Crushed velvet dress – easy project for your fall wardrobe

crushed velvet dressA crushed velvet dress is all the rage this fall.  This style usually means dressing in layers.  Stockings, light coats, long vests, short dresses worn as tops –the possibilities are endless.  The short dress for autumn is an essential piece of clothing that can take us from morning to night time.  It is easy to add to if the temperature drops and easy to wear during the warm hours of the day.

crushed velvet dress

Autumn and spring really is when northern and southern hemispheres actually have similar temperatures, so this design should work for everyone.  This particular dress is one of my favorites because of the flexibility that it provides –worn with high boots, stockings and ankle boots, over skinny jeans, leggings or just a scarf.  It is the perfect piece of clothing for your wardrobe.  Layer it any way you want and you’ll have a super outfit.

crushed velvet dress

This dress is incredibly easy to make.  I hope it will make a great addition to your fall or spring wardrobe.

Key Features:

  • Easy to make
  • Can be worn as a top or mini dress
  • Comfortable yet elegant style
  • Stand up bow collar
  • Ideal for woman with small shoulders and wide hips

crushed velvet dress


  • Crushed Velvet or Panne Velour, 60″ wide, 1-2 yards depending on size
  • Soft satin fabric (silk or polyester), 1 yard
  • Fusible tricot interfacing


About Crushed Velvet

Crushed velvet or sometimes known as crushed panne velour is one of 16 types of velvet.  Normally made out of polyester, it is possible to find velvet made from silk if your budget allows.  Velvet is a type of tufted woven fabric with evenly distributed cut threads giving the fabric a dense short pile and a luxurious and distinctive feel.  The fabric is actually woven as two layers which are then cut apart thus creating the pile.  This is a pretty complex and expensive process, or at least it used to be, so this type of fabric used to be reserved only for royalty.  It’s only been the the invention of polyester and the development of modern manufacturing techniques that this type of fabric is now affordable to almost everyone.

Notoriously difficult to handle, but certainly worth the effort, it is imperative to find the grain of the velvet and cut all pieces strictly on it.  Use a ball point needle when sewing.  If you do not have a serger, use a small zigzag when hemming if you want to preserve the stretchability of the fabric.  However, in this pattern a plain stitch is also possible.

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crushed velvet dress

Pattern Layout

crushed velvet dress

See next page for pattern download and further instructions.

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7 Responses to Crushed velvet dress – easy project for your fall wardrobe

  1. Paula Blevins-Russell says:

    I love t dress and have already downloaded the pattern. However, I do not see a chart telling me how much fabric to purchase. Help.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Could I extend the sleeve to a little past the elbow or even to the wrist maybe a bell sleeve? How would I do this?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Yes of course Kimberly, just make sure the stretch of the fabric is horizontally and the fabric drapes well. Do not use a bulky fabric.

  3. Sherry S says:

    Gorgeous! You are making my wardrobe planning for fall so sew easy! Thanks again for another great pattern and tutorial!

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  5. bcwestblog says:

    I will definitely make this pattern.Thank you so much for your generosity.I have some black cotton velvet in my stash from years ago. Also thank you for making it available to all the sizes you have. I love the ribbon and the tuck in the back.

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