Sewing Glossary of Terms – illustrated

At last! Some of the terms that have been puzzling me are explained. Links to great tutorials too.

I thought the New Year might be the perfect time to do a quick recap on some sewing terms in case there are any new readers out there or anyone who is looking to start sewing in 2014.  Each craft or profession has their own acronyms and terms which can be a mystery to those starting out, so here is the So Sew Easy Sewing Glossary or Sewing Dictionary. It’s by no means comprehensive!  But I think these are the important terms that someone starting out in sewing might need to know.  I also have a lot of readers from countries where English is not the first language so this might be useful for you too. Let’s make this a collaborative project – if you have any terms you think should be included, leave a note in the comments and … Continue reading

Essential sewing tools for beginners

Essential Sewing Tools. My list of favorite tools in my sewing kit and recommendation for those beginning to sew, from So Sew Easy.

It was clear from my recent sewing survey that although there are a lot of experienced sewists that visit this site – many of you are new to sewing, just starting out, looking to improve or even don’t sew yet but want to learn.  So here is my list of essential sewing tools and my good-to-have favorites that might be helpful to those starting out. My essential sewing tools 1 – Fabric Scissors – never use your good fabric shears for anything other than fabric, interfacing, etc.  Warn your children they will be grounded, your husband that he will be divorced, and write on the blades with a permanent marker.  Having good fabric scissors is essential.  You might be cutting through several layers of fabric at once and still have a nice smooth cut. 2 – Seam Ripper – sounds worse and more violent than it … Continue reading