get/how you get it when you purchase the “pattern” or “sew along”.) Thanks!

  5. Joyce Chase says:

    Thanks Deby for this great experience. Even my husband enjoyed looking at the bags that others where making. Hope that you have another sew along soon!

  6. Karen J says:

    I wasn’t able to participate in this sew along but would be interested in a lined or unlined vest.

  7. Lynda says:

    I purchased the pattern but haven’t made it yet, as (other than LW fusible), interfacings, stabilisers etc are expensive in Australia so the total cost of the bag is quite high. The video on interfacings was excellent though, and I’m sure all the lessons are too, I’ll make the bag one day. Also I’m not a Facebook user.

  8. Amy Elliott says:

    I would love to learn to sew. I’m a quilter and know little to nothing about sewing a garment. I loved your conference tote class. I have mine all cut out but haven’t felt up to sewing it yet. I’m hoping this is my week! Thank you for your clear concise instruction!

  9. marysews says:

    I like the contrasts made by Linda and Diane best. when I get around to making mine, I will remember to make the lining a lighter color so can see what’s hiding in there!

  10. Becky M says:

    I love the totes. I’m trying to make mine but I hate being stuck on the very first exercise because I can’t find the hardware. Where did everyone get their 1 1/4″ rectangle rings??? I’m looking all over the internet even and can’t seem to locate them, unless I want to pay $20 just for rings & shipping. Please help.

  11. Linda says:

    I would love to know how to make a jacket. Thanks again for taking all your time to make a great class. Working on number 3.

  12. Michelle says:

    Gorgeous bags! Making one is on my list of things to sew. Thank you for such an awesome sew-along, Deby!

  13. Anabelle says:

    Thanks Debby! I enjoyed participating in the sew-along and learned a lot. I posted more pictures here:

  14. Simone says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this sew-along (my first, too) and already looking forward to future events. I suggest a wallet to go with the tote bag, perhaps one with a zipper that runs all around. Would love to learn how to make that.
    Thanks for all the hard work, Deby!

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