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Crafty awardsAwards season has plenty to offer TV actors, movie directors and jazz-fusion musicians, but what about crafters? They toil long into the night on artistic creations that may be gone in the gulp of a wedding reception or wrinkle of paper. The Craftys Awards, coming in spring 2014, is a brand new, exciting way to celebrate work in sewing, scrapbooking, knitting and many more creative disciplines.

Launched by, The Craftys will give away thousands in cash and prizes to designers in 10 categories. This is a fantastic opportunity for talented indie designers to gain recognition from a huge online audience that may not know their work. Voters will be asked to choose their favorite entries in each category.

With the launch of The, designers and their fans are being asked to help pick the final categories, such as needlework, home décor, and paper crafts as well as best craft blogger, and best DIY Pinterest board.

The first round is voting, and those with the highest votes go through to the final round for judging by a panel of experts.

Of course most of the categories are crafting, and I really don't feel any of my sewing projects are of ‘award winning' standard, but there is a category in which I think WE do pretty well.  The best DIY Pinterest Board.


The reason I say WE do well, is that this is a Pinterest Group Board, which means that we all contribute our favorite content to it.  It's that mix of styles, tastes and extensive internet crawling for discovering all the best patterns, that makes this board the place to be.

Have you been over to Pinterest and looked through the Free Sewing Patterns board recently?  At the time of writing, there were 1700 free sewing patterns collated there.  Yes, 1700 – if you sewed one of those a week, that's enough for nearly 33 years of weekly sewing.  Pretty impressive.

There is also a chance to win some great prizes just for dropping over and voting in the Crafty Awards.

Prizes: One Prizewinner will receive $500 in Gift certificates to Dick Blick Art Materials. One Prizewinner will receive a gift pack from WeRMemory Keepers equal to $400. One Prizewinner will receive a gift pack equal to $400 from ILovetoCreate. Two Prizewinners will receive a package from Red Heart Yarns equal to $125.

So if you have a minute to spare, would you VOTE for the So Sew Easy Free Sewing Patterns Board?   You can vote for our board here –


(I've also entered the Craft Blogger category here too)

You can find out more about the Crafty Awards here.

And you can vote for our board –



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2 Responses to Vote for US in the Crafty Awards

  1. Lorena says:

    Already voted. Your blog, patterns and tutorial are amazing don’t say another thing

    • Deby Coles says:

      Ha ha, you made me chuckle, thank you. There’s some very stiff competition in all the categories so I would just be happy to make it through to the final voting. For a new sewer and new blog, that would be honor enough. Well, and all the lovely comments too of course. I’m overwhelmed!

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