Do You Need An Industrial Sewing Machine?

need industrial sewing machine

Do you need an industrial sewing machine?  Take a good look in your basement and perhaps you already know the answer.  Down there under the dusty covers and dark shadows, there are the many wounded soldiers of your exploits and garage sales.  Unless you are an antique dealer or a collector, why would you want to clutter your home with any more unused machinery?  Some women buy sewing machines like they buy jeans.  Don't believe me?

Run to your nail salon and ask around.  You will find that the average women have 6 pairs of jeans, some will have more. I am guilty of this, at one point of my life, I had 12 pairs of jeans and 6 sewing machines (1 Singer, 1 Toyota, 1 Juki, 1 Janome, and 2 sergers..).  I'm not sure if you know, but Toyota actually does make sewing machines –as well as cars, trucks and just about everything else.  Then I started to ask myself –what possessed me to accumulate so many pairs of jeans and this amount of sewing machines?

sewing machine brands

The answer was quite simple, I was not entirely satisfied with the product.  I kept looking for a pair of jeans that would look good and are comfortable, and I kept buying cheap ones in the hope that one day I will find the one.  I did find a couple, but they never lasted more than a year, and I was left once again hunting for the perfect pair.  Until one day I had to move to a tropical place.  My needs changed and with it the need for 12 pairs of jeans.  If I take 40 dollars and multiply it by 12, I have enough to buy a pair that is made with the best design and shaping capabilities.

Like the need for a better pair of jeans, our need for a reliable sewing machine arrives in the shape of the mountains of projects forgotten and put aside because we were not happy with the look of the buttonhole or the zigzag doesn't work anymore or the machine is skipping stitches when sewing bulky items, etc. etc.  Notice how after a marathon of sewing, your domestic sewing machine is never quite the same?  This is because home sewing machines are not meant to be used for an extended period of time.  Do you want a sewing machine that can do everything? Everything? Really..? What does that even mean?  Can it attach lining on its own while playing Bach in the background?  There is no such thing as a perfect sewing machine that does everything.  With time I have learned that 95 percent of the stitches I will never use and that professional-looking buttonhole is everything.

So now, do you need to buy an industrial sewing machine?

Like with many things, the answer is “It depends.”  You could certainly argue that an industrial sewing machine is what separates the amateurs from the professionals.  Here are a few other considerations:

  • Do you want to declutter your home by getting rid of mediocre machinery?
  • Do you want to supplement your income with your sewing and need a reliable machine with a professional-looking stitch?
  • Do you want to combine different types of material together for accessories?
  • Do you work with canvas, jeans, leather or sequined fabrics?
  • Do you sew every day for more than 4 hours a day?
  • Do you own an embroidery machine and are thinking of making quilts and handbags?

Then the answer is yes!

need industrial sewing machine


As with my sewing machines, I traded my jeans for a nice pair of well-fitted dark color  7 for all mankind jeans slimming illusion –I like the illusion part the best– and, Yes, I have only one pair now.  Expensive for sure, but worth every penny.

How many sewing machines then?  I think of machines as the brush of a painter.  You can use your hands or have just one, but the true and full answer is 3.  One serger, one domestic machine that makes flawless buttonholes, and my workhorse –an old Pfaff 563 that is reliable and noisy like a tractor, but it sews many layers of fabric together, thick leather and finishes the job efficiently and quickly.

How many sewing machines do you have?  Would you consider an industrial one?  Do you have the perfect sewing machine for your needs?  Leave a comment on the box below.  We'd love to hear your opinion.

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If you're thinking about a new sewing machine, you can find lots of great reviews over on Sewing Machine Reviews.  If you find one of your existing machines in their list, go ahead and leave a review so you can help other readers with their decision.

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615 Responses to Do You Need An Industrial Sewing Machine?

