Vogue V8390 – Very Easy Vogue wrap top

I've been continuing to develop my love for Sewing with Knits as I've been taking the excellent Craftsy course online.  This week I made a Very Easy Vogue wrap over top from pattern Vogue V8390.

Vogue V8390

It's a wrap over top, with sleeve options.  And I used a really lovely soft chocolate brown knit fabric from Girl Charlee.  Although the fabric was only $5 a yard, its very nice quality, soft and thick with a good stretch and recovers beautifully with no rippling.  But because it is so lovely and thick, it really wasn't a good choice for this top.  Not because of the fabric, but because the pattern was rather ‘over the top'.

The pattern asks that you cut each side of the wrap over front twice, and sew them together, so you really end up with 4 layers of fabric on the front, and this makes it very heavy, very thick, especially across the tummy area, and very warm!  Something I really didn't want here in Cayman where it rarely drops below 80 degrees.

And because of the 4 layers of fabric, the gathered areas are very very thick.

Vogue V8390

Looking at it from the gathered side, everything looks good.  The top is very nicely cut and the neckline doesn't gape at all, it fits high enough to be comfortable and low enough to be ‘interesting'.  And the scooped front is a nice touch.  The shoulders have little gathers too and the sleeves are a perfect length for covering that upper arm chubbiness.  Its really very flattering.

However look at it from the other side and its not quite so good.

Vogue V8390

On this side, there are two layers of fabric gathered from the panel that wraps underneath, and then sewn into the side seam.  And that makes the smooth side seam not so smooth – its very thick and puckered because of the gathers inside.  I don't really see why the inside panel needs to be gathered – it would have fitted better if it was smooth.  And with the doubling up of fabric, there were 4 pieces of jersey in this side seam.

However I do really like this top – but if I were to make it again I think I would make the following alterations.

  • The front panels really don't need to be doubled up.  I would only cut one and turn over a narrow hem.
  • The inside panel doesn't need to be gathered where it meets the side seam.  I would reduce its height and sew it into the seam without gathering.
  • Sew a smaller size to take into account less fabric in front and get a smoother fit.
  • Maybe reduce the length at the front a little to make it more hip length.

If you would like a nice and easy wrap top, I can certainly recommend the Vogue V8390, but with the modifications.

If you have been following along with my Sewing with Knits projects, you will be able to see the great improvements I've made and the projects I've completed so far.  I just have the last class to finish and then I'll do an end of class full review and evaluation.

And I will have a special exclusive discount code to offer too if you are interested in the Sewing with Knits course.  Be back soon…

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Oh I love it. Now I need to lose weight to fit in it. I co-hosted Fluster’s Creative Muster this week. Thanks for joining.


Cottage Making Mommy


What a lovely top. I’m exploring knits too. I just wish postage from Girl Charlee to Australia wasn’t soooo expensive. Suddenly those lovely $5 per yard fabrics become $20 per yard with postage added! Oh well I think it would be worth it!

Following from Ginger Snaps Crafts Linky Party.

Miranda @ Someday Crafts

This was the most viewed link at last week’s Whatever Goes Wednesday linky, so we’ll be featuring it at tomorrow’s party. We hope you’ll stop by and join the fun again!

Marjie High

Looks great! I’ve been looking for something like this!


You always choose the cutest patterns. Thanks for sharing.
Robin @ Fluster Buster

Randi Sowders

I love this! I see your creations almost every week and I am loving it!

Deanna Ritz

Such a cute top! I found your blog over at Your gonna love it tuesday link party. I’m your newest twitter follower and would love a follow back at gloriouslymade.blogspot.com.
Have a great night,

The Sassy Quilter
The Sassy Quilter

Great top, thanks for the short cuts. Very flattering.


Thanks for the tips Deby.the top looks really cute on but I can see it might get too hot with two layers.


This is so flattering! I agree that it has too much fabric on the front but it’s really cute!

Miranda @ Someday Crafts

That shirt is really cute. I used to have one like it that I LOVED, but then it got too many holes and is now an inside-only shirt. I might have to give this pattern a try. Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday!


I would love to make a top like this. Looks great!

Lee-Ann Seid
Lee-Ann Seid

great top love the style

Jann Newton

Looks great!