Tips for buying fabric online and fabric GIVEAWAY

Great tip on how to use PicMonkey to mi and match fabrics before buying online


It's amazing the wonderful people you meet online, and I think sewing people are the best people.  Is it our creativity?  Our shared love for color and fabric? The way we share all the tips and tricks we learn with each other?  All of the above and more.  So when I started chatting online with Jackie at CV Quiltworks we talked a little about making fabric bundles and she invited me to make up a Blogger Bundle for her with 10 fabrics of my choice from CV Quiltworks.

CV quiltworks

I was delighted!  Then doubt set in.  How was I going to do that?  There are SO many wonderful fabrics in her store from top designers and manufacturers, how could I narrow it down to 10, and how could I put together a bundle online without being able to see the fabric.  How could I compare to the great fabric bundles already on the site? I've made some bad fabric choices when buying online ( I didn't notice it said glitter when I ordered it) so I was nervous of making a right mess with my Blogger Bundle and looking like I was crazy or entirely color blind.

Then I had a bright idea about how I could compare all the fabrics together, add and remove fabrics, see what worked together as a package and what was a glaring error.  I'd like to share that process with you and hopefully it will give you some tips on how you can successfully buy fabric online and put together fabrics that are a good match.

Tips for buying fabric online


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Of course I couldn't leave it there, so even after I finished the video I changed it up all over again, added more fabrics to my short list and kept mixing and matching.  It was addictive!

So this is my final bundle selection – I wanted something that represented where I live and what I love, so here is my Cayman Islands inspired fabric bundle showing my love of the sea and diving on the coral reefs that surround the island, with a little dash of Caribbean sunsets.

Great tip on how to use PicMonkey to mi and match fabrics before buying onlineAnd here is how they look together in real life.

Great tip on how to use PicMonkey to mi and match fabrics before buying online

Obviously everyone chooses fabric differently and with a different eye, or theme or palette, but I hope you like my choices because one lucky So Sew Easy reader is actually going to win the bundle I had so much fun putting together.


Enter for a chance to win this bundle

Entry is easy, simply follow the instructions in the widget below for your entries.  Even if you don't use the social media options, there are still other entries available for everyone.  Can't see the entry form in your browser?  Then you can find it HERE too.

This contest is open worldwide, the fabric bundle can be shipped internationally.   Closing date 31st August.

CV Quiltworks fabric bundle giveaway

You can also buy this bundle, there are just a few left at CV Quiltworks.

Do drop over and check out Jackie's blog too.  If you are into quilting, you'll love to read about her classes, enter some more of the regular giveaways and read all about life at CV Quiltworks.  She is one very accomplished lady – quilter for 21 years, longarm quilter for 14 years, in business for 14 years, fabric shop for 5+ years, designer for several quilt Magazines, a National Certified Judy Niemeyer Instructor and Certified Shop, and a quilting podcaster.

Thanks for giving me this chance to play around with fabric Jackie!

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26 Responses to Tips for buying fabric online and fabric GIVEAWAY

  1. Mary Partridge says:

    I simply must say: This is the only e-mail/blog that I subscribe to that I genuinely enjoy getting and reading EVERY issue! I am an engineer by trade but a closet sew-a-holic and maker of “things without patterns”. Your site and e-mail have inspired me to do more and share them with people as you have. Thank you for your efforts and your inspirations! I have shared your links with EVERYONE that I speak to about sewing. You are a jewel! Wishing you much joy through the holidays and success in the year to come.

  2. Teresa says:

    Deby, thank you so much for this video! I always have trouble visualizing how fabrics will go together and never dreamed of using pic monkey. Thank you for sharing and love the fabric choices.

  3. Beachbaby says:

    The fabrics evoke the feelings of sea glass, ocean waters making their way onshore to sandy beaches, drenched by the glow of early morning sunrise on quiet beaches waiting for the call of shorebirds and seagulls to welcome the new day;)

  4. Charlotte says:

    I had started this post before I went back to watch the video.

    My first thought was “I see the ocean in the fabrics” there is the tan of the sand, the pinks of the sea shells, the green of the sea weed and the wonderful blue of the water. What great colors for a quilt.

  5. Elizabeth says:


  6. barbara woods says:

    Love your choices

  7. Love those fabric choices..

    I also loved that tute- I used that technique for an upcoming post on my blog. I always learn something awesome from you! Picmonkey is such a fabulous tool for so many things!

  8. Grandma G says:

    Thank you for your video! It was very helpful, and it gave me other ideas of things I could do with PicMonkey. I love your fabric selections!

  9. Pam S says:

    This is an awesomely beautiful bundle. Thanks for sharing the story about it!

  10. Linda says:

    Excellent tutorial & the fabrics are beautiful! PicMonkey’s a great site…lots of tutorials, & they are quick to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for sharing with us, Deby.

  11. Robin Rue says:

    GREAT tips. I have always wondered about buying fabric online, but your tips are very helpful!

  12. lizelaine says:

    I had fun watching you pick your bundle, am anxious to finish current project so I can begin another with Pic Monkey (YAY, how great is that) and a little more confidence in fabric selection. So glad I have found your site, just coming here is fun.

  13. Susan H says:

    Deby – great video and thanks for the link for PicMonkey…new program for me and so useful. Great fabrics that you chose.

  14. Terry says:

    Great video Deby…will come in handy for choosing fabrics!!! Love the Caymans…your fabric bundle is a perfect compliment to the islands 🙂

  15. Lori Smanski says:

    thanks for the tips on choosing bundles. the bundle you choose is so very wonderful. I love the colors and patterns together. thanks for a chance to win.

  16. Diane says:

    Your fabric selection is beautiful and I loved your tutorial. Thanks for the intro to picMonkey. This is a great way to audition fabrics for a quilt!

    • Lucie Morin says:

      I completey agree. Thank you! Too bad the shipping costs just accross the border in Canada are about the same as the fabric cost.

  17. Karen H says:

    I think your bundle is beautiful! I LOVE the depths of the colors you chose. Thank you for sharing a little bit of the Islands with us. 🙂

    I was not able to finish because it kept giving me errors – tried a few times but it wouldn’t let me past step 2. Honestly, I am always hesitant to use these type of “games” and often will pass on them….I just wonder how much info the company that runs these collect on us and how much junk mail results… (not you or Jackie, but the rafflecopter type survey people – that”s a mouth full).

    • Deby Coles says:

      I don’t think you have to worry about your email security Karen. They are so strict that they don’t even show me the names and email addresses of the people who entered. I only get to see the email address of the winner.

  18. Anita C says:

    Great tutorial. Definitely using next time I’m trying to decide on fabric choices.

  19. Jackie says:

    Deby, Your video is AWESOME!!! I loved it! I actually just learned about Pic Monkey from you and now I am going to use it too! The bundle is going very well and I am so glad that you had fun!

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