Kinds of Sewing Adhesives and Their Usage

Whether you're planning to hem a garment or strengthen your stitches, adhesives for sewing are obviously a great help.  Aside from being perfectly suited to certain jobs, they are also intuitive and easy to use.  Additionally, as long as you follow the manufacturer's instructions, they are simple to handle and relatively safe, making sewing adhesives a good tool for the beginner as well as the advanced.

Kinds of Sewing Adhesives - Seam Sealant

Seam Sealant

This liquid adhesive is used to strengthen stitches.  You can find this adhesive in most well-stocked craft stores.  The most convenient way to use it is to dot a little of it onto the surface right from the bottle.  This can also be applied to seams that are waterproof but keep in mind, like all things you apply to the outside of fabrics, a sealant will never compensate fully for a poorly made seam.  If you are looking for a seam sealant for your projects, it is advisable to do some research to find the correct type and strength of seam sealant you need!

Kinds of Sewing Adhesives - spray adhesives

Spray Adhesives

Also known as basting spray, spray adhesives are the type of glue that you can easily spray.  You can typically find this alongside other common aerosols in the store.  You can also choose a variant, whether permanent or temporary.  Spray adhesives bond fabric pieces together and are usually used in embroidery and fancy work.  These can also be helpful as an alternative for pins to avoid ruining the fabric.  However, it is necessary to do a spray test on draft fabric to ensure that the spray adhesives won't leave any residue.  An advantage to a sprayable adhesive to a liquid is the more uniform layer that you can apply with the correct technique, this usually comes at a higher price though. 

Kinds of Sewing Adhesives - basting tape

Basting Tape

This is a thin, double-sided adhesive that may take numerous sizes and forms.  It may come like a double-sided adhesive or an adhesive that requires heat to be activated and may need ironing.  Basting tape is commonly used for hems.  It helps your sewing look professional, avoids the inconvenience of pins, and is much less messy than the above options.  As always, be careful in selecting the correct grade and type of adhesive used so you do not end up damaging your fabric. 

Sewing adhesives aren't just a lifesaver for sewing projects, but they also enhance your projects and help you get the best results!  I definitely recommend them to be a part of any amateur or professional sewist's toolkit.  Stay tuned for more tips and recommendations! 

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