Beginner’s Easy Scoop Neck Dress Pattern

Beginner's Free Sewing Pattern

This project is dedicated to all those starting to venture into the world of sewing. In my experience, and from what I’ve seen from many other beginners, is that starting with the right type of project is essential for kicking off your sewing journey. Everyone does best starting strong with … Continue reading

How To Upcycle Kid’s Clothes: Reusing Hems

Upcycle kid's clothes no hemming required

Hi! Stephanie from Swoodson Says again, and I’m sharing one of my favorite tips on how to upcycle kid’s clothes. A new year often triggers cleaning out the closet, but don’t donate all those clothes just yet. You can upcycle adult clothes into kids clothes quick and easy – there … Continue reading

Elastic Waist Circle Skirt Pattern – Free Tutorial

This elastic waist circle skirt pattern and tutorial is for a full circle with two seams on the side. This skirt has an elastic waist that expands to the size of the hips. This pattern is easily adjustable to lengthen or shorten the skirt. This elastic waist circular skirt pattern … Continue reading

Easy Adjustable Wrap Skirt Pattern – Full Tutorial

easy wrap skirt

I know it is a huge claim, but yes, this is a tutorial I will be trying to make the easiest and most elegant wrap skirt you will find. I am not saying this is the only elegant wrap skirt; those living in Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, and Cambodia are accustomed … Continue reading

Small Backpack Pattern – For Small Budgets: Part 1

small backpack pattern

If you have been watching the size and style of bags lately, you’ve probably noticed all those impossibly cute little backpacks everyone is carrying.  Along those lines, I’ve made this small backpack pattern to be small (and cute) but still big enough to be practical. You can also use this … Continue reading

What Are Clothing Design Templates?

Clothing Design templates

Role In The Fashion Design Process The fashion design process is a creative and iterative process that involves several steps. It starts with inspiration and research, and it ends with a finished garment that is ready for production. Clothing design templates are one tool that designers can use throughout the … Continue reading

What Are The Most Difficult Sewing Skills?

difficult sewing skills

We all know that sewing is a craft that requires a variety of skills and techniques, and while some skills are easier to learn than others, there are certain skills that can be quite challenging for even the most experienced sewers. In this article, we will take a look at … Continue reading

Bellows Pocket Tutorial – An Important Detail In Sport Fashion

This Bellows Pocket Tutorial will be essential information on this blog for the coming months, if not years. I will be referring back to this tutorial often, so I will ask you to use the print-friendly button on the side of the screen and print the tutorial. Bellows Pockets are … Continue reading