Making zipper pouches – on sale until 24th March at PinkEPromise

I've been making more of the great zipper pouches.  I started these originally following the FREE online video course from Craftsy – Bag Making Basics – Reversible Tote and Zipper Pouch.  These are super quick and easy to make, and I've made a ton of them.  I sell them in my Etsy shop – Print or Plain, and in local gift shops here on the island.  They sell REALLY well to the tourists.  I think because they are so bright and colorful and fit in with island lifestyles.  Soft and comfy to carry, big enough for the essentials but not too bulky and obvious.  I use one everyday and so do all my friends since I've been making these.


Plus from 20th March I also have them on a 4 day sale at PinkEPromise.  Usual price $12.99, but on special sale at PinkEPromise for just $8.70.  They are a great daily deals site selling lots of cute things, PLUS they give a proportion of sales to a breast cancer charity so you can feel good about yourself while you shop.

PinkEPromise daily dealsHere is my current gallery including some new additions recently made and listed.  If you see one you like, you can click to go through to the shop, and don't forget to check out PinkEPromise for these on sale until the 24th March.

And do check out Craftsy for the free bag making course – you can't get better than free sewing training.



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Diane Knight
Diane Knight

I like the idea of the middle zipper and shape! but would like it larger for a make up bag.


Very cute!


I took this course right before Christmas and made for my mom, sister, and of course had to give one to myself, the tote and zipper pouch. The thing I loved the most was that I have been able to make them out of remnants that I find at the fabric store.