  1. Joy Jordan says:

    I had already done my research a few months ago and had decided I’d go with a Juki machine, so I have been putting some money aside now and then. Believe it or not I still sew on a Featherweight 221 that has been in my family since 1950. It’s 4 years older than me! And, I love her. I am a retired widow now and I’m beginning a different way of life. If it wasn’t for sewing and other hobbies I’d be lost. So I am in a place where I can give myself over to sewing more often thus a desire for something new and more versatile. My machine of course is just a straight stitch but I can only imagine all the wonderful things that can be done with this machine! I’d never have considered anything this grand nor could have thought I would need so much machine until I read this article. I could start a business! Oh the possibilities!
    Joy Jordan

  2. oliviaxlarosa says:

    I have already had COVID-19 and I would like to help families keep clothed during the pandemic.

  3. Charlene Powell says:

    I need an industrial machine; I repair sails, etc for an organization that takes underprivileged and handicapped children out on sailboats . II also sew caps for cancer patients and donate to hospitals. I am now in process of sewing facemasks
    to donate.

  4. Cindy Holt says:

    I learned to sew when I was about 8 on my Mom’s Kenmore sewing machine – it still purrs like a kitten, and she uses it almost every day. The machine and I are 65 and she is 94. I’m not sure who made machines for the Kenmore line, but it is a workhorse.
    I’ve been through many lesser machines since, but it would be wonderful to have a heavy machine to be able to do my leather work and upholstery, and still make clothes and costumes for the grandkids!

  5. Hetty Cuperus says:

    I am sewing clothes for my granddaughter and oh how nice to be win a Juki lockmachine.

  6. Mary McMahon says:

    I’m sure I would breeze through project much more confidently having such a wonderful sewing machine. Crossed fingers!!!

  7. Judith R Workman says:

    It is time to replace a 40 year old machine!

  8. Clodagh Pugh says:

    I would love an industrial sewing machine. I started making baby clothes on a Lidl Singer. I am now on my second machine but to grow I really need an industrial machine and a Juki would be the dream. The investment is huge when you have 3 small babies and are the sole earner. With the covid-19 virus threatening small businesses worldwide it has become a scary investment to make but it would speed up my sewing, give me peace of mind and also allow me to help with the mask shortage in my spare time.

  9. Alfreda Jones says:

    I’d love to own the Juki because I make purses from recycled denim. My plan is to open my own online store. The Juki machine is just what I need to up my product quality to its highest level.

  10. Catherine Dora says:

    My goal is to have a studio set up, to provide a place for young people to come and practice new skills, and produce things to sell, to pay for the running of the studio, and to provide them with money for their own needs.
    I see an industrial sewing machine as being an essential tool in this studio!

  11. Emily Smith says:

    I need this industrial sewing machine because my machine is on its last leg. I would love to experience sewing with this industrial machine and kick my frustration out the door with my machine that is dying!
    I dream of a new machine. Oh what a sweet dream to come true.

  12. Elizabeth Bailey says:

    I have “killed” loads of sewing machines over the years. I worked for 20 years in retail fabric stores, many of them high end fabrics. I have had many ideas of certain cottage industry type projects I could do – if I had a machine that could stand up to the challenge. It’s a chicken/egg issue. Where do I get the money to buy the equipment to make the money? An industrial sewing machine would be the ticket!

  13. Margaret May says:

    I definitely need an industrial sewing machine as I have started working with leather. I don’t want to wear out my dressmaking machine on leather and canvas bags. I understand Juki to be unbeatable

  14. Erin Mills says:

    I have three machines. One for heavy materials one for lightweight materials and my new quilting machine. I would love something to sew both.

  15. Cynthia Tilton says:

    I came to sewing later in life…
    I started quilting in my 40’s ; a dear friend bought me a sewing machine and treated me to a beginner’s class. Whew! That was a huge challenge!
    So I’m in my sixties now and retired.
    I’m interested now in clothing construction & embroidery & take advantage of utube videos to learn…
    I’d love an industrial machine to make camp gear etc for my 3 darling grandchildren & their cousins…
    Many thanks!

    • Peggy Denning says:

      I do alot of hemming and making drapes, so I could definitely use one. I am sure I could find many more uses.

