Now You Can Even Add Images to Your Comments: Share Your Work!

comment imagesRegular readers and especially those who comment often (we LOOOVE comments and so do our readers) may have noticed that we recently added a new feature to the website.

You can now easily attach images to your comments on  Files types supported are standard .jpg, .gif and .png files.  Almost all images these days are in one of these three formats so I don't think you'll have any issues.

image comments

For iPhone and iPads, it is particularly easy to attach images to your comments.  When you're viewing the comment section of our website and would like to share an image, just click the “Choose file” button.  The phone or tablet will give you the choice of using the inbuilt camera to take a new picture or selecting an existing image from your gallery on the phone.  Just take the picture or select the image file, write your comment and hit save.  That's it!

From a desktop computer, it's even easier.  Just click the “Choose file” button and select the image you want to attach.  Write your comment and save.  That's it!

comment images

Ours is a family-oriented site, so we do take the time to review each comment and picture before it's published so you may not see it immediately.  Just give us a few hours and you'll be live.

Thanks to a reader Jag for being so quick to take advantage of this new feature and sharing an example of the Mini Backpack Coin Purse that she just made:

comment images

I'd really like to encourage readers to share images of their finished work or even of the sewing problems they are having.  It will make it much easier for me and other readers to understand what is going on and to offer potential solutions.

To encourage everyone a little, we're going to be giving away a Best of Bags Bundle worth $21.00 to the reader who posts the best image of their work.  This can be for any project or pattern on the site.  Just go to that page and share away.

Check It Out

So what are you waiting for?  Please give it a try and share your work.

Until next time, happy sewing and happy sharing!

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3 Responses to Now You Can Even Add Images to Your Comments: Share Your Work!

  1. Yvonne Blewett says:

    My daughter knew i had not used my sewing machine since we moved 2 years ago and brought me this cute table runner patter for me to make. We even went shopping together for the fabric at Thanksgiving. It turned out very nicely.

  2. Elizabeth Corbett says:

    I used your joining method for binding and it worked perfectly, thank you.

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