Save on the Best Sewing Magazines

The Best Sewing Magazines and where to save money on your subscriptions.  These also make great gift ideas for people who sew.Do you already subscribe to any sewing, crafting or quilting magazines?  I buy them occasionally when I can find them here, but having a regular subscription is the best way to get your magazine delivered to you each month, and make sure you have a regular supply of patterns, projects and sewing inspiration.

Getting a sewing magazine delivered is the perfect way to get access to original and seasonal sewing ideas and learn all the most modern techniques, and keep up to date with new products and materials being released.  You can tuck it in your bag to read in your lunch hour, read it on the train, lend it to friends.

If you buy a subscription online, it usually works out MUCH cheaper than buying them in your local supermarket one magazine at a time.

And, at this time of year, they make a great gift idea.  Buy a gift that keeps on giving month after month.  Also a nice idea for someone who is new to sewing or interested in learning.  Or simply treat yourself too!

Here are a few to choose from that I have found online at a good deal off the regular price.

Get a great price on the best sewing magazines

And here you can scroll through the magazines to get a better look at some of the current covers and see also a brief intro to the magazine too.

Disclosure - if you click through and buy a magazine subscription, I earn a small commission.
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I subscribe to Stitch, Threads, Sew News and, one that you’ve not listed here – Burda Style. Burda Style has two editions, one for the UK/Europe area and one for the USA. That latter is the edition I receive.

I like Stitch so much that I bought all the back issues as well. I have the PDF files on CD for 2008-2012 and the paper issues from 2013 – 2014, This publisher runs incredible sales, mostly on the older issues, and does so often. The normal retail price of Stitch is about 15 USD, but I’ve picked up several issues for 1/3 to 1/2 of that price by watching the sales.

I’ve decided that Sew News and Burda Style just aren’t for me and will not renew them, but I will keep my subscriptions to Stitch – which I absolutely love for the patterns included, and Threads for the techniques and practical information.

I think it’s probably about time to send in the money again too, as both subscription expiration dates are about here…