  16. weechi says:

    I want to make bags and also do a lot of mending and hemming for people. Jeans are especially hard on my domestic machine. I am interested in getting a good industrial machine.

    • Marshall Duff says:

      My wife used to have an industrial sewing machine and an industrial overlocker when she was designing children’s clothing under the label Speranza Kids Clothing. Unfortunately we had to sell the machines when we moved houses. We are now in a big place with a dedicated sewing room, but my wife is stuck with older second hand machines. A new Juki would be great for her and an amazing 50th birthday present.

  17. bakerskid1 says:

    I do a lot of quilting and sewing in general and have had mediocre machines pretty much the whole time of my sewing life…I have been researching machines and would relish being able to sew on an industrial machine that is good quality and would sew through all the fabrics it is given. This would be a real life changer.

  18. Rebecca English says:

    Yes!! I think I need an industrial machine. I have 4 working machines and they each are great but I need a stronger one for my purses and totes!!! Would love to win this awesome machine!!! Rebecca in Carmichael, ca.

  19. lestyanevi says:

    I live in Hungary, have I a chance? I wuod like to change job.

  20. Denise van der Westhuizen says:

    I would love to have an industrial sewing machine for my daughter, Lydia, who completed her studies in fashion design a year ago. She is starting out on her own, and is using my old Bernina. She loves working with linen and made the most beautiful bridemaid dresses for her best friend’s coastal wedding using pale green linen. I believe the rose pink linen would be ideal for such a project. The speed and power of an industrial machine would greatly assist Lydia in her strive to establish herself in the fashion industry. She loves doing experimental/creative pieces, which ideally need to be done on stronger machines.

  21. Hendrik says:

    I think the Juki Industrial machine would make sewing so much easier. I think that I would appreciate to own such a wonderful strong machine. I think owning such a machine would be beneficial for my 18th century clothing making, which I can not accomplished with a normal household sewing machine.

    • Anita Calvillo says:

      I would love to have a sewing machine that handle all the project requests from my grandchildren.
      For me sewing is therapy, for the kids its creativity, collaboration and pride. Using the better, if not the best, equipment makes project completion efficient with higher quality results. That’s the ultimate goal for our family.

  22. Rochelle Chiffelle says:

    I definitely need one. It would be great for canvas and outdoor furniture coverss!

  23. Lana Rene' Jantz says:

    I really need and want an industrial sewing machine. In past I have Sewn denim projects, hammock edgings, swing ,lawn chair items…i have 2 sergers, a treadle, an everyday house hold Kenmore, a brother’s, a singer…constantly using one or the other constantly in shop. Need in shop right now all of them! Repair man is violently ill. Breathing problems. Since Thanksgiving. Please pray for him. Mr. Phil?, thank you in advance for prayers for him and family. Everythi g on hold no sewing for now. 🙁
    I need yo make income from sewing. I had saved, bought fabrics and notions when on sales. Now i have everything except machine that functions quickly. I do marathons…Then rest !!

  24. Linda Howard says:

    I would love a new machine. Mine I’ve had since my daughter was little. use to make her clothes. She is married with 3 kidos the oldest just turned 19 today. I make barbie clothes and doll clothes for their dolls, and clothes for them. mending for a lot of people. Had my machine fixed a couple times. I do believe its almost on its last leg.

  25. Danielle says:

    Would love a heavy duty sewing machine as mine cannot take thick fabric especially leather, jeans and the likes. The Juki looks sturdy. My machine does not make perfect buttonholes, which I hate to do by hand. I just recently retired and I have a stash of probably around 8 full big boxes of fabrics bought over the years and can’t wait to sew many projects now that I have time. I need a Juki to make my life easier.

