If you only shop one Craftsy sale this year, this should probably be it.

As most of our long-term readers know, we like to alert them when there's something special going on at Craftsy.  If you've not been introduced to Craftsy yet, now would be a good time.  As I've said before, Crafsty is, by far, our reader's favorite online class provider.

As most readers also know, Craftsy has a lot of “sales”.  Pretty much every month they're doing at least some kind of promotion.  However, like most retailers, they have saved their best sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  This is one of the best opportunities we've seen in a long time to stock up on some of Craftsy's most expenses courses.

All Craftsy classes are now on sale for $17.87 or less!  

While, as usual, the Great Courses are excluded from this sale, the Startup Library is included in this sale!  If you're not familiar with these courses, you should check them out.  They are huge, multipart courses that can really give you a terrific introduction to new skills like Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery, or even Knitting.

These courses usually sell for $69.99 and are now on sale for only $17.87 so almost 75% off!

This link should automatically take you to the sale add the sale coupon to your shopping cart.

Shop This Sale

Of the Startup Library classes currently on sale is Quilting.  I think this is a fantastic introduction to anyone who really wants to learn this terrific skill.

This class normally sells for whopping $69.99 but you can get it for only $17.87 during this sale.  That's almost 75% off!  Please use the link below to save over $50.00 on this course!

Save $50+ on This Class

Another Startup Library title that I'm planning to check out is Embroidery.  This should give me a comprehensive introduction to the art of embroidery which as you know, I'm just learning.  Please feel free to click the linked image to check out the free preview.

Save $50+ on This Class

*$17.87 and under class offer is in USD. Excludes select classes from our partner, The Great Courses. This sale ends at 11:59 PM Mountain Time on November 26, 2017.

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hope this is where you enter the contest cuz nothing is showing where to sign up! thank you for this opportunity to replace all my stash lost&sewing needs when storage was broken into.they got my two antique treadle machines too!


I have bought many classes from Craftsy and they are done so very well,they explain every thing at what ever you need to know.One of the many things about the classes I like is they are forever, when ever you need to watch them,you can pause them and so much more. You can’t beat the prices either,oh gosh I forgot to mention they also have lots of freebies. Thank You Craftsy.