$1 a yard for premium linen – offer from Fabrics Store

Do you sew with linen?  I admit that some of my favorite summer clothes here in the heat of the Cayman Islands are linen.  I have some beautiful long loose pants, and a couple of skirts.  My husband really loves a light linen shirt for the evenings.  But I've never sewn with it – crazy right!  So when Fabrics-Store.com got in touch about their offer of $1 a yard for premium linen, wow, I was interested to learn more.

Fabrics store

And I did learn so much more.  In my ignorance I thought that linen was, well, just linen.  But of course not, any more than all cotton is quilting cotton.  There are so many different types, weights and qualities of linens that I had no idea about, so I am really glad to have my eyes opened by such a specialist site.  Each type of linen is listed with so much information such as the thread size, thread count, weight etc.

I have never seen so many beautiful shades all in one place.  It really is a dream to look at and I'll certainly be adding linen to my stash and hopefully making some new skirts this year.  But from the look of the customer projects, the various linens on offer are suitable for a wide range of projects including some lovely home decor ideas too.

I have a treat for you today if you love to sew with linen or are keen to give it a try.  For today only, Fabrics-Store.com are offering So Sew Easy readers a chance to try out their awesome products.  You can order a yard of their very best IL019 linen for just $1.


When shopping for fabric online, it's hard to get a true sense of how the fabric will look and feel… And so they want to give you the opportunity to try out the quality of the linen fabric, by eliminating your risk. That's why they are reducing the price of the most sought after linen to just $1.00!  Aside from the $1.00, the only other thing you pay for is the shipping.

On top of this, if you're not 100% satisfied with the quality of this linen — for any reason whatsoever, or even NO reason at all — they'll refund the cost of shipping. And you can keep your yard of fabric too, just for the trouble!

The IL019 Softened Bleached Multipurpose Linen is their best-selling fabric. Customers use it for all kinds of different things, from reenactment garments, to summer bedding. This stuff flies off the shelves, and people are RAVING about it. There are some awesome product reviews on the site and customers love to post and share the garments they've made using the linens from Fabrics Store. You can see just a small range of the colors in the swatch above, and below.


But first, here’s how you can get your $1 yard of the IL019 Softened Bleached Linen:

  • Simply click on the link below — here you will be taken to a detailed page that will provide you with the fabric information, as well as first hand customer work and reviews.
  • Add a yard to your cart. Then, when you go to checkout, enter this promo code in the space provided under Gift Cards & Promo Codes:   CODE: perfectlinen
  • Finish up by entering your payment information and clicking, Place Your Order.

Click here to order your $1 yard of IL019, Multipurpose Softened Bleached Linen

This offer can only be applied to 1 yard of Bleached Softened IL019 Linen. If used with multiple yard orders, only 1 yard of this fabric will be discounted and the rest will be charged at full price. No other promotional codes may be used along with this code. Enjoy!

While you are shopping, do take a look at their latest linen in stock – I know they are really proud of this product and say its sure to be a best-seller.  The 1C64 range of softened linen is just fabulous!  These colors would fit beautifully with my tropical wardrobe.



Fabrics Store love their new linen!  It's the ultimate linen for high quality, everyday sewing.  The perfect combination of length, weight, and material.  The 1C64 linen incorporates the best characteristics of a fine linen, while still maintaining an all-purpose middleweight. This means you can use this linen to make a wide range of designer grade products. In short, this is a softer and stronger version of their most famous IL019 linen.

The 1C64 is also an even-weave linen. This means that all of the linen staples are equally aligned and when washed, the weave will shrink evenly.  Remember, there’s no risk and you can return your fabric for any reason within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of fabric price.

Got here too late for the $1 special today?  Never fear – Fabrics Store invite you to sign up to their newsletter and promise you'll be sent further $1 offers in the future.

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Carolyn Hockett-Moll
Carolyn Hockett-Moll

I would like to see more updated information.

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member

Hi Carolyn, we post new articles at least 4 times per week these days so please keep an eye on the site for the latest information.


unfortunately this link for the $1 yd linen has expired & I wish I would have known this before I went to the trouble of signing up for it in the first place! Very disappointing……………


I’ve been watch (drooling) over this store for ages but can’t justify their international shipping – it is more expensive than any other online fabric store (and i use a few).

Stephanie Humanic
Stephanie Humanic

Thank you for Fabric-Store. I like you am now educated on linen. They carry so many beautiful colors, too. I am new to your site and newsletter but know I will be staying for a long time. 0:)


FYI to others… I just had the email for this article in my mail box today at yahoo, but when I tried the code perfectlinen the website said it was now expired. Just want to save others the trouble of trying.


Ok, thank you! I will do that. 🙂

Jane S.
Jane S.

Thank you for telling us about this! Getting a yard of linen for $1 is amazing, and their every day prices are very reasonable too. 🙂

Kathleen King
Kathleen King

Thank you so much for posting this offer! I am so excited to have the opportunity to try this linen.