  26. Sehryn Belle says:

    I want an industrial sewing machine SO MUCH. But can’t see myself with the income to buy it. Although if I had one I could increase my handmade craft income!
    I’d like to make Scandinavian style baby and toddler bonnets lined with liberty print from that fabric

  27. Lila Folster says:

    I have sewn professionally for over 50 years, most of which was on commercial machines. I have grand and great-grandchildren that I am constantly sewing for, plus my customers (which are on hold right now due to the pandemic). I also owned commercial machines for years and they are so much faster and result in the professional results that I demand of myself. We no longer have the means to purchase and this would help a great deal with our financial situation. Thank you for giving the opportunity to win one.

  28. DM says:

    I WANT TO MAKE PERFECT BUTTONHOLES, please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

  29. Joan Gray says:

    I have a beginner machine and it does sew well but not heavy items, only a few different stitches on it and I love to sew hooded towels and ponchos for my Grandchildren, they wait every year on there birthday for one that I have designed from the theme of there birthday! I love to sew bags, quiet book pages and sometimes leather bags, but my machine seems to skip stitches and the tension isn’t always right. I would love to have one of these machines! I only own one machine and it isn’t very expensive.

  30. Debra Summerville says:

    I need a commercial machine to replace my old singer commercial machine, I bought it used and I’ve had to call out the repairman more often.

  31. Laurie Coleman says:

    I need a machine that can sew canvas and other very heavy materials. I costume for several historical groups and they invariably need special sewing jobs requiring a heavy duty industrial machine. I used a Viking for 25+ years, I loved it for years, but it is not working well at all any more!

  32. Fredette Kopola says:

    I would love an industrial sewing machine. I could sew sooo much! I sew totes bags to sell and an industrial machine is what i need.

  33. Laura F says:

    I’d love to have an industrial machine to be able to work with different leathers and other materials for bags, home decor, etc. My mind is swirling with all the ideas of what I could do.

  34. Lorraine says:

    I would love to have a industrial sewing machine because Im doing alterations and many other things

  35. Mary Angerer says:

    I would enjoy an industrial sewing machine. I have worked my way up to a top of the line Bernina, but it is a 2006 model and it begins to need more attention. An industrial Juki would take the load off my Berniina and allow me to sew sturdy play and school clothes for my two youngest grandchildren.

  36. Cindy McClure says:

    I do a lot of volunteer costuming work and have gone through a couple of regular sewing machines in the past few years. I also do a lot of home sewing and have just started trying my hand at making handbags.

  37. Becky says:

    I alter a lot of prom dresses and wedding gowns A juki would be great, especially for those dresses that have 16 yards of fabric in them.

  38. Jane Love says:

    In October 2019, I tried to buy an old industrial machine. As my husband and son-in-law packed it into the car, it dropped. Son-in-law broke his toe, the hatchback got stuck in open, and I brought home a newly purchased broken ( Balance Wheel in pieces) sewing machine. So, two weeks ago (3-2020) I found another. Arranged to pick it up. Seller calls me and says, “As we were bring it downstairs for you, we dropped it and it broke”. I believe God has something wonderful planned for me, even if I don’t win. I just have to have faith and believe as I have been sewing since I was 13. I have 13 grands and I sew for them. I am without a machine. This would be a blessing for us all, as I am 72 now.

  39. Anthony Inglis says:

    I know i need an industrial sewing machine , Im a leather worker , and my current machine is a circa 1900 singer straight stitch , 32k19 ( I think thats the model. ) she is a great old girl , but her parts are worn and she drops a stitch here and there, not a great look when your trying to get a professional finish.

  40. Marsha Jimmerson says:

    I would LOVE a new industrial sewing machine at my home. I have sewn on one for over 30 years while working in a sporting goods store. Even though they were all old machines I could really make them sing. I would use one to make more of the many jeans quilts I have already made. I’ve sewn on canvases, boat covers, and pool covers making repairs A good industrial is the only machine to take on the heavy stuff. I’m sure the Juki could sew the light weight fabric also. One machine to take the place of 2 or more machines. GREAT!!! more space for fabric!!!!!!!

    • Johnie Chsmp says:

      I just retired after working 50 years as a nurse. I plan on seeing and would really enjoy a good quality industrial machine.

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