Sew Waterproof Coasters

Sew waterproof coasters, made using iron on vinyl.

I recalled a conversation hubby and I had some time back.

Me: How many times do I have to ask you nicely not to put your cold cans on that table.  The condensation just keeps making big puddles.

Husband: You are always looking for something to sew.  Why don't you make me something?

Me:  Really?  I'd love to make you something if you'd use it.  What colors do you want?

Husband: Red and black.

And I'm ashamed to say that I did order some fabric and another surprise supply and then I got so busy with all of the sewing projects for me (and all of you), that his project never even got started and I still nagged him about leaving puddles on the table.  Poor guy.

Kitchen stitches. Sewing for the home - great ideas.

Then I got a copy of Kitchen Stitches.  One of my bloggy buddies, Heather from the Sewing Loft has contributed a project.  How exciting it must be to get one of your sewing designs in print.  I am so delighted for her.  I got an early copy of the book to review and inside I found the perfect inspiration for hubby's project.  In fact, the book is full of sewing inspiration and some really great projects.

This is the inspiration picture.  See those placemats with the cut out circles, I wanted to give something like that a try, but smaller and with a difference.

Kitchen Stitches_Finals.inddThe whole problem is that we live in a hot climate and get cold cans of drink out of the fridge, and then they grow beads of condensation which run down and create puddles on the table.  So I really wanted to make a waterproof coaster and I thought these little cut out circles would make little ‘wells' where any beads of condensation might collect instead of runoff.

Sew waterproof coasters, made using iron on vinyl.

So using the instructions in the book, I cut out a generously sized coaster, with enough room to hold a cookie or two (or ten) on the side.  Then I cut some holes.  Try as I might, I tried to get them to spread out randomly, but the accountant in me still managed to space them out evenly despite my efforts.  To be fair, I didn't have much room to work with and it would have looked more random if I hadn't made them all the same size.  This is where having a full-sized placement to work with would give a much nicer result, plus a more colorful range of fabrics would be nice, but hubby had made his choice.

I backed the cutouts with some dark red fabric and used more of the same to make some bias tape.  I backed the whole thing with some fleece and then added the secret ingredient.  I added Heat N Bond Iron on Vinyl to the front and back fabric piece and made the whole coaster waterproof!  Yay, so now no more puddles on the table, and a nice easy wipe clean place for hubby to place his can and his sandwich.

Hubby will be getting his new waterproof can coaster on Valentine's Day. Don't worry that he'll find out sooner – he never reads my blog!

Sew waterproof coasters, made using iron on vinyl.

It was my first time with the Iron-on Vinyl and I wasn't sure what to expect but I really liked it!  It was very easy to apply and went on very smoothly. What a great idea to create easy wipe clean waterproof fabric.  I was thinking of using it to make some makeup bags or a toiletries bag for traveling, but it does have a tendency to crease and hold those creases because of the vinyl so while I think it's great for flat objects, perhaps not so much for bags that have to be turned inside out and then righted during construction.  I think the creases would be difficult to remove again.

I can see an easy to wipe clean cat feeding mat somewhere in the future…

You can see other projects from this book in a blog hop this week.


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50 Responses to Sew Waterproof Coasters

  1. SewHelpMe says:

    Passing thought regarding vinyl. Almost always, my vinyl get’s creases because the store wants to fold it instead of keep it rolled. I’ve learned to use my hand held hair dryer (low setting) to “iron” out the wrinkles. It’s a wee bit time consuming. If using a particularly thick vinyl, you may want to try a higher setting, but also not get so close as to melt the vinyl.

  2. Diana Hensley says:

    Another solution to this problem is to make koosies for the cans and water bottles too. You can order the blanks and put whatever you want on them. I have even taken the blanks and made coasters out of them, Christmas ornaments and they absorb the condensation without leaking on to anything. Added bonus, keeps the drink colder longer.

  3. Emily Thompson says:

    that looks like a great book!! Super cute coasters too! Pinned ;o)

  4. Marti says:

    I love the waterproof idea and the book looks fun! Thanks for sharing it with us! Pinned to the party board!


    • Marti says:

      Deby, these were a hit! Congratulations! They were the most viewed project this week! We just love all your sewing projects! Thanks again for sharing it with us…Marti

  5. I love that you made the coaster bigger for extra puddles or a cookie or maybe three! 😀 Very nice! Great job!

  6. Dee says:

    I am with you and the coaster condensation. It has been a problem in my house too!

