The Dress that REALLY got me noticed

This is the dress that started it all. The dress that really got me noticed as a sewer, or is it sewist?  Let me introduce you to the Danielle dress.

Danielle is yet another – this time from Burda.  I think my dress looks nothing like the one featured on their site.  Isn't it amazing how different something can look in a different fabric and without those silly puffy sleeves?  While I think theirs looks a little frumpy, mine makes me feel tall, smart and a little fancy!

So Sew Easy - Danielle Dress - free pattern. The dress that really got me noticed as a sewist.

Once again my reluctant photographer tries to do his best while making me balance on some very uneven rocks in a high wind and high heels.  Just so he can laugh at me I think.

The day I wore this into work I felt a bit like a celebrity.  It was noticed and commented on as soon as I entered reception.  And all the ladies I saw complimented me on my new dress and wanted to know where I got it.  When I proudly/casually mentioned that I had made it myself, by the end of the day I'd had 5 people asking me to make one for them too.  And offering to pay!  I think I might have finally arrived in the sewing world.  Does this mean I can now cast of my ‘complete beginner' badge and perhaps promote myself to ‘novice sewist'?

So Sew Easy - Danielle Dress - free pattern. The dress that really got me noticed as a sewist.

I tried very hard to be precise in my sewing with this dress because it has darts in the bodice front and back, that should line up exactly with the long shaping darts in the skirt back, and the pleats in the skirt front.  The seams in the center back need to all line up exactly so the bodice needs to be precisely the same length (obviously) on each side.  And the central band needs to be precise.  A few mm out and things won't line up when the zip is closed at the back. I admit to unpicking and redoing those seams a couple of times until I was happy.

There are also facings for the bodice that need to be sewed precisely if they aren't to show from the front.  It was a real project in precision for me as a sewing beginner but is actually very easy to make.  And it was so easy to adjust the fit by just taking in a little off the sides where I needed it.  The fit doesn't have to be precise because of the pleats in the skirt front allowing for easy movement and sitting ease too.

So Sew Easy - Danielle Dress - free pattern. The dress that really got me noticed as a sewist.It worked out brilliantly, even though my invisible zipper isn't quite invisible.  My adjustable zipper foot did a good job, but I'm going to get an invisible zipper foot as well for really precise results.

I didn't attempt to match the pattern on the back of the dress.  This was just one challenge too much for me just yet, and I knew if it wasn't precise as well, it would show that it didn't match.  So I went with a semi-match that had the swirls in a similar placement so I hope it doesn't look too out of place.

I love the way this dress is so flattering for my figure.  It's slim and fitted in the back, but the empire waist and the pleats in front hide my tummy and don't over-emphasise my hips I think.  And the squared off neckline has always been a favorite of mine.

So Sew Easy - Danielle Dress - free pattern. The dress that really got me noticed as a sewist.

This is the BEST thing I have ever sewn and I LOVE it.  If you want a really good dress pattern I highly recommend Danielle. It's pretty easy to sew if you take your time, easy to fit and doesn't take a whole lot of fabric.

This was yet again another fabric remnant from my local shop. Total cost – about $5 for the fabric and $1.25 for the zipper.  Now THAT is a bargain.
Authored by: Deby at So Sew Easy

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67 Responses to The Dress that REALLY got me noticed

  1. Is the pattern still available? Can you post the link please?

  2. Carole says:

    it’s not free…$5.99!

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Thanks for letting us know, i have updated the post

      • Veronica says:

        I cant find the link to download…. also, is it free or 5.99 as Carole says?,the article still reads “another free pattern”

        • So Sew Easy says:

          Hi Veronica, when that article was written a little over four years ago, I think Burda was giving that pattern away. The article is about making a dress very inexpensively because at the time the pattern was free and the materials were low cost. The intent of the article was not to give away a free pattern, unfortunately. I have updated the title to avoid any confusion. Thanks for letting me know and kind regards.

    • Joanne says:

      Burda had a major overhaul a couple of years ago (similar to Craftsy’s shake-up, but Burda has been going for nearly 70yrs). They went from having quit literally thousands of free patterns online, to charging a small fee for most of them & as a consequence, a great many sewing blog articles are now outdated. It wouldn’t be an issue, but nobody ever checks the date an article was written when they source it from Pinterest or Google by searching ‘free patterns’ & sadly, search engines can only look for the words, not the current facts.

  3. Denise says:

    Where can I download the free pattern. Love the dress and want to sew one for spring/summer. Thanks.

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  5. Eileen Blanchard says:

    Deby, I scrolled down on the first pic and all I could say was WOW !!!!!
    Love the pattern, love the color, love the fabric. You look great in the dress. Your blog is wonderful and I think your skills are superb. I am enjoying following you.
    Keep up the good sewing.

  6. Shona says:

    Your right it looks so much better without the sleeves. I made the same dress a couple of years ago, kept the sleeves but reduced the puff considerably but also made the band in a contrast colour. Was really happy with it only gained a lot of weight since then so I guess I will just have to do it again.

  7. Pam says:

    A very flattering style and a stunning dress, Deby!!!

  8. Annie K says:

    New fan here… you are SO talented! Hopefully, if I follow your posts faithfully, some of it will rub off on me… LOL!

  9. Hey Deby,
    I just wanted to let you know that we featured this post at this weeks Wednesday’s Adorned From Above Blog Hop. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly

  10. Cari says:

    This is fabulous! I love the fabric, and the it fits you so perfectly. I will be pinning this, and adding it to my pile of “must-sew’s”

  11. sparkling74 says:

    LOVE the colors!!!

  12. What an adorable dress, and perfect for Summer. Thank you so much for sharing with Saturday Spotlight. Have a great weekend and come back soon!

  13. rainonatinroof01 says:

    Cute dress! So happy you linked up to Give Me The Goods Monday! Can’t wait to see what goods you bring next week!
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  14. kristen says:

    You did an awesome job! It fits great! thank you so much for linking up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings. Make sure to come back next week! – Kristen

  15. Allison @ House of Hepworths says:

    Beautiful dress! And it fits you so perfectly.

  16. Lynaea says:

    Yay for easy patterns that make flattering clothes! Free easy patterns—even better. You do look lovely in it. And I think you’ve definitely left the novice station.

    Photography throws a whole new light on relationships! I’ve never felt more awkward than when my husband has a camera aimed at me…and he isn’t as charming as he could be either. I think because he can see me in my awkwardness, while I have no idea what I look like and feel ultra vulnerable…

    Lynaea @

  17. Katie Adams says:

    Thank you for sharing on Blog Stalking Thursday. I have featured YOU and I would love for you to stop by and grab a feature button and show it to the world. You deserve it! Blog Stalking Thursday Features You!

  18. Kathy Moody says:

    You look amazing in the dress! I love the fabric. Awesome job. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. 🙂

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