60+ FREE Wallet Sewing Patterns: Great First Project

wallet sewing patterns


Free DIY Wallet Sewing Patterns Roundup

I really love sewing wallets and I think you will too.  Most free wallet patterns are pretty easy so they make really great first projects.  As your skills grow you can choose more complicated designs and materials to really show your skills.

Because wallets use so little fabric to make, you can often make them with scraps of leftover fabric from your stash. 

Also, wallets make terrific gifts and different styles are suitable for women, men, girls, and boys.  

wallet sewing patterns

You can sew wallets from all sorts of materials starting with cloth or canvas and going all the way up to vinyl and fine leather.  I've made many wallets using a synthetic “leather” material called Kraft Tex which you might be interested in reading about in this post called Learn all about Kraft Tex ‘leather” fabric.

One of the few complications that can occur with sewing wallets is that all the layers of material sometimes makes for some thick sewing.  You may want to opt for a denim needle to get through it all.

wallet sewing patterns

Here's a huge list of some of the best free wallet sewing patterns I could find on the internet.  I'm sure you'll love them. 

Hover over the picture to show the title, click to open, or right-click and open in a new tab to keep this page open too. And don’t forget to pin it.

Why not have a look at our most popular paid wallet pattern?

If you need a little more help in making your first wallet project, you may want to opt for a paid pattern that comes with comprehensive instructions including a full video tutorial.  

The Ultimate Wallet is one of our most popular ever sewing patterns.  

The Ultimate Wallet sewing pattern

There's a video introduction as well as a full 30-minute tutorial that is linked in the pattern.

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6 Responses to 60+ FREE Wallet Sewing Patterns: Great First Project

  1. Peace says:

    The Accordian purse/wallet doesn’t show how to make it. It only shows the patchwork pattern and I would love to know who made it, so they can provide the pattern on how to assemble the whole entire thing, including the zippers. Thank you child sharing.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      I will update the list, some sites choose to make the pattern not available for free anymore and how can you blame them when it takes around 36 hours of work to make a pattern and a tutorial.

  2. Jameson Eden says:

    Most of the people are using the leather wallet. It’s a very useful blog. Thanks for sharing a great idea.

  3. Peg Sullivan says:

    How about adding a wristlet strap and really make it on the go?

  4. Eleanor Gibson says:

    measurement would be appreciated

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