Have a Wrinkle-Free Trip: 6 Best Fabrics for Travel

best fabrics for travel

Thinking of traveling again after the lockdowns?  Going on a business trip? Preparing for that long-awaited vacation with friends? Planning to be on a solo journey to give yourself that break you deserve?

Traveling, even its planning stage, is already too exciting, isn't it?

It is! Until you reach the decision-making stage on what clothes to bring!

Choosing the clothes to put into your baggage means selecting the kind of fabric you need to bring. Don't you just want to look at your best on those IG photos?

So, better select the right type of fabric that doesn't make your dress all too wrinkled after long hours trip. And who has the time to do some ironing or even dry cleaning while on a trip? Make sure you don't need to face this hassle once you get to your destination!

We've listed here the 6 best fabrics for travel for a wrinkle-free trip that you can consider while you start to pack for your trip.


best fabrics for travel

Who wouldn't want to experience comfort without sacrificing style? With this type of fabric, you can never go wrong with keeping your fashion at the same time feeling comfortable. While it is known to be at an expensive cost, its quality is all worth it. You can sit for long hours on a bus or a plane and your dress wouldn't look like all wrinkled. In some instances, however, when the fabric from the luggage looks a little bit wrinkled, you can just simply hand it or have it stored inside a bag for dry-cleaning.


best fabrics for travel

Contrary to what many think of, neoprene materials are not just for sports such as swimming. It has become quite a fashion trend these days to casually wear shirts made of neoprene materials, especially on travel since they are very comfortable and also have wrinkle-resistant.

Merino Wool

best fabrics for travel

Whether you're going on a trip for the summer, winter, or fall, what you should have on your travel luggage are clothes that are made up of this material since they easily adapt to your own temperature. In other words, when you feel hot, it makes you feel cooler and when you are cold, it makes you feel a little warmer. It doesn't feel heavy that much and it doesn't get wrinkled easily. So, if you're planning to wear the same clothes with this material more than once on your travel, you wouldn't have a hard time cleaning it to be worn again.


While many are quite hesitant to wear clothes made of this material, this is actually best for travel as it is proven to be wrinkle-free. Polyester as it is known to dry very quickly compared to other fabrics. If you're set for a long week or month of travel, it would be very helpful to bring in some clothes or necessities with this fabric so you can just wash them and have them all dried the next day.

If you're interested in learning more about the colorful history of polyester fabric, please check out our article below:


There are a variety of knits, and to name some, they are cotton, wool, and synthetic knit fibers. These are all excellent fabrics to bring with you on your trip for practical purposes as they don't really need to be cared for delicately. They are likewise not quickly wrinkled, which is why it is a good tip to have those easily-wrinkled clothes wrapped inside knitted shirts.

Sweater knits are super useful when traveling no only because they resist wrinkling but also because they can help keep you warm on those drafty airplanes.

If you want to learn more about sewing sweater knits, please read the article below from our resident expert, Olgalyn Jolly.


It is time to choose your perfect pair of denim! These are the ones you can never forget to bring on a trip. Although they are not as light as the above-mentioned fabrics, denim is always the best idea to have when you are on a trip or vacation as they never seem to wrinkle as much as the other materials.

Sewing denim is far easier than you think.  If you want to learn more, please check out this article.

So, there you go and now you're all set to make wise decisions on what type of clothes to bring on your next trip!

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Shirley Eagle
Shirley Eagle

Knits and synthetics are ok for winter travel, but when it’s hot out, I don’t want to be hot. Those fabrics make me uncomfortably hot. What about silk? Is it that wrinkly? Or linen?

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Shirley Eagle

Wool can be bought depending on weight wool super 100 is one of the finest and thinnest fabrics for suits, trousers and skirts, linen knits, silk knits, silk cashmere knits. Linen wrinkles but everyone will know you are wearing a very durable good quality outfit, so choose the style with care, loose is better, casual and with flow.

Beverly Morrison
Beverly Morrison

Another great thing about traveling with knits is that you can roll them very small and not worry about WRINKLES !

Barbara Turner
Barbara Turner

I really hope to be able to take another trip again soon. I’ll keep these tips in mind. Perhaps travel will now become a special enough occasion for people to dress up again, or at least care about not being wrinkled, like they used to years ago. Thanks again.