Worth Checking Out: Craftsy Class bundles discounted starting at 50% off

Just a quick note to tell everyone about this sale.

We know you all are probably bombarded by advertising these days, but we thought it might be worth highlighting this particular sale at Craftsy.  So many of our readers use and seem to get a lot of value out of Craftsy.  Because their normal prices can sometime seem expensive, it is great to find sales like this when you can get a sizeable discount on the classes you may be planning to buy anyway.

Craftsy Pattern Making Basics

As a case in point, there's a collection on sale called “Patternmaking Basics” which as seven full classes and retails for $489.93.  You can get this now for only $244.90.  I say “only” knowing that's a large amount of money for most all of us, but if you were planning to do this kind of complete course in Patternmaking, now is the time to save hundreds of dollars when buying it.

Here's the deal:  March is National Craft Month, and one way you can celebrate is by honing your crafting skills! Craftsy has grouped complementary classes together that will help you in your learning journey. These bundles are now discounted starting at 50% off for the next few days. Hurry, the offer ends Sunday!

You can see more details about the sale by clicking on this link or on the image below.


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I think it is a good price if you were to pay full price per class OR wait for a Craftsy Sale (19.99 to 24.99 per class) than maybe not such a great deal