Creativebug FREE Trial – a good alternative to Craftsy?

craftsy alternativeAs most of our readers know, we've been long-time fans of Craftsy. We maintain a large and popular pattern library on Craftsy which I encourage everyone to check out.  Our library has both free and paid patterns and tutorials that suit most any sewer from beginner to advanced and from those interested in clothing to those who love to sew bags, accessories and household items.

However, as you might note from some of the recent comments on our site, Craftsy has been undertaking a major upgrade to their site.  Unfortunately, this upgrade seems not to have gone as smoothly as everyone would have hoped.  I'm sure they'll get it together soon and be back up to their usual high standards, but the situation has led some of our readers to me ask if there are other good options for sewing classes and tutorials  –a potential alternative to Craftsy, if you will.

craftsy alternative

You should have a look at Creativebug

The Creativebug model is a little different than Craftsy in that for one small monthly fee, you get access to their entire catalog of over 700 award-winning video classes.  And each month, you get to keep one of the classes forever, even if you cancel your subscription.

Creativebug has a very large selection of sewing-related classes covering almost every conceivable subject from pattern drafting and sewing techniques, to fabric design and quilting.  Classes range from absolute beginner to expert.  They also feature mobile apps for iPhone/iPad and Android that let you take your classes with you on the go.

And take advantage of their 1 month free trial offer

So why don't you give it a try with the FREE trial?  The one month trial is FREE and you get to keep one class FREE forever.  There's absolutely nothing to lose.  There's absolutely no commitment or strings attached.

To make the current offer even better, Creativebug has partnered with our friends at to offer a 20% discount on any class supplies you purchase if you uses this link to sign up: exclusive offer from Creativebug and Jo-Ann Fabric: get a 30-day free trial to Creativebug + save 20% at

craftsy alternative

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If you decide to do this free trial and take a sewing course with Creativebug, it would be really great if you could share some feedback with the group in the comments below.  That may help guide others whether this is a good product and resource.  If anyone has had a lot of experience with Creativebug already, please share your thoughts.

For my part, I'm going to have a look at Nicole Mallalieu's Sew a Hobo Bag class.  I had intended to do a project like this one for your all in the near future, so I'll see if there is anything I can learn and pass on.

craftsy alternative

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30 Responses to Creativebug FREE Trial – a good alternative to Craftsy?

  1. Judi Rutherford says:

    I am a member of Craftsy and Creativebug for the moment. I decided to try Creative bug for a year to compare to my Craftsy options.

    Craftsy videos are more polished and cover a wider array of topics. Creativebug has a very limited number of “classes” and Creativebug options are usually project specific while the Craftsy videos teach you a skill set to be used repeatedly on a variety of items not just 1 bag or 1 quilt.

    I like to purchase what I need/want as I need it and do so when it is on sale at Craftsy vs the monthly subscription with Creativebug where I earn credits each month.

    I have 8 banked Creative bug credits because I cannot find classes that interest me or help me grow. $4.95 doesn’t sound like much but it adds up particularly when you don’t use the credits. In a year that is $60 dollars. I can generally find free YouTube videos that are very similar to Creativebug offerings as in short, project specific and decent quality.

    I will be cancelling my Creativebug subscription at the end of the as my self imposed year will be up. I had hoped to see more variety and longer classes but the format of once and done really hasn’t changed.

  2. Marcia Clark says:

    I have absolutely loved Craftsy and was somewhat addicted to it until… They have changed since they have become “the new and improved” Craftsy. I am all for change if it’s a good thing. In my personal opinion, Craftsy has forgotten the importance of the customer and have set their eyes on the money. Without the customer, there wouldn’t be any money. Once the big companies get greedy, they lose sight of what’s real. I did start an account with Creativebug a couple of months ago. Although it’s not Craftsy, I do believe it is a good alternative and will become even better in time.

  3. Lesley says:

    I have quite a few Craftsy classes but have been unhappy at the increasing prices together with considerably shorter classes. I do like Creativebug, the model, quite a fresh approach and some really interesting sewing and quilting projects. Some classes are short but others have several parts and yet others especially in art have a daily exercise. I also like the presentation which feels more modern somehow.

  4. JC says:

    Hello. I’ve known about creativebug for maybe a couple of years-way before the craftsy website meltdown. I watched a couple of their sample videos. They seem to be well good. The quality was slightly different (at least with the 2 that I saw). Then again, that could go with craftsy as well since instructors are all over the globe and I’m sure they all don’t come to craftsy to record. I have so many craftsy (paid and free) vids and tutorials that I haven’t even touched! Once I get going on some of those, then I may consider creativebug

  5. Kathy says:

    I signed up for the trial and then I let it keep running after the 30 days ended. I like that even if I have a month when I am not able to get on the website much to take advantage of the classes, I will still have a “class credit” that I can redeem for a class that is mine forever. I have children who enjoy the beginner classes, especially the sewing and painting. I had my 16 year-old daughter watch the sewing machine maintenance class with me and then I paid her to clean my machines. Best investment – she did an awesome job and I paid her to do it. It is true that some of the videos aren’t shot with the best light/angle/sound, and there may be distracting backgrounds, but I think the content overall is a good fit for me.

  6. Ingrid says:

    I find Creative bug more useful than Craftsy because it is subscription-based, the videos are easier to digest, and I really like the classes that have a daily component. Sketching with Lisa Congdon is great. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be sketching at all, much less daily. And I agree with Dee, that being creative in one discipline inspires and feeds the other.

