A Quick And Easy Headband Project in 15 minutes.

easy headband

An Easy Headband Project


The question keeps popping up:  what to do with my scraps of fabric?  Should I throw them away?  Should I just give them away for free?  A couple weeks ago we published a tutorial showing how to make a beaded necklace using fabric scraps and a few small components.

As another alternative, why not use your fabric scraps to make things that could be easily sold in market stalls?  Here's a quick and easy headband project that will help you use up your scraps of fabric while at the same time making great little items that you can sell or give away to friends.

I made this project with my teenage daughter (who reluctantly volunteered the model the end product…)   She is just starting out in sewing –so I'm always looking for simple and fun projects that will not only interest her in sewing, but also give her something fun and stylish to show off to her friends.

What You Will Need:

  • 2 rectangles of fabric 7 ½ inches by 17 inches in length (satin, silk or cotton)
  • 1 piece of elastic 6 inches long
  • 1 strip of fabric for the elastic casing 10 inches in length by 1 inch
  • thread to match the fabric.
  • Size 70 or 80 Schmetz needle depending upon what type of fabric you are using.


easy headband

Mark the middle of your rectangles and sew 1 ½” from the middle on each direction. In total you would have sewn 3 inches on your rectangle right in the middle.

Do exactly the same to the other rectangle.

easy headband


Open your seams by ironing them.  Take your rectangles and turn them inside out.  With right sides of the fabric together pin A to B, and stitch with your sewing machine or by hand.  Follow the photograph to guide you.

easy headband

When you have done both sides, it will resemble a small long skirt with a big opening in the middle.

easy headband

Turn your piece inside out.  You should have a hole at the top.  Thread the other rectangle through the hole to form a T-shape.

Must have this hole-4

Stitch A and B together starting from the end of the 3 inch seam in the middle.  Do it on both sides.

easy headband

The Elastic Band

We are almost done.  To finish up this simple and easy headband project we are going to make the casing of the elastic.  Sew the casing just wide enough to fit the elastic –about 1/4 of an inch.  Insert the elastic and sew, tacking back and forth about 2 times to secure the elastic.  Pull the elastic from the other end and tack once again.

Now all you need to do is to place the elastic band in the middle of the opening and accordion fold the rest of the fabric on top the elastic band folding it no wider than the elastic band.  Sew very carefully because this is a tricky bit.  You might want to start in the middle and go back and forth with the machine.  Do the same to the other side.  Pull the elastic band and it will fold inside the folds of the fabric and this raw edge will not be seen.

easy headband projecteasy headband


The headband is made this way to accommodate very elegantly and easily a head between 21 and 23 inches in circumference.

And You're Done

Now you have a very easy headband that took only 15 minutes to make.  Make this project with a girl that is just starting to sew and it will give her confidence and a pretty accessory to brighten up her outfit.  Alternatively, it will make a great addition to your market stall.

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did making it.

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40 Responses to A Quick And Easy Headband Project in 15 minutes.

  1. Namrata says:

    I made this today! The video really helped in making the looping and bow making parts easy. I found the cloth measurements for covering the elastic was rather short so I will be extending it next time. As a beginner, I could make this out of scraps from my mother’s tailoring projects. It took me about 30-45 minutes but totally works. It looks so cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I will be making more for giving out to friends!

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      I am very happy the video helped you, for beginner it is not bad that you took under an hour. The more you make the faster you will become. If you have Instagram please do a #soseweasy so I can see your work! Thank you in advance!

  2. Kay Huchteman says:

    Cant wait to do this. Teenage grand daughter who likes print pencil-skirts and coordinating tee shirts. I can whip out a couple with matching headbands and viola! a Merry Christmas.

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  4. Valerie says:

    This was fiddly to make but turned out really cute. With ironing, cutting, and figuring, out, it took me an hour. I sewed the ends differently so the casing encloses the gathers and raw edges. I’d like to see how your ends look because mine did not disappear into the folds when I attempted to follow the instructions. Also, the written instructions state the two large pieces are 7.5 x 17 but the video says 10 x 17.5. I suppose it doesn’t really matter. Mine came out fine with the smaller measurements but I will try it larger next time.

  5. Patty McGill says:

    The video showing how to make this headband was fantastic! It’s very easy to understand. I can’t wait to make a headband like this! Thanks for a super tutorial & video. Patty

  6. Jo dunlap says:

    The part that has me stumped is the twisting and bringing the edges together to make the twist. I will watch the video several more times and give it a go again. Wish me luck.