  7. Chelle says:

    I would love to make some placemats for a friend whose ill Mother just came to live w/ them. She is the SWEETEST woman ever & giggles a LOT, even thru her illness! True inspiration!

  8. This is a great idea… I might wanna try this iron on vinyl!

  9. Penny Kitzmiller says:

    I love the coaster project. This is something I really need in my home too! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Ruth Lutz says:

    I have the worlds cutest nieces who love to come over and paint… A couple of aprons or a mat to protect the floor would be so fun!

  11. Michelle says:

    I have been looking for table mats for ages but could not find a design I was happy with. We have young children so fabric mats are not ideal as would need constant washing. With this product I can design my own and make them easy to clean as well!

  12. Lisa Barber says:

    I would love to try and make a waterproof poncho for when I walk our two dogs in the rain.

    • Deby Coles says:

      Perfect! That’s an amazing idea – I can just imagine them in their cute little waterproof doggy coats. Or maybe you meant for you! I don’t know, but I’d love to see some dog coats!

  13. Sonja says:

    Iron On Vinyl…hhhhhhmmmm. I do nails so I thought it would be great to protect surfaces I do nails on. Like a mat. Right now I use a quilted back piece of vinyl so no spills get thru. I hate to say I have ruined an end table because of spilt nail polish remover. PS I hate the condensation thing too with drinks…petpeev

  14. Cindy says:

    Nice idea. I might try it to make a waterproof doily for under the always full vase of flowers my hubby brings me on my living room side table. Love your blog!

  15. marie1948 says:

    I’d like to make an apron for myself for gardening. But also the coasters look like a great idea! 🙂

  16. Sandy says:

    I love how the coasters are both waterproof AND absorb moisture! Brilliant! I think I might try making some reusable snack bags with the vinyl, but really I just want to make dozens of those amazing coasters!

  17. Nancy says:

    This book looks great, I can’t wait to begin working my way through it.

  18. Kelley H says:

    I really love the waterproof coaster idea! I also wonder if it would work for snack bags, to make the inside waterproof. Not sure, maybe a rainy day project!

  19. Lynn says:

    as a pk teacher I would make place mats! We use the place mats daily to learn not only our names but also on the back side for colors and shapes –

  20. MammaNene says:

    I would create some reusable snack bags for my daughter’s school snacks

  21. Vera says:

    Pretty cool idea. Well done.

  22. Lisa Marie says:

    I would like to make placemats.

  23. What a fantastic idea! I live in New England and have the same condensation problem!

  24. Wao why I didn’t think of that?! Awesome, I think on a bib would be very helpful and great!

  25. gussek says:

    I love the idea for a wipe clean cat feeding placemat! Thanks

  26. I think the iron on vinyl might be good for a small table quilt to go under a flower vase.

  27. Misha says:

    maybe a kiddies apron for when finger painting or other messy activities

  28. buntyw says:

    I’ve never heard of iron on vinyl!!
    I’d make childrens’ placemats!

  29. Ceil says:

    Heat N Bond looks like something that would be handy to have around. I’d like to make a set of coasters that are waterproof!

  30. Sandy K says:

    Wouldn’t it work great on the lining of cosmetic bags or pencil pouches for easy cleaning?

  31. Vicki H says:

    I think it would work great on the kid’s placemat.

  32. mara says:

    I have used it for the inside of an open wide zippered pouch, it worked good, the pouch doesn’t get folded much and is on the small size, so it is perfect. Your husband will like his new coaster.

    • Deby Coles says:

      Thanks for the tip about the vinyl. If its on the inside, yes, I guess any creases wouldn’t show the same. Maybe its an idea to use inside the Easy Cosmetics Bag Pattern.

  33. Leslie T says:

    Had not seen this product used before – lots of possibilities!!
    Thanks for the fun!

  34. Neat idea! I’d probably use it for an outside picnic blanket or table cloth! Keep all those sweating cups from running all over the table!

  35. Heather Valentine (@TheSewingLoft) says:

    What a fun project Deby. I just love the way you interpreted the project. I’ll bet hubby is happy with his new gift! Thank you so much for sharing the exciting news. Best of luck to everyone on the giveaway!

  36. Gloria B says:

    I have made waterproof shopping bags using plastic coated cotton. They are very sturdy but (at the time) the designs were drab. With this product I could waterproof any fabric I liked!

  37. DJ says:

    Very cool.I’ve never seen this product before and the coasters are a great idea!

  38. Charla Landry Watkins says:

    This might be a good idea for a bib.

  39. Diane says:

    I like your waterproof coaster idea and would also try this for a cosmetic bag. Thanks for the chance to win!

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