A Big ‘Thank You’ to All Our Subscribers: 100K YouTube Subs! Yeah!

100k youtubeWe were particularly excited to learn recently that our YouTube Channel reached the milestone of 100,000 subscribers!

Thanks for all our readers, viewers and subscribers!

YouTube has a fun tradition of sending “play button” awards to YouTubers as they reach certain milestones.  While we've only hit the first milestone at this point, we're more than grateful to all our loyal followers.

We look forward to continuing to develop the channel with more sewing and sewing related content for our subscribers.  We'd love for you to join us so please feel free to subscribe.

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A couple of quick stats on our YouTube channel:

  • 130 FREE Sewing Videos on Youtube
  • Almost 7.5 million views since we launched!
  • More than 1 million minutes of video delivered in the last month.
  • Average view duration is around 5 minutes which is extremely high for YouTube.

Here are just a few of our most popular sewing videos on YouTube:

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6 Responses to A Big ‘Thank You’ to All Our Subscribers: 100K YouTube Subs! Yeah!

  1. Debbie G says:

    Congratulations! And a big Thank You for putting the time and effort in to these videos.

  2. Brenda Hulsey says:

    Love the you tube help!

  3. Anita Chase says:

    Congratulation! Your on your way. Good projects and excellent instructions. Looking forward to continue my education.

  4. Sara Modes says:

    WOW! you put a lot of effort to give us great tutorials Thank you. And you sure deserve it. Sara

  5. Karen Boyd says:

    I think you do not need to thank us. We need to Thank You for all you do for us. !!!!

  6. Alice Wilmer says:

    Wow! Congratulations guys. I really love your channel. Thanks so much.

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