How to get your wardrobe ready for Spring + Free patterns

I know you must all be familiar with the great site All Free Sewing.  Many of you may have even found this site originally from one of their links. They've been kind enough to feature quite a few of my patterns – in fact I have my own designer page here!

Over the last couple of years, we've built up quite a relationship, and I've even written a few articles for the Seams and Scissors blog.  Now it's time to do that in reverse and the lovely Kayla has written an article for me!  I gave her free rein to write about whatever takes her fancy right now and I have a feeling she is longing for Spring!

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How to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Spring + 10 Free Patterns

By Kayla Stroner from

Spring will soon be sprung, folks! You know what that means. It's time to begin crafting our spring ensembles! There’s nothing better than the first day you can shed your winter layers and wear something you can actually move in. I practically dance everywhere I go from April to July!

How do you know if you're wearing clothes that will optimize your springtime merriment, though? Don't worry. There are some simple, completely scientific steps to follow in order to find out how. See them below, and then check out a list of my favorite easy dress patterns and other spring sewing ideas. There are even some from So Sew Easy!

How to get your wardrobe ready for Spring.

What follows is a list of scientific and extremely fact-based questions.  They will help you to determine whether or not the clothing you have will aid you in emulating the joy of spring from both your smile and your excited arm movements. You may spend time during the year wondering if you're a “Summer” or a “Winter.” Never do that again because it is irrelevant. Deep down, everyone is a “Spring” all year long. It's only when the weather warms up that we can show our true colors.

The Questions:

1. Can you twirl?

How to tell. Stand up straight. Extend your arms, propeller-like, out over your sides. Begin to spin. Now is the time to take notice of whether or not cute, flowery fabric is flowing around you. Do you see it? Phew. You’re on the right track.

2. Is it possible you could be compared to a flower?

Now that winter is over, the colors on your clothes will draw attention of others. AWESOME! People are soon going to be saying you look “Pretty as a Rose,” or “Bright as a Daisy.” This is an excellent sign that you're spreading springtime joy wherever you go, and you’ll probably make a bunch of new friends as a result of this conversation. Spring is so awesome.

3. Can you actually feel sun or wind against your skin?

If your only indication that it's breezy outside is the sight of blowing leaves, you have some rethinking to do. Zip back inside and swap out those pants and that long-sleeved top for a flowy blouse or skirt. The feel of the wind greeting your arms, legs, and neck will propel you forward and into a happy, productive day.

4. Are you suddenly concerned that your legs are too pale?

First off, they aren't too pale, BUT if you can look down and see the bottoms of your thighs, your knees, your calves, or all of the above, you are doing it right! Free those legs! Dance about. Feel the earth breathing around you!

5. Do you feel like you have unearthed long-hidden talents in yourself?

Often, when springtime truly strikes a person, they are possessed to try something new. They want to sing, dance, paint, build, run, jump, finally have that conversation with a long-lost friend, or take a cooking class! Spring is notoriously motivational. You don't want to show up to the first day of your new life in constricting clothing do you? Put on that new dress and meet the season with both confidence and passion.


Whether you answered yes or no to any or all of these questions, a person can never have too many spring dresses, blouses, or skirts. That's why your next step on the journey to spring perfection is to take a look at these easy sewing projects, choose your favorites, and get crafting.

How to get your wardrobe ready for Spring.

Free Springtime Patterns

Mellow Yellow Free Skirt Pattern


Half Hour Free Skirt Pattern – So Sew Easy Pattern!

I like this tutorial better than most others because it includes proper shaping between waist and hips, not just a tube.

DIY Tank Dress


Flattering Spring Dress Pattern


Fun and Flirty Dress Pattern – So Sew Easy

Wrap dress pattern - free sewing pattern. Easy to sew and great looking wrap dress - everyone should have at least one of these. From So Sew Easy.

Coral Dress


Enchanting Tulle Skirt


Comfy Drape Top – So Sew Easy Pattern!

Summer Drape Top. Free sewing pattern and step by step photo tutorial from So Sew Easy.

The Perfect Maxi Skirt Tutorial – So Sew Easy Pattern!

How to make the perfect fitting maxi skirt without it being too flared or too tight.

Show Topper



What's your favorite thing to wear in spring?


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Kat Kaly

Yes, I “Like your Blouses, (Shirts) their Great”. Do You have any petite pants Patterns ? (I’m 5′) and 138 lbs. I need something so I don’t look FAT & SHORT!!!!