So Sew Easy is moving to a new RSS Email system

Hi to all readers, and especially to those that follow this blog via RSS emails and may be reading this post in an email.

The WordPress RSS email does not always send my posts correctly and the layout goes all wonky and the photos sometimes don't display.  So while the blog and the followers list is quite new, I've decided to move away from the WordPress auto-email to the same system with Mail Chimp which seems to do a much better job from my testing and allows me to customise the layout.

If you are happy with the RSS emails you receive, then you don't have to do anything – you will stay on the list and still receive them.  But if you want to ‘upgrade'  then unsubscribe from this email and go to the site at So Sew Easy to re-register under the new system.  Fill in your email in the Keep In Touch section and you will receive an email from Mail Chimp asking you to confirm – then you are done.

If you forget to unsubscribe, and enter your email again, you will get an email from both systems.

Sorry for messing about – better to do it now than later.



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