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fabrics for summer

Hello Fabrics for Summer!

It is the time of year once again when sewists like us have pulled out our fabrics for summer and think about sewing projects that are not only fashionable but also functional.  Indeed, the summer season means sun, sand, and sea, and after the long autumn and winter months, it is also (finally!) a time to sew and wear colorful clothes that are comfortable. It’s the season for sewing relaxed- garments that we can wear to picnics, barbecues, and a host of other fun outdoor activities.

On the other hand, we now only have about half the range of fabrics available to us because wool, polyester, jersey, knit and the like are certainly not the kind of fabrics that we can wear under the summer heat. So what are the fabrics that are best for the summer season?

Light and Classy Linen Fabric

Made from fibers derived from the flax plant, linen is definitely the queen of all summer fabrics. Light, comfortable and classy, it has a texture that is interesting to the touch. Linen is made up of a porous weave that allows air to flow easily and also reflects heat better. It has a sweat-absorbing property that removes moisture from the skin fast. And when it becomes wet or damp, linen dries out quickly making it the perfect fabric of choice for the summer season. Linen is arguably one of the oldest fabrics in the world and has been worn by man through the centuries. It is considered the coolest of the cool!

fabrics for summer

Affordable and Popular Cotton Fabric

Cotton is a light, soft, fluffy fabric that is known for comfort and it is actually ideal for all kinds of climates. Like linen, cotton is a fabric that is widely used for summer wear.  Affordable and durable, it can absorb moisture quite well and dries up almost as fast as the linen fabric. Cotton is made of a natural fiber that lets air move freely through the fabric.  It can also absorb sweat easily and allows your skin to breathe. These characteristics make cotton the best choice for humid conditions.  Easy to wash and care for, cotton fabric is very popular in tropical countries.

fabrics for summer

Versatile Rayon Fabric

Rayon is made from the natural cellulose of trees and can be manipulated to have the texture and feel of linen, cotton, and silk. This man-made fabric also absorbs humidity well making it one of the popular fabrics during the summer season. Cool and comfortable, it is best worn in dry heat. The versatile rayon is made up of thin threads so it’s also delicate and lightweight.

fabrics for summer

Luxurious Silk Blend Fabric

Although made of natural fiber, silk tends to retain heat and moisture so it’s more likely to get some perspiration marks under the summer heat. Loosely woven silk, however, is very light and is great for evening wear during the summer season. Although silk is more popular during the winter season, silk blends are considered ideal for summer. They are a light and soft version of silk fabric that does not stick to the body. Luxurious, soft, and thin, silk blends will not give you that bogged-down feeling typical of bulky fabrics. It also has absorbent properties making it suitable for warm months.

fabrics for summer

Delicate and Stylish Sheer Fabric

Sheer fabric is made using thin threads and a low density of knit. This is a semi-transparent, flimsy, and see-through fabric that is ideal for stylish summer wear. Sheer fabric offers very little warmth so it is commonly worn during hot weather. More popularly used in the production of stockings, sheer fabric has become more commonly used in clothes in recent years. It is ideal for tight clothes, layers, and delicate feminine draping.

fabrics for summer

Mahatma Gandhi’s Khadi Magic

In India, when the heat becomes too much to bear, people start wearing clothes made from khadi fabric. Popularized by Mahatma Gandhi who was always seen weaving the fabric, it is also called the Mahatma yarn. It can now be seen in fabulous fashion runways in some parts of the world, having been revived by India’s Prime Minister Modi, whose signature wear is the pastel-shaded kurtas and jackets made from khadi fabric. Khadi is made from fine threads of natural fiber and is your answer to a sweltering hot summer day.


In conclusion, there are three main qualities to look for when you select your summer fabric and they are weight, breathability, and color.  As a general rule, fabrics that are light and airy are most ideal for the summer season. Fabrics made from natural fibers like linen, cotton, and rayon also breathe well. Fabrics that are made from fine threads and loose weaving are also ideal because they don't retain moisture and air quite well.  The color of your fabric also plays a crucial role in keeping cool during the summer season. Since light colors reflect light and heat, they are best for the hot climate.

So we hope knowing all this information about the fabulous fabrics fit for the summer season will make your sewing more fun!

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Maybe it’s because I’m old, but I love the look of even wrinkled linen. I have just accepted that look as a new and different fabric from the perfectly pressed one. If it feels good, wear it! At some point in life, I stopped being so concerned with what other people would think about me. Be important to yourself. End of sermon.

Elaine Chasec
Elaine Chasec

Thank you so much for all of the tutorials that I have watched that Debbie does on your site, they are so easy to follow and have success in the finished projects.
I was wondering if you can remember where the black, red,grey and white that the twist dress is made in, I have just the project I would love those colours for
if it is from one of the many stores that you recommend. I will see if I can still get some, many thanks again for all of the tutorials. Elaine


I love the look of linen. I love the feel of linen. I hate the fact that linen is like one big wrinkle magnet. It looks beautiful when you first put it on. Within 5 minutes it looks like one big wrinkle.

Reply to  Julie

Oh I agree Julie. So nice when pressed, so awful after having it on for 5 minutes.

Reply to  penster47

I wonder why they can’t make a perma pressed linen? I would love it!