  7. Jo dunlap says:

    I am a total newbie to stitching and want to make this headband for my granddaughter (who asked for it). I’m afraid I’m just too ignorant in sewing to tackle this one, even though it says easy. I so wish the instructions were clearer to accommodate those of us who really are brand new and need simplistic directions and step by step videos. I won’t give up, but it’s not exactly as easy as indicated. I’m sure it’s hard to “dumb it down” for true newbies. I do LOVE the band and my granddaughter will love it too because I’m not giving up until I get it…

  8. Louisa Gee says:

    The video is excellent! It’s a pleasure to listen to your soft voice and you did a great job! Hang in there, it takes practice to not be too media shy 🙂

  9. Cindy says:

    Hi Mayra, It’s nice to see you doing videos. It makes it easier to relate to you, having a voice to go with your picture. I didn’t have any trouble following, but needed to pay close attention. I was an early member of this site, and still enjoy it very much. Thank you for keeping me inspired!

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Cindy, thanks so much for your kind words and support. We’re delighted that you find the site useful and inspiring. Please stay in touch and keep on sewing!

  10. Mary says:

    I was glad to see that others sewers were finding the directions hard to follow. I thought I was having a brain freeze. Is there a time frame as to when to tutorial video will be available? I would really love to be able to make this cute headband.

  11. Maggie says:

    There’s a typo some where! The text says a 6″ piece of fabric for the casing and the picture shows 10″ which one is right?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Maggie, thanks so much for pointing that out. You’re right, there was a typo which has now been corrected. Strip should be 10 inches like in the photo. Many thanks again!

      • Pam says:

        Any chance we can get the video for this? It looks like a really fun little project, but try as I might, I just don’t get how it goes together.

        • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

          Hi Pam, I am incredibly media shy, but I will take it as my personal challenge this year to get over it. I have a strong accent so I hope you will forgive me.

          • Pam says:

            Thanks Mayra, maybe you can record your daughter making it! That would be fun!

          • farmfarm2015 says:

            I am exactly the same. You don’t have to show your face. Your hands are good enough. Also, just the video with written part will do the job. I have seen a lot of youtube videos like that. I hope you will have a video for this soon. I am looking forward to see it.

            Thank you,

  12. Trudi says:

    Great idea! I’m looking forward to doing this with my daughter who is just learning how to sew . . . and I’m REALLY looking forward to your video. Like the other commenters, I’m getting lost on this one and don’t know why. Thanks Mayra!

  13. Sue says:

    I sew a lot but I’m finding this simple project completely confusing.

  14. Brenda says:

    I look forward to the video as my brain is not following this at all and I am sure it is very easy.

  15. Pamela Joy says:

    I love the headband, Myra, but like the others I’m having a little trouble understanding the sewing. I’m sure it will be more obvious in your video, anxiously awaiting that! Thanks for the cute project! Your beautiful daughter is a great model!

  16. Kathleen says:

    I think your pictures with the extra writing on them are helpful but I agree with another comment that maybe using two different fabrics would make demonstrating the construction easier to follow.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Kathleen, thanks so much for your feedback. Let me see what I can do. I was planning to do a video for this tutorial and will publish shortly. Hopefully that will make it clearer. Kind regards, Mayra

  17. Carol says:

    Would love to try this. However, the fabric used in the examples was, to me, too busy – therefore making the demonstration very difficult to follow. Perhaps a solid fabric of two contrasting materials might serve these old eyes a bit better? Thanks for your contribution. I look forward to an example that I might easier see/follow.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Carol, thanks so much for your feedback. That’s a good idea. Let me see what I can do. I was planning to do a video for this tutorial and will publish shortly. Hopefully that will make it clearer. Kind regards, Mayra

  18. MamaJ says:

    I agree. Maybe for examples a PLAIN fabric would be better, preferably a light one. This pattern was too busy and confusing to see anything. Good idea though!

  19. Lesley Gilbert says:

    I’m completely lost on this one. Maybe using a different fabric would have been better. A video would be even more better 🙂

  20. Karen says:

    I believe the tutorial would be easier to follow if you demonstrate with two colors of fabric, rather than two pieces of print,. It looks intriguing, but difficult to follow.

  21. Andrea says:

    Hi, a very nice headband. It’s just a little tricky for me to follow your instructions as it’s not entirely clear to me what is meant by ‘middle’ – lengthwise or sidewise? Which sides are facing each other/up at that moment? Some pictures are inserted twice so I’m not able to folllow the steps correctly I’m afraid. That is – of course – if I’m not awfully wrong at all – then I’d ask you to apologize my lines.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Andrea, you’re right, there was a picture posted twice. Have since corrected. Thanks so much for letting me know. I’ve also added a couple of photos and will post a short video about this project shortly. Thanks for your feedback. Kind regards, Mayra

  22. Linda says:

    Sorry … not clear at all. Need a picture that explains “A” & “B” please

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Linda, I’ve added a couple of photos and will post a short video about this project shortly. Thanks for your feedback. Kind regards, Mayra

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