Lace Cami Top Pattern – Ultra Feminine Staple For Your Wardrobe

Lace Cami Top Pattern

This Lace Cami Top Pattern will make an ultra-feminine top in your wardrobe. In my case, I made a terrible choice of fabric for this top; I saw the fabric on sale and thought it would be perfect for it. I was so wrong. The material is such a lousy quality that only ironing changed the look of the beads. It was also distorted, and I tried as much as possible to true the fabric, but I can only conclude that the beads were glued with some distortion on the fabric or worse, it got distorted in the process still, lesson learned.

Please don't make a similar mistake and be sure to follow my fabric recommendations for a beautiful finish product that will be in your wardrobe for many years. This also makes a great product to sell in your store and market stalls.

This top is an A-line shape to skim your chest while falling away from your hips.

Lace Cami Top Pattern

Bra-style straps for easy adjustment

Lace Cami Top Pattern

Inverted Y shape at the back to make it more interesting

Lace Cami Top Pattern


  • 1 to 1 1/4″ yards of silk, satin back crepe or rayon 56″ wide
  • Two Sliders
  • Three Rings
  • 42″ of bra elastic or a couple of straps in the width of the slider and the ring
  • Two yards of 2″ stretchable lace with a scalloped edge


  • Serger

Fabric Recommendations From Amazon

Sewing Skill: Intermediate

Here are the skills you need to finish this project:

  • How to you find the file on your device once you download it
  • How to use the print-friendly button on this site to print the directions without the ads
  • To finish the top, you must follow the separate tutorials that are linked in this article

Having said all this, you do not require directions if you are an advanced seamstress.

Body Measurements

Size Bust Hips
S 35 39
M 38 42
L 42 45
XL 45 48
2XL 48 52

How To Download, Print, And Assemble Your Lace Cami Top Pattern

Please use Adobe Reader a (free program), Landscape mode, do not scale. Tape the pattern horizontally from 1-3,4-6, 7-9, Then tape 1-3 on top of 4-6, etc. The small greyed squares are 1″, and the distance between the thin lines is also 1″.

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Lace Cami Top Pattern Layout

Fitting And Additional Information

Allow 1 1/2″ to 2″ of ease. If you have a large bust, please use the dart on the side to make a full bust adjustment.

You will need to follow the instructions on How to make bra straps. Not included in this tutorial.

How To Make Your Lace Cami Top

The seam allowance is 1/4″.

Sewing The Front

Sew the bust dart.

Iron the bust darts down.

Place the front of the top right side facing up on the table.

Pin the lace from left to right, with the right side of the lace facing down. In other words, the lace and fabric right side are facing each other.

Mark the pivot points at the chest at 1/4″; this will make it easier to turn in direction.

Start sewing from the side to the chest, and stop at the mark at the point made. Lift the presser foot, slice the lace off the needle, turn the lace, fold the corner, and continue sewing to the center of the chest.

Lace Cami Top Pattern

Note: If you do not know how much to turn, there should be a 90-degree angle on your lace to be able to go around the corner easier, and when the lace is upright, it stands straight so the strap can be sewn to the corner of the fabric.

Front View

Serge the edge and turn the lace up. You will notice the bulk at the points and the center front. Taper the lace, so it ends on a point and lays close to the skins.

Sewing The Back

Repeat the same procedure on the back. Mark the pivot point.

Sew the lace just as you did on the front.

Turn the lace up and sew the excess at the point.

Place the right side of the back of the top facing up. Place the right side of the front side of the top facing down and sew the sides. Pull the excess lace on the sides and sew. Serge the edge.

Making The Bra Strap

Follow the instructions on this post for making bra straps. I used bias tape for my straps.

Cut 6″ of the elastic. Thread a ring and sew the ring and the strap to the point at the back.

Sew the straps to the fabric and the lace, not just the lace.

Lace Cami Top Pattern

My critique: I chose a dreadful fabric to make the final top; it is satin polyester with beads glued to it that broke a couple of needles while sewing; by the time I ironed the whole thing, the satin buckled a little, which gave it a cheap look I do not like. I should have used a piece of cloth to iron it (this is a newby mistake). As my mother says, ” if I walk fast, perhaps no one will notice.”

I will work a little further on this lace cami top pattern and perhaps mix other materials and see what other looks I can come up with. I am thinking of netting and organza. What do you think? Would you give this top a go? I hope you do and use any of the fabrics I recommended.

I think this lace cami top pattern will make a feminine look to pair with jeans and a jacket, shorts for the beach, a long skirt and a short cardigan, and a top for a pair of pajamas.

Join me next week for another free pattern, but I would like to hear from you; what would you like to see next week? In the meantime, “let's keep the world together one stitch at a time.” Kind Regards, MC

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I’ve got some satin-y fabric I’ve been given by my daughter a few years ago, it will do the job brilliantly, (hope it’s a big enough piece) as for lace, I’ve got loads stashed away waiting for a project.
I’m sure it’ll work if I’m careful (I have a single mastectomy, and small boob..😉 )

Allison C
Allison C

Thank you for this lovely pattern, and the fabric tips. I like the idea of making a pyjama top with it and wondered if you could post a pyjama shorts (bottoms) pattern with fabric suggestions too?


The dashed black lines MUST be for extra small and not 2xl as you have stated. I’m a small and cut on solid black line. It’s. HUGE!!!!

Kathy Banfield
Kathy Banfield
Reply to  Janice

I noticed it too.Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to figure it out before cutting

Kathy Banfield

For those who crochet, this would be a perfect garment to showcase handmade thread lace. I did that last year with a summer top: create tiny motifs with cotton thread, connecting them to form lace trim and straps. It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds and there’s plenty of inspiration out there!

Kathy Banfield
Kathy Banfield
Reply to  Kathy Banfield

I know exactly how I’m going to do it. Rather than individual joined motifs, I’m going to crochet scallop lace straps and add a triangle thread insert in the back! Thanks for the inspiration!


To bead a wedding veil or any fabric. Lay or pin on polythene sheet and using a very fine needle put it into the bead hole and dab the bead into fabric glue or false nail glue, a vey minimal amount, and lay on fabric. Drop of glue on a scrap of glass/foil. You can also use fine point tweezers. A tricky trick but very spectacular results.