Adding Bling with Fabric Stencils, Sew-On Jewels, and Sequins

Step Two: Painting the snowflakes

Place cardboard under the fabric to prevent it from sticking to the lining.fabric stencilsPlace the biggest snowflake at the bottom of the skirt with the smooth side of the stencil template against the fabric.  Place the big snowflake right in the middle. fabric stencilsApply the Pearl Acrylic Paint with a flat rounded brush also called a filbert brush.  Flatten the template against the fabric so that paint does not go under the template.

Filbert Paint Brush

Filbert Paint Brush

fabric stencils Allow the paint to dry thoroughly for at least 30 minutes.  fabric stencilsUsing a smaller brush apply the glitter paint.  fabric stencilsThe paint should be allowed to dry  for at least 20 minutes.fabric stencilsfabric stencils

Step Three: Adding the stonesfabric stencils

Place the 8mm crystal color stones at the points of the snowflakes.fabric stencilsGlue the turquoise stone in the middle of the large and mid size snowflakes. fabric stencilsAttach the sequins to the points of the snowflakes with the use of Gem Tac permanent adhesive.fabric stencils

Apply blue stones to the medium size snowflake.

fabric stencilsfabric stencilsLet dry for 15 minutes and then apply the glow-in-the-dark paint.fabric stencils

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6 Responses to Adding Bling with Fabric Stencils, Sew-On Jewels, and Sequins

  1. Joy S Cranfield says:

    In process of making similar dress for our great-granddaughter, love the bling idea. Do you think it will work on 100% cotton fabric (granddaughter didn’t want satin fabric for her child)?

  2. Mickie W. King says:

    What a beautiful idea. I would love to learn how to embellish a finished garment or other fabric project with jewels and beads. Thanks for this tutorial!

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      HI Mickie, you read my mind, I am working on a ready to wear a cardigan, bought it for 10 dollars and planning to make it look expensive. Stay tuned.

  3. Mary Lynn Bartram says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial ! Gives the dress the beautiful magical look any princess would be over the moon to wear

  4. Andrea Letourneau says:

    I want one in adult size! Little girls aren’t the only ones who like to dress up as princesses

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