30+ Bread Bag Sewing Patterns

bread bag sewing patterns

Do you love bread as much as I do?

Recently I've been trying to eat fewer carbs and less wheat overall. I think it is better for my health. However, I can tell you, while I've found some good substitutes for pasta that are not made with wheat, I haven't really found anything to take the place of crispy bread from our local bakery.

So I indulge from time to time, but when I do, I really want to make it count and keep the bread as warm and as fresh as possible. The best way to do this, I've found, is by using a bread bag.

We've put together this comprehensive list of bread bag sewing patterns for your reference and enjoyment. I hope you find one you like and give it a try.

A bread bag sewing pattern would not only make a good project for a beginner sewist, but it would also be a fantastic gift to bring to a dinner or party.

Why not try one of our patterns?

While not technically a bread bag, our fabric covered basket works very, very well for holding bread or rolls and keeping them warm at the table.

Bread Bag Sewing Patterns Roundup

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Please enjoy this collection of bread bag sewing patterns and don’t forget to pin it.

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  1. Jan says:

    It would be nicer if you went back to black print. This print is way too light so not going to be able to use your site any more, way too light to read and struggle isn’t worth it. I am not the only person complaining about this light prinf. My eye doc said so many students are complaining now!

  2. lenoasokal says:

    It’s a great idea

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