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Live list of coupons, deals and fabric sales, quilting and sewing shops.If you are anything like me, you love a good sale.  Every self-respecting sewer needs a fabric stash.  You never know when you might see the perfect fabric, but don't have a project for it yet.  But what about if you come across the perfect project and don't have the perfect fabric in your stash to make it right now – disaster! It's that time of year where the shops and shoppers go crazy, Black Friday is coming up with all the fabric sales we hope to take advantage of, but at this time of year with the Christmas holidays coming up too, we don't always have the money to spare for expanding our stash.

These coupons are always up to date

So I put together this quick list of fabric, sewing, quilting and crafting stores and their current offers, deals and coupon codes.  It's ‘live' so that means that it updates automatically so today, tomorrow, Black Friday or for the New Year – whenever you visit – the codes and deals will always be current. Of course not every fabric shop online links into this scheme that makes the coupons codes live, but its a good place to start when you are looking for some deals.  Want to place an order with JoAnn, Hancocks, Fabric.com and more – then find the current deals and best coupon codes below. Browse through today, but do bookmark this page, share and Pin so you'll be able to come back and check it before you shop online. Here are all the best current sales, coupon codes and deals I can find for you:

Pin Me Live list of coupons, deals and fabric sales, quilting and sewing shops.Don't forget to visit the huge Fabric Shops Directory page too where you can also find all of the exclusive deals and discounts with fabric shops I've been able to arrange for you.

So Sew Easy: Directory of Online Fabric Shops

The best fabric shops

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Victoria L German
Victoria L German

If you have Wiki buy, Capital One Shopping or Honey (apps you download) they will automatically pop up with the saving codes.


I don’t see any deals, coupons or codes listed at all. Is this page ever updated?

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Barbara

No you are the first one that has been on it in the last 4 years, I completely forgot about it.


Pretty awesome…..I’m in a transitional stage in my life and thinking of incorporating sewing into my list of crafting. Thank you for a lovely website.