  7. DitaJ says:

    I have been a member of the Creativebug for a few years now and I really enjoy their classes, especially about sewing bags and garments. I like the CB atmosphere and the wide range of courses they offer. I have purchased a lot of Craftsy classes and I like most of them but the current prices are just too expensive for me.

  8. Joy says:

    I am still a craftsy fan even with the changes. I like the pay for each class and I never pay full price with craftsy. In the beginning I took advantage of the 50% offer that was included in the email. Now I wait for a sale. I don’t particularly like the changes that were made on but companies grow and change. I don’t mind paying for a class and I can watch it when I need to.

    As far a creativebug goes, I did not find it hard to cancel the free trial. I just don’t care for paying a monthly fee. Some months, I don’t have the time to log on so it would be a waste of money.

  9. Paula says:

    if its free you shouldn’t have to use a credit card, that should be an option if you want to continue with it.

  10. Lynda says:

    I found the two platforms are different. Creativebug has mostly shorter, project oriented classes (nothing wrong with that) while Craftsy has a lot of technique oriented classes with projects available. Craftsy classes are longer and more in depth. Creativebug seems geared to beginners. I’m not a beginner so while I have 9 credits with Creativebug, I haven’t found any classes I wanted to re-watch so that aspect doesn’t appeal to me. I have dozens of Craftsy classes that I refer to again and again. I think for beginners Creativebug may be a good way to go because you get a wide range of classes that are available as long as you have your subscription. Craftsy is good to have the in depth classes that you own for life. This is my experience, ymmv.

    To cancel your credit card, go to your account info, scroll to Edit My Account, then scroll to payment info. You should be able to remove your card # from there. You should never have to call your card company to cancel any subscription.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Lynda, thanks for that contribution. That’s exactly the sort of detailed feedback we were looking for.

  11. johnnygrl says:

    If you are interested in only sewing information, Threads Magazine has a subscription-based service for fashion sewing–articles, how-to videos, etc. Of course, it’s only sewing and not really an alternative to Craftsy. The subscription fees are actually very reasonable, and I have learned so much over the years from their magazine alone!

  12. lacybe says:

    I agree to Bonnie Thiem, no credit card during the trial modus.

  13. lacybe says:

    I ordered tons of craftsy videos – because I liked them. I also ordered a bunch of patterns.
    I did not yet test the new website – but I realized how they added to the prices during the last year – about twice as expensive as they used to be. And courses seem to be shorter most of the time – and only 6 lessons per workshop, no matter what. I do not like both changes.
    Seems to be a miscalculation for me.
    All in all I liked the old craftsy much better – but since I already ordered enpough for the next 10+ years I will just concentrate on using the stuff I already bought.
    btw I live in Europe so only digital wares are interesting for me.

  14. Rosanne says:

    I would not use it because it requires a credit card up front. And yes there are others that do this – does not make it the norm. If you want my business do not stress me out with possible credit card mistakes.

  15. RoseMarie says:

    I’m a huge Craftsy fan. I never sign up for “free” subscriptions which require me to provide a credit card. Sorry, this is not for me.

  16. says:

    Several months ago I joined for the free period and cancelled after 25 days. No problems with unwanted fees on my credit card. Just be vigaliant about your cancellation date.

  17. Marlene Clausen says:

    I will definitely look at Creativebug, although the credit card issue is a problem. I always use PayPal when I can and rarely go the credit card route. I have found that at least 95% of the time if you want to cancel it is a problem. If I like the Creativebug offer and I can’t use PayPal, I will probably use a card I have that is only a couple months before expiration, that GUARANTEES that not much damage could be done.

    I was really hoping craftsy would go with a subscription format.

  18. Lorie E says:

    I signed up briefly, but unsubscribed before the trial was over. The variety of classed that interested me was slim and the video quality was poor on those I watched, ie: the sound was so low that even at full volume on my pc, I could barely hear the instructor. I will say that I do not like the “new” Craftsy and their prices have increased to the point that I only buy when there is a sale. No happy medium I guess 🙁

  19. l williams says:

    Again credit card got to be given, I find it hard to cancel credit card payments, I looked to do it on the internet I can’t with the one I got, you have got to phone them, Done with paypal and it can be done easy. It is a pity as I think I would be interested in this, may look again about how to cancel card payments, as there is a graphic site I want to look at.Good luck, I recommend your site all the time.

  20. Teena says:

    I didn’t join up because they want your credit card details for the free period

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Teena, I guess that’s probably normal for any kind of subscription. You would just need to cancel if before the end of the trial. Of course their hope is that you continue on.

    • Taylor says:

      If you happen to have a visa gift card you could see if it would accept that, so if they charge you and nothing or very little is on the card it won’t go through.

    • Bonnie Thiem says:

      i agree with you, teena. if it is a free trial why do i have to give you my credit card. i stay away from those.

    • Mary Lynn Bartram says:

      If you have to give your card card information it’s not free. I don’t like when companies do that

  21. J says:

    By all means take advantage of the Creative Bug offer but after using both CB classes and Craftsy, I much prefer Craftsy. Craftsy classes seem more professional and more in depth to me. Craftsy classes do cost more but I think you get a better quality class especially with sewing classes.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      That’s good feedback. Thanks. Hopefully we can get a few more readers to offer their opinions as well.

      • Dee says:

        I have been a very satisfied member of the Creativebug site for almost a year now and would highly recommend it not only for the many sewing classes offered but also for their variety of other crafts and artistic classes that are available.. It has been one of the very best investments for me personally as I have many and varied interests. The price is very affordable on a monthly basis. I rate it A+ overall and enjoy using the website every day. Creativity in one craft just seems to fuel interests in many other areas for me whether sewing, painting, cooking, ect.

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