For Men Who Love to Sew

men who love to sew

Sewing is one of those rare fields where women dominate the scene –but there are surely a few men out there who would love to learn to sew at home.  So why don’t we see more guys famously sewing when we have many male fashion designers who have made names for themselves and nearly almost all tailors are men?

The main reason is perhaps the widely held, but fixed and oversimplified, idea that sewing is a task fit only for women. Alas, sewing was on the standard curriculum for girls in high school while the boys were usually taught some kind of industrial arts like carpentry or car repair, weren’t they?  As a result, sewing became something that a woman was expected to know, which she can use as her contribution to her future family.  This was especially true during the time when not so many women worked outside the home.  As a result, sewing was never considered a masculine job or hobby, so much so that men who pick up a needle or work with a sewing machine might even put themselves at the risk of being teased or made fun of.

men who love to sewToday, nearly all books and magazines about sewing are geared almost exclusively to the female audience. These reading materials mostly contain illustrations of the female form and the garments being written about are usually the female wardrobe. Alas, you will be lucky to find a chapter or topic on sewing for men and children.  Also, marketing for the home sewing industry has almost always exclusively aimed at the female population and this includes advertising for sewing machines, pattern, fabrics, and other promotional ads for sewing materials.

Against all these odds, there are men who love to sew and their message to other men who wants to give it a try is to go ahead, pick up a vintage mechanical sewing machine and give it a whirl, so to speak.  Although it is often not encouraged by our culture, we're fortunate now that a man who wants to sew can now much more easily find a community who shares his interest on the internet.  Indeed, there are a number of male bloggers talking about home sewing and some of them are getting quite popular.

I think that any man who wants to learn sewing should forget about the stereotype and pursue his interest. Men can take advantage of the information available online and they can even get an online sewing buddy if they like. The truth of the matter is the mechanics of sewing is not so much different from carpentry because sewing is also about measuring, cutting, and construction. In short, sewing is also for you guys to enjoy and should I say? Welcome to the club!

In the world of the internet and blogs, the online system seems to know a awful lot about you. One of the good aspects of that, however, is we can know a lot about our audience and what interests them. It might surprise you to know that around 6-8% of our readers are men. That may not sound like a lot, but considering that So Sew Easy serves around 500,000 users per month, that means that we probably have around 40,000 male readers around the world!

Are you one of our male readers or do you know a man who sews?  Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Sewing ideas for men

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21 Responses to For Men Who Love to Sew

  1. Jay Shelton says:

    Nice post! Husband, father, Harley riding, heavy metal guitar playing, 2nd amendment supporter chiming in here. After the company than made the main garment of the uniform for my local American Legion Riders stopped producing them (yet donated the material to us), I went out and bought a sewing machine and serger, a couple of books, and spent a lot of time on YouTube and basically taught myself how to make patterns and clothing construction. Currently studying digitizing for embroidery. I believe that there is a potentially very large market for clothing designs for guys like myself. I also believe that sewing equipment manufactures, book publishers, and pattern makers are missing out on a sizable niche market.

  2. Deryck says:

    Greetings from South Africa. Is there perhaps a Face Book group for men who sew?

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Deryck, thanks for getting in touch. Truth be told, I’m not aware of any good FB groups for men who sew. Men are very under-served, unfortunately.

      With that in mind, we’d be delighted to create a group and forum for men who like to sew on our own Groups platform. On So Sew Easy, we have around 500,000 regular readers per month and according to Google, 8% are men. At first, that may not sound like a lot, but it would be around 40,000 male readers. I think we could grow a group pretty quickly if we promoted it.

      Would you be interested in participating and potentially moderating? Please have a look:

      You can just log in with your Facebook account. No need to create any new credentials.

  3. Stephen Ellis-Menton says:

    Yes, I’m a man sewer too. Made loads for my kids and wife, from alterations to toys and furnishings for the house. My Nan taught me to sew when I was younger, just a shame I can’t find any other male buddies who are into sewing to share tips ideas with, find most sewing groups are all women and can be a bit cliquish (well most anyway)

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Stephen, thanks for sharing. I know there are a lot of men sewers out there. Glad to hear you’re one of them. I’d love to find a way to come up with a better forum for the men to share tips and exchange ideas, as you suggest.

  4. Skarlett says:

    Yess, I´m a man and I love Sewing 😉

  5. david pena says:

    Yes!! Am a ol’ Southern Soldier who does Sew!! Have a antique Singer 15-91 sewing machine,it’s Gorgeous!! I’m designing pieces of reclaimed denim jeans,and,have several items made. Am loving my Singer Sewing Machine!! Thank Y’all, for,speaking on,men who sew!! ?.

  6. Mary says:

    Only in the US is it considered a female job or pastime.

  7. Marg says:

    We were talking today in class about male sewists, and the tutor told us of a wedding she’d been to where the wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, father and mother of the bride’s suits, and even the vicar’s cassock had been made by a male friend of the family. Tutor said they were all gorgeous. What a man!

  8. Nigel says:

    Openly male sewer here in the UK. I make anything from shirts to trousers, and cushions to quilts. Our house is full of homemade, and there’s nothing like homemade undies to put a spring in your step. The hardest thing I find is getting hold of decent fabric that isn’t geared towards the female market (I’m just not a floral print lover). Really love the site, keep up the good work.

  9. Garth says:

    Greetings from South Africa!
    I’ve been sewing since about 2005. Got started by sewing pyjmas for my son because I did not want to support the branded types that are available.
    Now I sew anything from short pants to bridesmaid dresses to backpacks and absolutely enjoy it.
    Compared to traditional manly hobbies, sewing allows me to make useful items that do not take up much space to construct or store and is quiet and clean enough to do in the house

  10. George says:

    Hi greg

    Yes i sew have done for years ive mainly done repairs , but im now after all this time staring to make items for my wife.

    I do all the repairs for the nursing home where my wife works here in cornwall

  11. Greg says:

    Here here! I was a theatre costumier for twenty years and now I am actually a sewing tutor here in the UK. 100% of my clients are women, which is fine, but where are the guys? Are they closeted in their man-caves or their sheds with their wife’s cast-off machines? Every book and magazine (in the UK) is aimed at women sewists. Come on guys let’s unite at the cutting table!

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Greg, thanks for your comment. I’ve done a lot of theatre costumes as well over the years. Hope we can compare notes sometime.

      • Greg says:

        Hello Mayra, of course, that would be great. I used to run a wholesale costume business, and hire company. Each year I would make 150 costumes in four weeks for a pantomime, from scratch!

        • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

          WOW! that is awesome, would you like to write about it, we would love to feature on our blog. What do you say?

  12. Wendy says:

    My boyfriend is going to start sewing. He loves the spatial thinking you have to do to turn a 2D piece of cloth into a 3D garment. (Just like I do. )

    Thanks very much for the post!

  13. Elaine Dobbing says:

    The last series of “The Great British Sewing Bee” in the UK had several male contestants and the overall winner was a man. They were all great and has made sewing cool for men!

  14. Madeline says:

    Great post!

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