How to Start Your Sewing Side Business + Free Giveaway!

sewing side business

You might be wondering how you can turn your sewing into a side business and start earning money from the sewing skills you’ve learned?  You may have a knack for repairing the kids’ clothes, creating costumes, making alterations and adjustments to clothes that don’t fit quite right. You might be really creative and sew your own clothing or design new ways to sew home decor together. If you’re skilled at sewing and you have a solid sewing machine, you can certainly turn your sewing into a side business and earn some extra cash! Here are five key things to think about to turn your sewing into a side business. Figure out what your customer wants to buy Use your skills to create products that you love, but also products that people will want to buy.  You may have a certain skill set … Continue reading

And the Queen of Button Collections is…

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a contest as part of our article which was all about buttons and how to choose the right button for the right project.  Most sewists understand the importance of having the right button for the job –whether the requirement is for the physical size and shape to close a garment opening effectively or to match an existing set of buttons.   To be properly prepared for any, if not all requirements, many sewists maintain large button collections often with elaborate organizational processes. The contest was to share a photo of your stash of buttons and we were going to select the most impressive button collection from amongst the entrants.  However, we were really overwhelmed by the responses and we have been unable to select a single winner.  While I have a huge collection of buttons, I … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Fabric Giveaway with Smuggler’s Daughter

mothers day fabric giveaway

Hi everyone, we’re delighted to once again team up with the lovely Susan from Smuggler’s Daughter to offer a $50 fabric giveaway in honor of Mother’s Day which falls on May 8 this year.  Susan’s going to give you the chance to select the fabric of your choice from her entire stock list. About the Smuggler’s Daughter Many of you may remember Susan from the last time, but I think her story is worth re-telling.  I think it’s fair to say that Susan has had an ‘interesting’ life.  Like so many of us sewists, her mother taught her how to sew.  You can learn why she chose such an interesting name for her store on her About page.  From there you can continue on to check out the many terrific fabrics she has on her site.  You can see just a few of … Continue reading

At The Button of Things

choosing the right button

Often times, buttons are the last things sewers think about when they stitch garments. Choosing the right buttons, however, may have a big effect on how your finished garment turns out. This article will try to get to the bottom of choosing buttons for your sewing project –so let’s start by making a list of the different factors that have to be taken into account when choosing a button for a garment, and this includes function, type of garment, fabric and style. What’s the function of the button? Generally, buttons are chosen for their function such as a fastening mechanism, but they can also be used for aesthetic reasons, or more commonly, for both.  As fasteners, buttons keep shirt sleeve, dress, collar, pocket, coat and the like closed. They may also be used to attach a piece of fabric or … Continue reading

How to follow the So Sew Easy site

This is a handy article about how to follow your favorite blogs, including a new way I didn't know, but now LOVE!

I’ve had a few questions sent to me recently by new readers asking how they can ‘follow’ the site, or how they can find the Facebook page, do I have a Pinterest account etc.  Sometimes I just take it for granted you all know how to find the social media sites by now, but if you are new to the site, it’s often not that obvious. So here is a quick round up of the various places you can follow along. Obviously you don’t have to follow them all, just the venues you would be likely to use most often and whatever is the best way for you to keep in touch with all the new content. Navigation Firstly it can help if you know your way around the site and what to look out for.  Check out this earlier … Continue reading

Win a free sewing pattern every month

Running all of 2016, win the sewing pattern of the month every month. All entries carried forward all year!

Did you enter the monthly giveaway for 2015?  It’s an easy way to put your name in the hat and hopefully win the sewing pattern of the month, or a pattern of your choice from the pattern store.  You can enter once and forget it, or you can continue to come back and enter every day throughout the year if you want to. Then once a month, on the 1st a winner is drawn and contacted.  Yay.  But if you didn’t win, then all of your entries are carried forward to next month, and then again into the next month – and so on for the whole of the year so you get 12 chances to win a free sewing pattern. There are lots of ways you can sign up to get an entry, even a daily option where all you … Continue reading

What if you won free fabric for the rest of your life?

Something caught my eye in my social media news-feed a while back.  WIN FREE FABRIC FOR LIFE.  What!!! Where?  How?  Really?  I was all over that like ants on sugar. Turns out that it’s not totally unlimited free fabric for ever, but still, this is surely the best sewing giveaway I have ever seen, and so I just had to share it with you.  There are a number of prizes: TOP PRIZE – free fabric for life – comprises 52 yards of fabric ever year for the next 20 years.  You receive a gift card each year for you to order 52 yards of fabric a year, equivalent to 1 yard a week, every week for the next 20 years.  Yup, that would keep me pretty happy.  (From Keepsake Quilting.) FIRST PRIZE – Lyric Sewing Machine from Baby Lock valued at $2,199.  Yes … Continue reading

How to teach kids to sew – giveaway

Giveaway, win the How to Start A Business Teaching Kids to Sew e-course.

One of the most rewarding things about sewing, is the opportunity to pass on your knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject to others. Seeing other people have success thanks to your instruction is priceless.  It’s even better if you pass on that love of sewing to young people.  Some of you might already be doing that on an informal basis. If you want to take it a step further, and offer sewing lessons as a small business, then I have a great giveaway for you today. How to Start A Business Teaching Kids to Sew Sandi of Seams Sew Cool runs kids sewing classes and they’re very popular so if you want to know anything about how to teach kids to sew, she’s your gal.  She’s written a complete online course to get you started if this is something you … Continue reading

Win free fabric from the Smuggler’s Daughter

Smugglers Daughter $50 fabric giveaway at So Sew Easy. Open until 1 Nov 2015.

I’m so delighted to be able to offer you some free fabric today, from one of the long time supporters of this site.  The lovely Susan at the Smuggler’s Daughter is offering you the chance to pick fabric of your choice in this giveaway. About the Smuggler’s Daughter I think it’s fair to say that Susan has had an ‘interesting’ life.  Check out her story and why she chose the name for her store on her About page. Don’t stop there though, because her site has many fabric delights to tempt you.  She specialises in top quality designer fabrics for garment sewing. You’ll find all kinds of very fine fabrics on her site that you won’t commonly find elsewhere with new fabrics being offered regularly.  I like how she displays the fabrics on a dress form, so you can see … Continue reading

Show me your sewing success and win a prize!

I’m feeling so inspired by all of the chat and sharing in our sewing chat group that I am really buzzing. I’ve been a little ill and not able to sew for a while so I’ve been enjoying the sewing success of others and I want you to make my day and cheer me up with your own sewing success. So we are having a flash sewing contest! Just now, right out of the blue! Feeling spontaneous. To Enter: Add a photo of yourself below modelling an item you have sewn from any of the So Sew Easy patterns. Any of the free or the paid ones, they all count. Or show me a bag you created from one of my patterns. You’ve probably already got several projects you can share but if you want something new, check out: Free patterns … Continue reading

Just for You – Selfish Sewing book review and project

Pattern from the Just for You Selfish sewing book. This is the Painters Clutch Bag.

Do you know the Sew Can She site? The lovely Caroline is one of my sewing bloggy buddies so when she wrote a book about sewing, and collected together some great tutorials and patterns from other awesome sewing bloggers – I knew you might be interested in it.  She asked me if I would like to try out one of the patterns, and of course I said yes.  A chance to sew a nice easy project without having to design my own pattern first – you bet! Read down to the bottom for a chance to win your own copy! JUST FOR YOU – SELFISH SEWING WITH YOUR FAVORITE SEWCANSHE BLOGGERS We all need a little sewing time for us.  I’m lucky, I just sew for me, but I know many of you sew for others and only occasionally or even … Continue reading