Free Country Apron Pattern from Frocks and Frolics

Welcome today to Marina of Frocks and Frolics.  She is writing today with a great offer for So Sew Easy readers.  Read on to find out more about what's popular right now in her sewing classes and how to get her Country Apron Sewing Pattern for free!

Welcome Marina:


apron pattern


Psst don’t tell anyone, but I let you in on a secret: people are already shopping for Christmas. Don’t tell me you already knew?

Have you, or are you a December 24th panic buyer? I know it seems far too soon, the sun still shines, its warm outside but with my business head on I have to be thinking of patterns with titles like ‘Winter Warmers’, which doesn’t sound right. Soon enough though, we’ll all be enjoying those lazy Sunday afternoons, with the low setting sun, hot cocoa and crafts spread out on the living room table. My sewing courses are usually packed with crafty mum’s and grannies who can’t wait to get started on their Christmas present list.


apron pattern


This year I’ve gone apron mad and so have they. Sisters, mothers in law and friends are all in line to receive this fantastic short apron as present this Christmas. Most of my students had never worked with PDF patterns before and they took a while to warm to all those pieces and the smell of cello tape, now they are experts at putting them together.  (That's Scotch Tape for my US readers!)

My mission was to create the easiest form of PDF pattern, where every size is a separate pattern, the paper waste minimal and the quality of the cut fabulous.


apron pattern


If you can’t come to my courses in lovely Worcester in England, you can still watch and learn with my online lessons. Just ‘Sew & View’ online lessons by Frocks & Frolics will help you create fantastic gifts from this cute country apron to a frilly girls dress.

apron pattern


And, exclusively for readers of So Sew Easy, the pattern which usually sells in my Etsy shop for the ‘Country Apron’ is completely free of charge. Just visit Frocks and Frolics for your free pattern and click on the special So Sew Easy Free Country Apron Pattern button.

How to get your free pattern:

  1. Click the So Sew Easy button at Frocks and Frolics
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Click the email link to activate the account
  4. Sign in
  5. Pick your pattern size, let it load and then save to your computer

The free pattern offer is open for 28 days.

‘ Merry Christmas Crafting’ everyone!


A Big THANK YOU to Marina for her generosity.  You might enjoy Marina's video on how to make your apron, as well as her other sewing videos on YouTube.  Drop over for a look.



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Stephanie Chan

Thanks so much for the apron pattern! I will be hosting Thanksgiving so I hope to wear one of these while I cook and feel extra festive.
Featured you on this week’s Project Inspire{d} Link Party! Thanks for linking up and hope you will again!


Thanks for linking up to Tickled Pink Times Two! It is a pleasure to feature you at our next party!! See you there.
Make it a pink day!


Very nice. Pinning:)


These ook wonderful 🙂 Love the fabric 🙂


Hi Deby!
What a wonderful Blog. The aprons are too cute. I collect and redo vintage aprons…..1930’s-70’s….Your apron reminds me of those.styles

Judi La Londe
Judi La Londe

I am having the same problem. Says my email address is already in use. Judi

Rosalee Sifford

This is so cute–love it! Thanks!


Had the same problem as ‘smonakey’ had — can log in OR register


Thanks for the free pattern! I am so excited to try it. I really love the tutorial video. Making an apron has been on my mind lately. so glad i ran across this.


Stopping by from the Blog Strut. Thanks so much for this wonderful pattern. I would love to come to one of your classes, but as I’m in Texas, USA that would be sort of hard to do. Looks like I’m going to have to dust off the sewing machine and start using it. <3 Kim


That looks like an adorable pattern. Thanks for the link, but I can’t seem to register. It tells me that my email address is already registered & when I ask for a password reset, it says that it has no such email registered! Any ideas?