Winner Announced! Juki Industrial Sewing Machine Giveaway. Did you win?

Winner Announced Juki Giveaway

(Sorry for the slight delay in announcing this.  My neighborhood is now on lockdown so we had some last-minute preparations to do.  I'm sure many readers are in similar situations and we wish you all the best.  Stay healthy!)

We're delighted to announce the winner of the Juki Industrial Sewing Machine Giveaway.  We've written in the past about the benefits of owning an industrial sewing machine and it seems many of our readers agree.  This has been BY FAR our most popular giveaway ever with nearly 13,000 readers participating which is a new record.

Do You Need An Industrial Sewing Machine?

So here's how she won:

Our winner shared the giveaway on her Facebook feed and a friend used her link to enter so she got an extra entry AND SHE WON!

Here's were some of the best suggestions for the featured fabrics:

We featured four different fabrics from our friends at during the contest.  Our readers came up with some terrific ideas on what to make with these wonderful selections:

Get the fabric

Winner's sewing idea:  “A High-Low T-shirt.”

The High-Low T-Shirt: How to Hide Your Panty Line..

Get the fabric

Consensus sewing idea: “Linen top.”

Well, we have the perfect free pattern for you!

Linen V-Top Pattern – Spend Late Summer With Style


Get the fabric

Consensus sewing idea:  “Flouncy Skirt.”

Free skirt pattern – The Flouncy Bouncy Skirt

Get the fabric

Consensus sewing idea:  “A summer dress.”

Faviola, The “Housewife” Summer Dress

But enough of the suspense already… Giveaway winner announced!

Bernina Sewing Machine Giveaway

The winner of the Juki Industrial Sewing Machine Giveaway is:

Vivian O. from Beaver Falls, PA, USA

Juki DDL-8700H Giveaway

We will be reaching out to Vivian in the coming days and organizing the shipping with Juki and Amazon.

Comments from the winner are below but I'll put these up at the top since they are hard to find.

Please join me in congratulating Vivian in the comments section below!


If you enjoyed this giveaway, please consider supporting our site for only the price of a cup of coffee.  We really appreciate your help in keeping this site up and running!



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220 Responses to Winner Announced! Juki Industrial Sewing Machine Giveaway. Did you win?

  1. Ruth Owoade says:

    Congratulations Vivian all the best to you

  2. Theresa Ambrose Mainor says:

    Congratulations Vivian. I know you will enjoy
    many WONDERFUL hours with that AWESOME machine. Again…CONGRATULATIONS???

  3. Donnac45 says:

    Congrats!! What a wonderful way to spend time quarantined using this awesome machine!! Have fun and I hope you can share some of the new things you make with your new machine! Congrats again!! ??

  4. Sukila Joshi says:

    congratulations Vivian

  5. Hiranji says:

    Congratulations dear

  6. Patricia M Burckhardt says:

    Congrats Vivian. I hope you enjoy your machine. It sounds like you have a good reason to put it to good use.

  7. Phyllis says:

    Congratulations, Vivian!

  8. Patricia Kavanaugh says:

    Congratulations to you!!! What a surprise that must have been.?

  9. Mary Jaillet says:

    Congratulations to you what a wonderful surprise enjoy it !!! I am very happy for you


    From Quebec Canada

    And please keep safe during this cov-19 my prayers are with you all over the world Amen

  10. Gloria Curry says:


  11. Linda says:

    I can’t think of a better time in history to win an industrial machine!! Hope you enjoy every minute of it 🙂

  12. Tarine Brown says:

    Congratulations Vivian

  13. Nancy Olson says:

    Congratulations and enjoy your prize

  14. Amber says:

    A stones stone from me! Lol I live near Beaver Falls in a tiny blip called Freedom. Glad she’s making masks. I don’t have the time to but am sharing some of my elastic with people who are since no one can find any.

  15. Nancy Morales says:

    A very deserving winner! Hope your new Juki machine makes your service a lot easier! Everyone will appreciate your great intentions! Happy sewing and enjoy your future projects! Be safe and be healthy!
    Thank your sister and all other health personnel for their great work!

  16. Elizabeth Wells says:


  17. Priscilla Laybolt says:

    Congratulations Vivian, from Nova Scotia, Canada.

  18. Ruth says:

    Congratulations and have fun sewing up a storm

  19. Jacque` says:


  20. Yolie says:

    Congratulations! May you make many beautiful things in the years to come. Enjoy!

  21. Belinda says:

    Congratulations Vivian on your win!

  22. MARIAN says:

    Congrats Vivian you lucky lady! 😀

  23. karen says:

    congratulations to Vivian!

  24. Gwen H. says:

    Congratulations Vivian. Enjoy your machine.

  25. Deborah Steverson says:

    Way to go. Hope you enjoy it !!!

  26. Laura says:

    Congratulations Vivian, Hope it has all the power you need for what you want. Use it to do good…

  27. vivoaks says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I was stunned when my SIL called to let me know!! I’ve been spending my quarantine sewing surgical masks for the clinic my daughter works at. Sent one pkg. yesterday and will keep at it as long as necessary.
    With the new Juki I hope to start working with leather for purses and other accessories. Demin will be fun, too, with a machine that I won’t have to worry about on the thickness! Soooo excited!!!

  28. Ruth says:

    Congratulations, Vivian! I went to college in Beaver Falls and still have family that live there! Have a great time with your machine.

  29. Kunz Nicole says:

    Congratulations Vivian! What a gift. I hope you enjoy it for years to come.

  30. Margie Cook says:

    Congratulations!!! Enjoy your new machine!

  31. Iris says:

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Congratulates Vivian!

  32. Sarka says:


  33. Fantastic!!! Congratulations. Enjoy every minute of your new addition.

  34. Gabriela says:

    Congratulations, Vivian! 🙂

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